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Join tens of thousands of people who are coming to Washington, D.C., on January 20 to protest at Trump’s Inauguration and to stand up to racism, anti-immigrant bigotry and his attacks on women, the LGBTQ community and Muslims. Click here to get your tickets early before they sell out. The list of transportation centers is growing every day, with buses already scheduled from New Haven, CT; Chicago, Ill.; New Paltz, N.Y. (details coming soon); Boston, Mass. (link coming soon); Philadelphia, Pa.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and three location in New York City: Union Square, East Harlem and Jackson HeightsRead the rest of this entry »

In From ANSWER Coalition.


Trump and the National Park Service are trying to shut down Inauguration protests – don’t let them win!

I am writing you to sound the alarm about an effort underway to create a free speech buffer zone that would allow Donald Trump, in the weeks following his inauguration, to ban the American people from conducting mass assembly protests against his extremist political agenda in historic spaces of Washington, D.C., including Lafayette Park and the Ellipse (both the front and back of the White House), the White House sidewalk, Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

I know you care as much as I do about stopping the Trump Agenda and I am asking you to show your support today.

On Dec. 7, the ANSWER Coalition held a joint press conference in Washington, D.C., with attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund to expose the unprecedented and unconstitutional efforts by the National Park Service (NPS) to act as a surrogate for the Trump Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) to extinguish mass assembly protest and dissent in the weeks following Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017, by issuing to itself, on behalf of the Trump PIC, an omnibus blocking permit in almost all the historic spaces of Washington. Read the rest of this entry »

I never met one up close before a gun nut I am referring to. But last night at my job indeed I did. He said he was from New Orleans and was up here to work on a system for one of the companies in the building.  A overweight, teeth missing, bearded stubble drawling mouth redneck if there ever was one. “I love the cold,” he said, “but wouldn’t live up here for anything.” “Oh why?” said I. “Well he said, you guys up here think that a person like me is a terrorist”.  “A terrorist?” “Yes I have guns and you guys don’t like guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  “You have guns?, said Joe. “Yeah all kinds, I have about 50 even an AR-15 and about 12,000 rounds of ammo. (I guess with the AR-15 remark he was trying to get some type of rise out of us being the gun that was used at Sandy Hook Elementary School ) “I can get up a small army in no time.  Name a gun and I bet I have it.” “I always bring a gun with me where-ever I go except up here.” (thank our lucky stars for small favors) You know I just looked at guy, shook my head and said why bother. Either he has been bitten by some type of bug or the heat of New Orleans has gotten to his brain.

“As through this world you travel, you’ll meet some funny men;

Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.

And as through your life you travel, yes, as through your life you roam,

You won’t never see an outlaw drive a family from their home.”

We need to grow and nourish many more Pretty Boy Floyd’s. We know with a stroke of that fountain pen many have lost and will lose what they have. With that stroke of a pen a law will be off the books. With a stroke of a pen people will face deportation.  With a stroke of that pen or health insurance, or Social Security, our Medicare and other benefits that were guaranteed will be gone.  Here today gone tomorrow. No telling what these bastards will do.

Yes some say that the pen is mightier than the sword we say both can be very dangerous weapons in the hands of hateful people such as those that are to take center stage in January. We need to grow and nourish more Pretty Boy Floyd’s one who can stop these folks in their tracks, can take what they have and give it to those who need it. One thing is certain we have truth on our side even if they claim god on theirs. But hey wait, don’t some on our side claim the same? Who takes the high road and who takes the low road? As things get tough love just won’t be enough. Everything that we thought to hold dear will be questioned, things will be turned upside down, the low will be made lower than before and the cooked will remain crooked. Will we continue to sing, Some day peace will come as they crack us over the heads with their beating sticks? As they jail us? Deport us? Deny us? Oppose us? We do not need long winded essays by the liberal elite. We know their wrongs, we know them by who they flock together with. We know which side we are on.

We need to grow and nourish more Robin Hoods, more Pretty Boy Floyd’s we need to grow and nourish revolutionary people who will not take this bullshit sitting down.


Floyd began robbing banks in Ohio with a group of gangster accomplices, and soon moved on to other territories. During his crime spree, bank insurance rates in Oklahoma were reported to have doubled. He became popular with the public by allegedly destroying mortgage papers at many of the banks he robbed, liberating many debt-ridden citizens. Known for sharing money he’d lifted with others, he was often protected by Oklahoma locals, who dubbed him “Robin Hood of the Cookson Hills.”

In John Steinbeck‘s 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath, the character Ma Joad refers several times to Pretty Boy Floyd as a young man driven to a tragic fate by social injustice and the Great Depression.


Sunday December 11

1:00-4:00 PM

UAW Region 9A, 111 South Road, Farmington Ct.


Join us to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the historic Colt Fireamrs strike in Hartford. From January 1986 to April 1990 the UAW workers at Colt beat the odds protected their benefits, and bought the company.

Despite President Ronald Reagan’s attack on unions, what made the Colt strike successful? What lessons can we learn for the near future? Strike veterans and community supporters will come together to listen and discuss the impact of this struggle on their lives, our community, and the labor movement.

For more info, to RSVP go to HERE.

To read about the end of the strike see: Workers Rejoice at End of 4 Year Strike at Colt, NYTimes, April 1, 1990.

We found a very good article first alerted by Diana over at Diana’s Little Corner In The Nutmeg State that we want to share with our readers. Many of us have been for quite some time aware of ourstories from that dreadful period of history when Hitler ruled the German state. Trans activist Dallas Denny has written a great piece, The Rise and Fall of the Weimar Transvestites and the Threat to our own Trans Community over at her site Chrysalis.

Dallas has this to say in her article: “We will never know what might have become of Germany’s fledgling transvestite community because the rise of Nationalism Socialism resulted in immediate and violent suppression of Jews, racial minorities, atheists, socialists, communists, intellectuals, perceived political enemies, and, yes, GLBT peoples. Members of the community fled the country, assimilated into the greater community, hid their inclinations from others, or, if male, ended up wearing upside-down pink triangles in work and concentration camps. A vibrant and growing and diverse community of  artists, intellectuals, liberals, and LGBT people was swiftly and forcefully eradicated. It would be decades before trans people in Germany again began to speak out and organize.”


1933 Election Campaign: Hitler’s Election Posters Cover the Front of “Eldorado,” a Berlin Transvestite Bar Closed by the Police (Early March 1933)

In the 1920s, Berlin had become famous for its liberal, bohemian atmosphere and its sexual permissiveness – just two of the many reasons why so many artists had been drawn to the city in those days. But “public morality” changed very quickly under Hitler. In March 1933, Berlin’s legendary transvestite bar “Eldorado” was closed by decree of the city’s chief of police. In the photograph below, the windows of the famous Kalckreuthstraße bar have been covered over by swastikas and NSDAP election posters: “Vote for Hitler – List 1.” Shortly thereafter, many other bars known as meeting places for gay men and lesbians were closed in response to “moral complaints.” In 1935, Article 175 of the Reich Criminal Code (which criminalized homosexuality) was tightened, and homosexual acts became subject to more severe forms of punishment. Many of the 50,000 homosexuals sentenced under Article 175 wound up in prison or concentration camps.” (1)

We know from our LGBT scholars that In late February 1933, the Nazi Party launched its purge of homosexual (gay, lesbian, and bisexual and Transvestites; then known as homophile clubs in Berlin, outlawed sex publications, and banned organized LGBT groups. As a consequence, many fled Germany. (always those who could get out but from the numbers of people killed many did not) We know that on May 10, 1933 the library of the Institute of Sex Research was burned in the street and the Institute’s extensive lists of names and addresses of Homosexuals were seized. Between 1933 and 1945 an estimated 100,000  men wee arrested as homosexuals and that the death rate in the concentrations was as high as 60%. We know that our people not only suffered persecution from the German soldiers but also from other prisoners and many were beaten to death. (form those unified fronts folks) Our people were used for target practice and given some of the most grueling and dangerous work assignments. This was the policy of extermination through work. (2)

The burning of the library of the Institute for Sexual Research, May 10th 1933.

“Where they burn books, they ultimately will burn people.” ..Hans M. Wuerth


(1) Image Building of the Nazi regime.

(2) One of the best accounts of this period comes to us from a gay scholar and survivor Richard Plant in his book, The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals published in 1986.  If you haven’t read this work a preview of the book can be found HERE. 

Furbirdsqueerly note:

We know that many people are being targeted by the new regime that is to take center stage in Washington DC. We must as a people not make the same mistakes as in the past. We can not go this alone. We must remember the call out from back in the day, We are here there and everywhere and then remind ourselves that all issues are our issues. We can not afford to be a one issue people but must unite with others who are on the end of this new regime. I am now nearing 70 and will say to anyone that I have never seen it so bad. Not the days of Nixon, Reagan, Bush or any of those terrible enemies of our people. But one thing is certain we survived. We must as a people summon all of our queer creativity, we must bring to the table of resistance our gifts to share and we must fight back. One thing that Compton’s Cafeteria, Stonewall and other battles taught us is that when we are under attack we must fight back. Let us not be persuaded by the GAY INC but rise up as a people and accept nothing less than total liberation of all peoples.

Lately I have been quite upset when day after day appearing in my mail box have been appeals and writings about all of the groups who are under attack in amerikkka. Many of these writers are forgetting to include our communities the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities. We can not let them do this. We are in this struggle as much as anyone else, no one should be left behind omitted, denied or erased. Only by standing together and speaking out as one will we survive.