An Evening to Mark the 43rd Anniversary of the 
Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision
The Struggle for Reproductive Justice:  What Kind of Movement Do We Need?
Friday, Jan. 22
Carriage House Theater
360 Farmington Ave. Hartford, CT
$7 Suggested Donation 
No one turned away for lack of funds

Over 400 laws have recently been introduced to restrict abortion rights and limit access. The attempts to defund Planned Parenthood threaten access for low income women most of all. At the same time, women of color must struggle daily to defend their children from death and injury by the police and the ravages of discrimination. Join us for a program that will acknowledge our past victories and defeats, and explore the way forward for real reproductive justice for all women. 

We will be watching La OPERACIÓN, a short film on sterilization of women in Puerto Rico followed by a talk with Johanna Fernandez, Assistant Director of Civil Liberties and Public Policy at Hampshire College and Gretchen Marino, student activist at CCSU.

Recently the Advocate did a survey about the Gayest city in Amerikkka and our stomping grounds for now Hartford ranked number 1. We think the survey is full of crap and posted as such to two of our friends who posted the Advocate article. We re-opened so folks who never read our response to a HRC survey a few years back could have the chance to read the two articles. After a two week period we will close again and go about our merry way, packing boxes, and getting ready for our year end move. So any of our readers who have been here before welcome, to new reader HELLO. Check us out.

Our responses to the HRC survey and a bit of telling our stories can be found by scrolling down in PAGES.

Last week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) delivered a landmark ruling that employees must have access to restroom facilities consistent with their gender identity. In other words: transgender people can’t be forced to use the wrong restroom AND they can’t be forced to use separate restrooms at work!
Despite the recent barrage of anti-trans bathroom bills, and other attempts by lawmakers to normalize discrimination against trans people, these type of victories are an indicator that we are continuing to move forward. And we’re well on our way to making all of these policy advances a reality for trans people across the country.
The bottom line is that this ruling is helping to clarify what nondiscrimination means in real life, whether at work, at school, or seeking housing or health care.
The next step in this process is working to pass legislation that provides explicit federal workplace protections, and we’re well on our way. We’re continuing to send a strong message to lawmakers that we won’t back down and that we’ll continue to fight back against discrimination.
We congratulate Tamara Lusardi, the Army civilian worker who demonstrated tremendous courage in bringing this case, and the Transgender Law Center, which represented Ms. Lusardi.

Harper Jean Tobin
Director of Policy
National Center for Transgender Equality

Friday April 17, 7:00pm

Carriage House Theatre, 360 Farmington Ave, Hartford Ct.

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A Socialist Action Forum

In February, the Wisconsin State Senate passed legislation that enforces the “right to work for less.” In their effort to implement this anti-union measure, the Wisconsin legislature is following on the heels of its neighbors Indiana and Michigan, and 22 other states that using the law to try to hold down wages and workers’ rights. At the same time, 7000 oil refinery operators have had to go on strike to try to halt the twelve-hour shifts and abandonment of the most elementary safety standards by big oil. The leaders of the union representing 20,000 West Coast longshoremen, weakened by automation of the ports, have signed a contract but everyone knows that the shipping companies and ports will continue to do away with all they have won over the decades. Municipal workers lose their pensions. Teachers face the degradation of their profession as their public schools are turned over to predatory corporate privateers. The viciousness of these attacks, however, does not compare to the misuse and abuse of low wage, part time, contingent workers struggling for a decent wage in the fast food, retail, childcare, eldercare, warehouse and distribution centers, as well as the special victimization of workers without papers.

What is the answer to this situation? How can working people respond effectively to this offensive against their standard of living and their basic dignity? Hear the thoughts of veteran union militants who have studied the history of the labor movement, its defeats and its victories. Contribute your ideas about how to build a Connecticut union movement capable of defending all working people.

Panel Discussion featuring:

Ann Montague, organizer of the recent state rally for $15 minimum wage in Oregon; former leader of SEIU Local 503 (OR), former president of SEIU 503, Sub Local 001, and a founding member of the Lavender Caucus

Dan Durant, Hartford Rising and AFT Connecticut

John Woodruff, International Representative of UE and long time labor activist

Chris Hutchinson, Community Committee of Fight for $15 CT and Member of Teamsters Local 671 at UPS

There is ample free parking between the Mark Twain House lot and on-street parking. There is a closer parking for those needing spaces marked “Handicapped.”

For more information, call Hutch at 860-593-6392 or email or Search Socialist Action CT on Facebook

To our readers, to our lovers and haters.

“We made a decision to cease operations at furbirdsqueerly. We’re proud of the stories we’ve told, of our writing style, our rants, and our appropriation collages published in the service of the people. We have long enjoyed doing our information please political calls outs for any left organization that sent information our way and total joy when we tried to penetrate and expose all those little and big things that hide in dark places and if not chasing them out into the light of day then at least trying to blind them by the light.

Most of the time we loved getting in trouble and causing a bit of a stir among the enlightened intellectual liberal bourgeoisie, you know them, the culturally acceptable counter culture, those who should be chased around the block with a stick or two. We have never been fooled by them and don’t consider that there is enough time to play kiss kiss. Scaring their horses gave us as much pleasure as scaring the policeman’s mount and giving a big fuck you to those who are in power and to those who find pleasure in dallying with it. Have no fear this will continue to be our delight no matter what the future holds for us. All in good fun and all in good revolution and all in good someone had to do it and it might as well be us. (we’ve never been too troubled by the lack of dinner invitations)

Our site will be marked private for the time being to allow us time to capture and archive some of our content for further endeavors that we have been invited to pursue.We will begin this work on April 13, 2015.

Many years ago we learned from the I Ching that Times Change and With Them Their Demands. Our times have changed and the demands of these times are not found within a blog or on Facebook.

the folks at furbirdsqueerly

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STREET LIT If you’ve seen the above stenciled on various sidewalks around the Bay, and you need a little boost of loose lyricism in your life, give a call won’t you? Alas, you won’t be patched directly through to Beat bard Allen Ginsberg — I don’t think any of us are ready to face the dread possibility of Zombie Ginsberg — but you will get a nice little poem by him read well, lifting you up by the eardrums out of the bland quotidian.

Just call 415-763-6968 now.

Launched by “psychoactive” poet and storyteller Evan Burton and “interactive artist” Zachary McCune, the Call Allen project encourages people to celebrate National Poetry Month — that’s this month, April, the cruellest one — in the most accessible way possible, via their phones.

That the duo have also selected one of the most accessible poets is a way of making poetry seem, in today’s wild and crazy term, “relatable.”

Check it out Need A Lyrical Lift? Better “Call Allen.”

Weekend Music Series

Posted: April 11, 2015 in for your reflection

Hymne à la Liberté
Music and Lyrics by Georges Delerue
Performed by Jessye Norman, soprano