“We die, you get married.” Mattilda says it again.

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Call to Action


Check out Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore’s  new piece over at her blog Nobody Passes. The piece We Die, You Get Married is a wonderful piece and explores thinking in the circles of queerdom. 

A few words from Mattilda>

“The gay marriage movement does just the reverse: enforces  a single-issue politic at the cost of broader social change, literally funneling tens of millions of dollars into the drive for gay legitimacy while the needs of queers (and everyone else) with the least access are ignored. It’s the gay marriage movement, with its stranglehold on resources – political, intellectual, emotional and financial – that is preventing the kind of activism represented by ACT UP. The popular ACT UP chant, “We die, you do nothing” might now be rephrased as “We die, you get married.”
Well you know that is right up our alley and again we thank Mattilda for putting all of this into words. While you over reading this piece check out Mattilda’s other works. A young thinker that stole our hearts many moons ago.  Thanks Mattilda. 
  1. Thank you, my dear!


    • We are always happy to spread the word about your writing. I also see this as Alvin said, the unity is the first to go. So many folks we know have gone off and joined the suburbian lifestyle with their wifey, and hubby and fuck the movement or what is left of it. That happened here in Ct. with the big marriage group, and their one issue marriage. Once they got it the group disolved. I gather most folks were only into a movement for what they could get. We published the song, Rich white gay and lesbian as statement on how many of us see the state of gay today. Its a sorry state for me to see and I really don’t always comprehend it at all. Here I thought we would help to liberate and lift up the oppressed and really be known as something rather than a selfish lot. To think so many have paled their genes and now except something that we rebelled against so hard back in the day. For myself I could never return to as I say the mommy and daddyism of straight americka.

      I really cherish my small circle of friends who haven’t sold out.