Political Suicide Note

Political Suicide Note

(By Walter Beck)

For Governor Mike Pence

You locked yourself in your office

Far from the press and public;

And in the company of friends

You signed your political suicide note

On a rainy Thursday morning.


You signed your political suicide note

Surrounded by preachers and priests;

They blessed you and blessed your pen,

You misguided martyr.


You poor misguided martyr,

You couldn’t stop the wedding bells from ringing;

And they kept ringing, ringing, ringing,

Ringing in your head,


Ringing and grating in your head.

Oh like a dime store Paul Kersey,

Like a junk store Dirty Harry;

You wanted revenge,

You wanted to stop the ringing,

With the front door dead bolted shut

You got set to blow out the back door.


Blow out the back door

And take it down piece by piece,

Take it down with a little back room dealing,

A little fool-proof plan,

To stop the ringing of the wedding bells

And have the state say again

“Queers ain’t welcome here!”


A little fool-proof plan,

A little back-rooming dealing,

A little laurel in your crown

To show you’re still a true blue conservative.


But just how fool-proof was that plan

When the shit started to hit the fan

Before your signature was even dry?

How fool-proof was that plan

When the conventions started to pull out

And the bands started to cancel?

How fool-proof was that plan

When the businesses started to shutter their doors

And other states were telling you they would stay away?


How fool-proof was your plan

When on a sunny Saturday afternoon

Thousands flooded the lawn of your office

And called for you to leave?

How panicked did you get

When the local news stations and national networks

Started rolling film

Of thousands of Hoosiers

Waving signs and rainbow flags

And cursing your name?


Oh you were getting paranoid,

Stammering to a reporter from the Indianapolis Star

That it was all just a misunderstanding,

That the internet was out to get you,

That there was a conspiracy against you.


You’re paranoid,

Sweaty eyed and shaking,

Repeating that everybody got it wrong,

It’s just a misinterpretation,

We just need to let you explain it a little more.

Still stammering out your frenzied pleas

As your closest allies in the statehouse

Leave you to dust

And this state is left to rot.


Oh Governor

With the thousands on the street

Calling for you to leave,

And thousands of millions of dollars

Going up in smoke,

And thousands of reporters

Dragging you through the front pages,


Was it all worth it

On a rainy Thursday morning

When you locked yourself away from the public’s eye

And signed your political suicide note?


Randy Rainbow destroys Indiana’s Mike Pence and his legalized discrimination in the most hilarious way.

In from the Gay Liberation Network

New Indiana Law Shows

That We Cannot be Complacent

The passage of Indiana’s new “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA), with anti-LGBT bills recently introduced in another 27 states, shows that any notion that the battle for LGBT rights “is over” is foolish.

Not only is the Indiana law a frightening attack on the separation of church and state, it is also a back-handed assault on one of the principal gains of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s — equal access to public accommodations.

Back in the day, racists used “religious liberty” as their primary defense of segregation, and today’s bigots are using the same strategy against equal LGBT access to businesses and other places of public accommodation.

Besides this connection with racism, it should be noted that a direct path to the Indiana law was laid by the awful “Hobby Lobby” Supreme Court decision against women’s access to contraceptive and other reproductive health care. By privileging businesses’ alleged religious rights over the rights of women to have health care, the same business “right” could be used against LGBTs and others.

Note to “gay rights only” organizations — we can no longer afford your narrow “my rights only” approach to political organizing. Ignoring attacks on other groups, or just putting out press releases about the attacks on them, is totally inadequate to the challenges we face.

Passage of Indiana’s RFRA should also be a wake up call for all in the LGBT community and our allies who thought “we’d won.” Rights are never won permanently. History is replete with examples of civil rights progress, but erasure of civil rights.

Having won so much in recent years, do LGBT activists in future years want to be like women’s rights activists in the 1950s, fondly looking back at the 1920 winning of (white) women’s suffrage and wondering how many more decades it will take to start moving forwards again? Is that how LGBTS activists a few decades from now will look back at 2015, when the Supreme Court likely will grant equal marriage rights?

Let’s not let it happen that way this time.  The Gay Liberation Network and others locally and around the nation are organizing rallies on Tuesday, April 28th to coincide with the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on the equal marriage rights lawsuits before the court.

With the Indiana law and dozens of imitators waiting in the wings, we need to press the Court to recognize not only our equal right to civil marriage, but access to public accommodations and other rights that come with full citizenship.

Thanks to Julie Ouellette for this link and story. Needless to say we support the farmworkers.
Striking farmworkers in Baja California marched by the thousands across 15 dusty miles Thursday in a peaceful but angry show of force after growers…

April is National Poetry month and we at this blog celebrate queer poet Allen Ginsberg. Recently in South Windsor a high school English teacher was suspended and then fired for reading the poem Please Mater to his senior English Class. This poem was written in 1968 and is included within the book The Fall Of America.  Listen to the poem read by Ginsberg.

If you care to read about the case of the teacher see: South Windsor Teacher Faces Termination After Sharing Wholly Inappropriate Poem.

As Mira Schor says in her excellent article, Still Naked By The Window, “It is an old story that some very good art is made by some very awful people and that people are both good and bad, but it is really important that the story be told, not just that it happened, but the way Carl Andre was protected and continues to be.” We would have to add to that, “And it is so important to remember Ana Mendieta to speak her name and say, we wish Ana Mendieta were still alive.”

"Stone Field Sculpture"

(1) Marked Stone Field, Hartford Ct.

painted rock 2

We Wish Ana Mendieta Were Still Alive.

Ana Mendieta, Arbol de la Vida (Tree of Life Series 1977)

Last week in Hartford utility workers marking an area that is to be under construction happened to spray paint on 16 of the 36 boulders in Stone Field the sculpture by Carl Andre. A chorus of outrage rang out among the so called Downtown Dwellers, How could anyone do this to our very own Carl Andre sculpture? One would think that the unwashed masses had stormed the winter place and looted the art and precious jewels. I was a bit taken aback that when looking over the photos of the painted rocks I didn’t feel one way or the other. It was like I didn’t care. Now that is coming from a person who joined in support for Carl Andre’s Stone Field sculpture with others in the contemporary arts, back when Hartford’s Mayor Buffoon George Athanson condemned the work as child’s play and the price paid for it. ( 2 ) But imagine my surprise when a young woman artist wished on the facebook page that Carl Andre could be brought to town for a lecture. I wondered to myself did she know the story of one of our favorite artists Ana Mendieta? Probably not. If she did, did she care? I would hope so. If she didn’t then its time for her to learn some of herstory. When Stone Field just sits there and shuts up doing what it does its okay. The bleeding doesn’t start again. But for many of us those rocks still bleed. It was easy for those who washed away the paint but as we remember from Macbeth that no matter how much Lady Macbeth washed her hands the blood could still be seen. It is our duty those of us who remember to remind and to retell the story of Ana Mendieta whenever Carl Andre’s name or art is in the news.

“Here’s the smell of blood: All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, Oh, Oh!… Lady Macbeth

“Now for the patriarchy takes care of its own side of the story: there are many people in the New York artworld who believe that Carl Andre threw his wife Ana Mendieta out the window of their thirty-fourth floor apartment at 300 Mercer Street in the Village, September 8, 1985. “It is always fascinating to watch patriarchy take care of its own. A major retrospective of Carl Andre is about to open at Dia and first off let me just say that it looks like it will be a good exhibition, maybe a really good exhibition, one with some interest to contemporary artists struggling to reconcile the real, theory or something like rigor with materiality. (3 )

“Ana’s death is one of millions that, despite four decades of feminist struggle, remain underestimated—social crimes that have yet to be fully confronted. . . . The very directness of the graphic novella is an ideal vehicle for the outrage women feel about the extent of domestic and general violence against us. May there be many more visual outcries like this one, to avenge the loss of women like Ana Mendieta.”

—Lucy Lippard, from the introduction of Who is Ana Mendieta?


Imagen de Yagul from the series Silueta works in Mexico , Ana Menideta 1973-1977

In 1992, the Guggenheim Museum in New York held the inaugural show for its new – and what would turn out to be short-lived – downtown art gallery in SoHo. The opening was memorable not for the art within, but the action outside. To enter the exhibition the great and the good of the New York art world had to pass a picket line of about 500 feminist protesters, many of them carrying banners that read: “Where Is Ana Mendieta?”

That question was directed at the male-dominated art establishment, which feminists claimed had already forgotten Ana Mendieta, who had died seven years earlier. What incensed the protesters even more was the inclusion in the show of a work by her former partner, the minimalist sculptor Carl Andre. To them, as well as to Mendieta’s family and many of her friends, Andre was responsible for her death. Read the rest of this entry »

In from the wonderful folks at Bread and Roses 1912-2012 shared Daily Kos‘s photo.

Boycott anything having anything to do with Indiana until it’s governor leaves the country on a moon-bat rocket ship!

'Yes. This. Thanks to @[179280765447835:274:Indiana Progressive Liberals] for sharing.'
More on the state of Indiana from Indy Feminists

Who voted for the so-called “Religious Freedom” bill? What businesses do they own that we should actually boycott? Who should we give money to in the fight for equal rights? All those answers and more in our latest blog post!

If I’m going to be honest, I have been dreading this day since election night 2014. We knew it was coming. With historically low voter turnout, Indiana’s most vulnerable populations were in even mo…
This is a good one to check out.