PRIDE 2011: Punkpink Tells It As It Should Be Told.

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Connecticut will be holding a PRIDE celebration in September this year and old punkpink is back at the writing board, ready to riot.

Greetings at P.R.I.D.E 2011

Punkpink says hello.

Are you tired of being represented by the rich white privileged homo lobby? Are you sick that our queer identity is being straight washed down the drain and coming out in the smelly sewer bed of hetero normativity? Does the idea being presented that “gay” marriage will solve all of our problems and peace, justice and equality will then trickle down to the poor queers everywhere, lifting them up through the shit filled waters to the land of normal where all of us can dance the dance of “we are just like you,” make you sick?  Kate and Deeg remind us in their essay, Gay Marriage Is Still The Opiate of the Queers, “What assimilationist gays are really asking is that heterosexuals share some of their privilege with queers who want to be like them.” (1)  But we want to bring all of this a bit further, a bit deeper and ask some tough questions. Check out the following quote which we believe sums up what has happened to the radical movement that some of us loved so dearly. This quote is from “Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat”

‘Once these poor whites were raised off the fields and given the chance to help boss and police captive Afrikans, their rebellious days were over. The importance of this experience is that it shows the material basis for the lack of class consciousness by early Euro-Amerikan workers, and how much their political consciousness was directly related to how much they shared in the privileges of the larger settler society. Further, the capitalists proved to their satisfaction that dissent and rebelliousness within the settler ranks could be quelled by increasing the colonial exploitation of other nations and peoples (p. 11).’ (2)

Can we ask does the above quote sound familiar? Does any of this ring true within the gay and lesbian movement? Is this happening right in front of our nose? Are some becoming “straight” in their quest to help the boss now that they have opened wide and received the crumbs from the master’s table cloth? Crumbs that fill some but only some, crumbs that nourish some but only some, no more all for one and one for all. Are your rebellious days over as you join in the chorus of praise be to the democrat party? Have we forgotten that the democrat party is one of the bosses, and the boss has never and never will lead us to liberation? We have a few questions Mr. Gay and Ms. Lesbian:

How did we as a people become so selfish? How did we abandon our principle that if all folks weren’t free then none of us were. Are we really satisfied with crumbs, are we happy that we got some even if some didn’t. Does everything depend on who we sleep with, fart next to, and steal blankets from night in and night out? Soon everyone will become snug as a bug in their own little rug and slowly at first we will begin to lose our unity and then our community; we will lose our standing together. What a shame for many their political consciousness ended with a wedding bell and an I do.

I’m getting a bit cranky with those lgbt people who only see the issues at the tip of their nose. We all know them. Working for civil rights for the lgbt community blast off everyone else. Who cares about the brown woman sitting in the sweat shop sewing rainbow flags? Wave those flags  brother, wave those flags. Who cares that LGBT folks are getting bombed out of their homes everywhere the Imperialist Uncle Scam operates, as we want to be just like the straight boys and girls and blow them all away. Who gives a damn about anything else, I am getting married on Saturday and all my troubles lord will be over.

But that is not the way it always was. We once held a vision that through our liberation that others would be liberated also. That we were here there and everywhere so all issues were and are, our issues. We would never consider assimilating into the main stream because we were too free for that. We were to free to look and act just like those who opposed us. We knew we are different and we were proud to be so. We once knew our stories and rejected those who took those stories away from us. We took off our masks and walked freely. We knew that an injury to one was an injury to all and that all of us in all walks of life, in all communities had something in common with each other and something worth fighting for. An end to oppression forward to liberation! ALL for one and one for ALL!

Somewhere, sometime along the road a dreadful thing happened. We took a wrong turn and began turning straight. That ugly place that we fled from, the place that looked at us and said burn fag burn. The place we all swore up and down that we would never be a part of. We began to delight in it, be began to say let’s reform it, as isn’t refom much neater than revolution? So we began to reach for that “we’re all the same land.” Terrible as it is many joined this dance of death. This horrible sameness, this stench of war and bosses, this turn your head and get what you can, forget about everyone else. Cozy up to evil and you become just that.

But else where along the road some didn’t dance to the straight beat. The young saw the folly in where the movement was going and screamed out loud, Fuck you! Fuck you straight gay assimilationist! As our dear friend  Mattilda writes, “A gay elite has hijacked the queer struggle and positioned their desires as everyone’s needs-the dominant signs of straight conformity have become the ultimate signs of gay success.” We rebel. We see these who were our sisters and brothers as a part of the problem.

Harry Hay once said, “Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all.” You may not think your are noticeable. But they know who you are. They know you’re a degenerate, and they’ve nevr forgotten that. You won’t find out until push comes to shove. And then you’ll find out real fast. Because they’re respectable in the eyes of God and you aren’t.” (4) May we add and you will stand alone, with no communities to back you up. No one to help you fight them off because you were selfish in all of your ways, you turned your back on others who were fighting and seeking the same as you. True liberation not assimilation.


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  1. kerri says:

    Harry Hay once said, “Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all.”

    What a powerful quote! It goes beyond just queers assimilating into straight culture. I’m thinking about economic assimilation, which is what we’ve seen a lot of in the past few years, when people have bought houses and vehicles way beyond their means because of that “need” to assimilate with the middle class and wealthy. But guess what? It didn’t work. These are the first round of folks to lose their homes and have vehicles repossessed…and all for what? It’s not like they were ever able to blend in or be respected by the other classes.

    I see it in how people exchange political conviction for networking. Instead of holding onto the truths they believe in, instead of speaking truth to power, they cave in because those in power might hold it against them. And for what?