A Big thank you to Micah Bazant for this wonderful painting and statement.

A statement by Micah Bazant.

#IStandWithIlhan because she spoke truth and has nothing to apologize for. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet was not anti-Semitic. She spoke out against Israeli apartheid and war profiteering lobbyists.

As a Jew, I’m disgusted by the political requirement to perform penance for false accusations of anti-Semitism. At a time when so many US Jewish institutions are complicit with or directly supporting Islamophobic hate groups, white Jews like myself need to examine our own entitlement, racism and bullying of so many leaders of color, including Rep. Omar.

I recommend Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism (jaamr.com) as great places to start.

Image description: a watercolor sketch of Representative Ilhan Omar, with the words “We Stand with Ilhan” above her, and the words “Palestine will be Free” below. — with Rep. Ilhan Omar, Jewish Voice for Peace and MPower Change.


40+ Cities Plan Activities During #23Feb Weekend of International Actions
Send in your action plans or use our guide to plan an event in your area

Juan Guaido is promising that U.S. intervention through “humanitarian aid” will arrive in Venezuela by February 23rd. This makes our global response on that day even more important. It’s time to show our solidarity with a sovereign and progressive Venezuela. We must defend the revolution before U.S. soldiers set one foot on Venezuelan soil.
If you haven’t already submitted your planned action for the weekend of February 23rd, please submit the details here. Upwards of 40 cities across the world, from the U.S. to Bangladesh, Canada to Malta, India to Russia, and many others are planning actions. Find the full list of what’s already being planned below.

If you’re in a city where nothing has been planned yet, but you still want to show solidarity – don’t worry! We can help.
Every action held during the weekend of February 23 – no matter the size or scale – will have an impact.

Consider a smaller-scale action to raise awareness:
Link up with a few like-minded allies to print our fact sheets on Venezuela and pass them out in public places, such as a mall or public transit station
Consider a banner-drop, a picket, or holding signs and distributing fact sheets near a busy intersection or overpass. Get slogans or pre-made placards from our resource page
Wear red with your friends and take a photo while holding pro-Venezuela messages and tag them on social media as #HandsOffVenezuela or #23feb
Picket your local gas station with messages that convey: NOT ANOTHER WAR FOR OIL!

Screen Venezuela: La lucha sigue, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, or other films that tell the truth about the Bolivarian Revolution at a public space or in your home. Invite like-minded activists to link up and begin to plan the next day of action in support of Venezuela.

Whatever activity you organize, make sure to post pictures to social media with #HandsOffVenezuela and #23feb, and send them in to info@nowaronvenezuela.org
You can also use our Facebook page to link up with like-minded allies, post a message on Twitter and tag our account, or send an email to our international organizers. We will be glad to assist you in planning an action in your area and connecting with others in your area.

International Actions On the Weekend of February 23

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Posted by Gay Shame and written by Micah Bazant.

The SF Contemporary Jewish Museum is supported by the Israeli govt and anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-immigrant funders like the Helen Diller Family Foundation.

In their new exhibit “Show Me As I Want to Be Seen”, the museum claims to explore themes of self-determination and self-representation.

How can we explore self-determination in a museum complicit in Israeli apartheid and occupation? Whose selves count? Who gets to live to be an artist?

We are appalled by the CJM’s use of art by Jewish anti-occupation, anti-fascist trans queer ancestors Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore. In the legacy of their resistance, we support Palestinian liberation. Palestinian Liberation Is Self-Determination.

Freedom of self-expression by people of color and queer people can never be premised on the oppression and ethnic cleansing of others. We support marginalized artists, but not Israel’s intentional exploitation of their work to “pinkwash” and “art wash” apartheid. Israel uses culture to brand itself as an oasis of progressive acceptance in the Middle East. But this Israeli “acceptance” doesn’t extend to African asylum seekers or Palestinians. The Israeli army bombs Palestinians, destroys their homes, steals their land, imprisons and tortures them regardless of their gender, sexuality or artistic expression. Read the rest of this entry »

As long as trans people—many of them Black trans women—continue to be murdered, there will be a need to commemorate their lives, work to prevent more deaths, and uplift Black trans activism.

A tribute to Raquel Willis.


Raquel Willis

The Black Transgender Pride Flag

What a beautiful flag, what a beautiful flag this the flag of the Black Transgender Community. Raquel Willis African American writer, editor, and Transgender activist designed a Black Transgender Pride Flag. It has a black stripe in the middle instead of the white stripe as in the original flag. Willis stated that she created the flag to represent the higher levels of discrimination, violence, and murder that the black trans community face in contrast to the larger transgender movement. It was used on August 2015 by Black Trans activists throughout the U.S as a part of the first Black Trans Liberation Tuesday, and was held in conjunction with Black Lives Matter, for the Black Transgender Women murdered throughout the year.

Raquel Willis knew at an early age that she was different. As a teenager, she came out as gay, and eventually found acceptance from her peers and parents. She attended college at the University of Georgia, where she encountered more harassment for being gender non-conforming. She came to realize that she was a trans woman, and decided to transition. She worked with other students to counter discrimination based on gender identity. Willis graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Willis moved to Oakland and got involved with transgender and gender non-conforming people of color, worked as  acommunications associate, and then as a national organizer for the Transgender Law Center.

Willis was one of the speakers at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C. She later stated that though she was glad to be there, she felt that trans women were an “afterthought in the initial planning”, and she was cut off by organizers when she tried to say this at the demonstration itself.

In December 2018, Willis was appointed as executive editor of Out magazine, becoming the first trans woman to take on a leadership position at that publication.

We at furbirdsqueerly celebrate the work and life of Raquel Willis. Thank you Ms. Willis for standing out, tall and proud.

A must read article is an interview by Raquel Willis with Miss Major Griffin-Gracey, TransVisionaries: How Miss Major Helped Spark the Modern Trans Movement. Our Black Trans Sister Revolutionary who fought back at Stonewall and continues to today in a revolutionary spirit. Miss Griffin-Gracey just did a wonderful video stating No Cops At Pride.

Always the warrior Miss Major Griffin-Gracey had this to say:

Q. “We are in a moment of visibility like never before. What does that mean to you with the political backdrop of the Trump Administration?”

A. “This president wants to eradicate us from the face of the earth. He doesn’t have a belief system and he’s not a politician. When he won this, my worry was that our community would become so fearful of what he may do, that they [might] run blindly into the closet and hide. This is a time that we can’t hide. We need to have our presence known. I don’t want to see trans people on the endangered species list. I’m hoping being out there myself that people will see me going on and believe that we can do this.”

Every Breath a Black Trans Woman Takes Is an Act of Revolution… Lourdes Ashley Hunter 

Some facts. Why we support the Black Stripe and Our Trans Sisters. 

Trans and gender non-conforming people of color are disproportionately impacted by physical and structural violence. According to The National LGBTQ Task Force, Black trans people have a household income of less than 10k a year and almost 50% have attempted suicide. What is equally disturbing is the silence from mainstream media, the Black social justice and LGBT organizations. The same systems that are designed to protect us is actively engaging in erasure. When looking at the mainstream Black and LGBT organizations leadership teams and Board of Directors, they lack diversity and representation. How can their work be informed if they don’t even hire us? Denying a Black Trans woman a job is an act of violence. Denying Black trans folk access to healthcare is an act of violence. Denying Black trans people platforms to speak and represent themselves is erasure. Actively engaging in erasure is an act of violence. .. Lourdes Ashley Hunter, Every Breath A Black Trans Women Takes Is An Act Of Revolution.  Read the rest of this entry »

We have been tossing around the ideas of our people the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community joining the military. Now today we say joining the military. First let us say right now up front we all know that no one is being forced by draft to become part of the U.S military. My goodness how times have changed, my generation did everything they could, pulled every string, every and anything out of the hat to avoid the military. Today those who are in the military are in there voluntary for whatever reasons they may have. Second we would like to ask folks who are thinking that they should join Uncle Scam’s army and stand arm in arm with this man, Please stop and ask of those who survived a bombed out village, or somewhere where old Scam has tread what they think of GI Joe and Jane’s dirty deeds. As we have said before ask the mother whose children have been killed in a drone attack what she thinks of you being discriminated against in the U.S. Ask the man what he thinks about the no job thing in Amerikkka as he digs with his bare hands through the rubble to find his lover. Ask those who cities have been reduced to rubble and dust. Then stop and ask yourselves is this the type of job you really want? For what reasons? Where do your or anyone’s civil rights end and the life rights of the world’s population under the attack of the United States begin?

This is a short essay to examine a hero of ours. A man named Frank Little. A man who fought for freedom and justice for the working class of amerikkka. This man outspoken and murdered by those who wished to hold up not their class but the class of boss, the class of the rulers, the class of which as the IWW statement says “we have nothing in common with.” No we don’t have anything in common at all. Nothing in common in the workplace, nothing in common in the military, nothing in common at all. So we often have wondered why would anyone who has nothing in common with the bosses, why would they want to cross that line? If it be a picket line set up by striking workers or the class line. Why do so many in the working class want to cross the class line and become as Frank Little said in one of his last speeches “Uncle Sam’s scabs in uniforms”? Fighting for the rich, fighting in wars against other working class and poor people.

Frank Little was a IWW rabble rouser, organizer, free speech advocate, union organizer and a strong opponent of World War I. Little fought hard with the leaders of the IWW to directly proceed with anti-war and anti-conscription agitation. Little said at that time, “the IWW is opposed to all wars, and we must use all our power to prevent the workers from joining the army. He later called soldiers serving in the war, “Uncle Sam’s scabs in uniforms.” and stated: “Wars should be left to the capitalists who start the war. “Either we are for their capitalist slaughter fest or against it.”

This blog remains against not only wars but against the Capitalist. Turn on your masters, overthrow the capitalist system! The cry is the same today. Let us break free and break free now from those chains that bind us. In another speech at Finlander Hall, Little referred to U.S. soldiers as “uniformed thugs” and stressed his opposition to the draft and the war. Why, he asked, would workers choose to fight for their capitalist masters, when instead they could end the war by turning on their masters and overthrowing the capitalist system?

The bosses tell us, protect what belongs to you. This is our country and we are under threat. We have always wonder about this “our” I can’t remember the essay that I read years ago about this “our” and have to agree I have a hard time believing that amerikkka is our anything. Their is such a class divide in this country that I can say, I have nothing in common with bosses, the upper middle class, nothing at all with the wealthy and ruling class. This country is “ours” in th way a prison cell “belongs to the prisoner.” We live here, but it has never been ours. So why fight for something that isn’t ours? Does anyone expect that we will take back that something? One can not take back something that isn’t theirs to begin with. We can only topple it and transform it to what we see as a new day, a new way of living, a new world that many have told us is possible. Many years ago our people when on the right road right after the Stonewall rebellion talked about this very subject, that of toppling and transforming we did not see fit to try to win acceptance within the institutions that oppressed us and many others. We formed united fronts and fought back. But early on the road to liberation a wrong turn was taken and now so many find thenselves wanting to fit in, in any way we can. We did not listen too well and so many are still not listening.

Some will say, you are fools. What are we suppose to do until the revolution comes. We would have to answer the revolution will never come if one, two and many side with the masters and then in turn think everything is okay since the master now appears to love you. Once a person feels that way no matter what chains still bind he or she becomes a part of the problem and the weight is not balanced but suddenly tips the scales to the masters side. As we have said in many essays, crumbs shaken from the masters table cloth can never fill our bellies.

So we must ask why would anyone who is oppressed want to join with the oppressor and fight for the oppressor only to be oppressed when the fighting is over? Why would anyone want to uphold years of oppression against their own people, against others and against folks thousands of miles away? One thing we know we must get past is self centered amerikkkan idea of “us here,” forgetting that we are very much a part of a great big world. Karl Marx never said, Workers of Germany unite, or of France, but “Workers Of The World Unite.” Workers of the world unite. A most powerful idea. How about it?

We will continue to stand against imperialist war, the ruling class and must ask ourselves how can we not stand against those who help to push this agenda for any reason.  If we stand with the world then we can not stand with anything or anyone who is a part of destroying it.

Frank Little declared that a person could make a living three ways: by working, begging, or stealing. The only conclusion he had was that the capitalist class were thieves since they did not work or beg for a living. So who wants to align themselves with thieves? To us at furbirdsqueerly the working class must be anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, internationalist and revolutionary.

Frank Little: Slain by Capitalist Interests For Organizing and Inspiring His Fellow Men.

Another question remains, when the shit hits the fan and barricades are erected all across amerikkka, which side will you be on? Will you follow orders of your captain and shoot? Will you blow the rainbow flag from a queers hands? Will you say in the future when asked, “I was only following orders.” Yes which side are you on?

We know some folks could care less about this article. Frank Little, The IWW, anti-war work, or revolutionary movements. So many never even heard of Frank Little or even are remotely interested in what we say here. But to those who do we can only ask, Stop for a second, think about these things, before you go off and join in the chorus of inclusion that is not good. Inclusion that is no good for anyone not here or not anywhere around the world. Don’t go off and join the military, don’t be killed by the capitalist class doing their bidding. You will never be truly free in this society as to them, to the straight world you are an outsider. Of course as the old saying goes, you will make good cannon fodder. But remember you will always be an outsider and when the push comes to shove you will find that out once again. Take a lesson from history, if you must read between the lines, and run, yes run in the other direction. Uncle Scam and his murderous ways are no good for you, no good for the people of the world and no good for the planet. Let us all celebrate life and not be absorbed into the military death machine.


Montana History Revealed. Remembering Frank Little. by Rich Aarstad, Senior Archivist, and Martha Kohl, Historical Specialist

Hell Raisers Journal: We will Never Forget. The Labor Martyrs Project: Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives in freedom cause.

  1. Hellraisers Journal, Saturday August 4, 1917. Butte, Montana – Strikers’ Bulletin Names Names

Frank Little By Will Rosco is a must read for many of us who are LGBT. The article is found HERE.   We want to do further research on Frank Little as a gay man which Will Rosco brought to our attention in this article.



Frank Little Poster

To Frank Little (25th of August 1917)

by Viola Gilbert Snell

Traitor and demagogue,

Wanton breeder of discontent –

That is what they call you –

Those cowards, who condemn sabotage

But hide themselves

Not only behind masks and cloaks

But behind all the armoured positions

Of property and prejudice and the law.

Staunch friend and comrade,

Soldier of solidarity –

Like some bitter magic

The tale of your tragic death

Has spread throughout the land,

And from a thousand minds

Has torn the last shreds of doubt

Concerning Might and Right.

Young and virile and strong –

Like grim sentinels they stand

Awaiting each opportunity

To break another

Of slavery’s chains.

For whatever stroke is needed.

They are preparing.

So shall you be avenged.

What a wonderful poem by Viola Gilbert Snell in honor of Frank Little. We publish this poem today along with a picture of Frank and his motto No War But Class War to remind folks that we have a big job to do here in this country. We can not fight Uncle Scams imperialist wars, take part in the war machine, cross class lines and fight for the Capitalist class but must do everything in our power to oppose those who stand in the way of a new day.


Trans Liberation, Not US Militarism: Selective Outrage Over Trans Military Ban Obscures Larger Failures to Support Trans Communities

We are frustrated but not surprised by Trump’s ban on trans individuals’ ability to serve in the U.S. military. This is a clear attempt to attack trans communities in order to drum up support among the administration’s transphobic base as the it seeks to distract from its failures and embarrassments. And the administration’s insistence that trans-competent health care is an unnecessary “financial burden” not a fundamental right sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to the future of trans healthcare.
While we are concerned for the well-being of trans individuals currently serving in the military, we are skeptical of the “outrage,” calls for protest, and fundraising appeals we are seeing from LGBT folks and their allies. Many of those coming out the loudest against the ban on trans military service have been silent as trans folks across the country continue to be killed, as they continue to suffer harassment and violence at the hands of police, and as they continue to be denied housing, jobs, healthcare, respect, and dignity.
We’ve been in the streets showing up for trans folks. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Read the rest of this entry »