12 Articles and thoughts on art.

Just some of our pages that have explored art.

1. Some Art Thoughts We Like: Passing the time until the end comes around.

2. On edgy Art Thoughts in Hartford and Other Things on our mind.

3. Thoughts on part of a recent performance. The Grasshopper and the Ants.

4. A quote we like on art and artists.

5. Art For The Revolution. An Art Review on “Dangerous” Art Hartford.

6.A little Dab Will Do Ya! Or Make that a bunch. Dangerous Art alternated. 

7.Who Took The Guerrilla Out of Guerrilla? Yarn Art Loves Corporate Sleaze, Soon to Hit Hartford.

8. We Got The Guillotine: Graffiti and Class War.

9. We are in the presence of Art. The Witching Hour

10. A Little Art Instead of politicks.

11. Sniffing Money, Money, Money, art art art.

12. Maggie’s art show. With a bit of a controversy on the side. 

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