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New American Sweatshops

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Call to Action

Carwash workers across the country are routinely abused, intimidated and exploited. They are subjected to obscene labor abuses and health hazardous conditions. Car wash workers are the face of the new American sweatshop.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the abuse and the exploitation. Carwash workers, routinely subjected to health and safety hazards, often end up with severe kidney damage, respiratory problems and nerve deterioration. You can stop this.

We need your help in exposing this travesty. Have you seen similar conditions at your local carwash? Post it today on our page – thousands will be able to read and follow your lead!

Axel Caballero and the Cuéntame team

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Video provided by Brave New Foundation (creataing media that makes an impact)


I am annoyed

Posted: August 29, 2011 in question

I am annoyed

by Emma Furbird

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not easily annoyed. True I am overly annoyed at the folks down in Washington but not for the reasons that most folks find these turds to be annoying. I am annoyed at the pesky fly that keeps trying to land on the potato salad and shit all over the place and then everyone at the picnic eats fly shit frosting on the  salad and think it to be very de-lish. I am annoyed that there are so many cars and more drivers coming of age every year and now there is a run on getting more cars in China and India and pretty soon more cars to foul our air and cause a bigger hole in the ozone, yes I am annoyed as there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about it. But you really want to know what has annoyed me in my 25 years of cleaning up after the office slobs? Those slobs, the white middle class of americka that comes into the city every day driving one to a car, fouling up our air and taking all their hard-earned cash back home to their little wifey poo and children in some suburban town. (more…)

Since Republicans and Democrats are part of the problem, the only way to exercise our democratic rights is to build an organized, militant, and feminist working-class movement that goes beyond voting for capitalist politicians. We need labor unions to step up to leadership and shake things up across the country, from taking capital buildings to calling general strikes. And how about building a feminist labor party that genuinely represents all workers’ interests?

We workers, union and non-union, female and male, create the wealth, and we should control it, too! There is no reason for us to tolerate the existence of a class of exploiters who use our labor just to enrich themselves at our expense. As long as capitalism is king, women, queers, people of color, immigrants, and the entire working class, will get an  ever shortening end of the stick. … Radical Women

National Radical Women
747 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone 415-864-1278 * Fax 415-864-0778

Hello to all in reader land. QA, and Furbirdsqueerly would like everyone to know that we have republished as Pages some very important essays. The 3 essays concern out west, you know the land where the Indians and buffalo roamed until the gun that won the west took them down. The first essay concerned an exhibition at the Autry Museum called, OUT West, with an OUT like that you can bet your bootstraps that it’s about our people. The second article is a response to OUT West and the role that our people played when they lived Home on the Range. The 3rd article is called, Elegant Deadliness, Guns, Blood and Art a response to the Wadsworth Atheneum’s exhibition on the guns made here in Hartford by the Colt factory. The 4th is an amazing article written by Ruth Schlein, The Rhetoric of Extermination: Scapegoating the Plains Indian in the 19th Century.

We do hope that all readers will take some time and check out these essays.

Our Stories, OUT West, Home on the Range.

Statement on Our Stories, OUT West Home on the Range.

Elegant Deadliness, guns, blood and art.

We would also like to bring your attention to, The Rhetoric of Extermination: Scapegoating the Plains Indian in the 19th Century. by Ruth Schlein.

Check out this great production brought to us by Rainbow Noise. This old queer is so damn proud of these young folks. Be Strong forever, fight on. All of you sure got it. Spread it all around.

Rainbow Noise Entertainment is a lesbian owned record label specializing in LGBTQ music artist with an independent name and mainstream appeal; But it doesn’t stop there… We are also committed to representing LGBTQ dancers, models, comedians, and entertainers with something to be proud of.

A big thank you to Rainbow Noise. You’re great!!

Quote of the week.

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Quote of the week

“My marriage fantasy is so over. But my political fantasies soar. Imagine a queer movement that wasn’t single-issue: that fought for daycare, refugee and workers rights and same-sex marriage, under the same campy banner? It’s time to revive the retro 90’s notion of making the links, forming coalitions around the body politics of sex, gender and race. And while we’re at it, lets revive and maybe even rewrite the retro slogans. Keep your laws off my body. Fight the right. Hey ho, hey ho, Notwithstanding has got to go.”

“Now that’s a demo I’d wear a wedding dress to.”

..Marusya Bociukiw, Same Sex Marraige is Not Enough.

We have shaped richly varied ways to care for each other.
Why clamber for state-imposed rules? — Jane Rule

by punkpink

All you lovely readers, sweet gals and guys said you wanted more of me, dear old punkpink ,well here is a little story that is short, fun and will tell you all, even those of you who weren’t even a glimmer in your mamma and papa’s eye what we did way back in the day, when those school bells summoned us each and every morning, way back before all heaven broke lose all across americka.

Picture this if you can, a small town’s (aka Goon City) high school where rebellion had been simmering for a few years now,  a student here and a student there refusing to salute the flag, boys daring to wear sandals to school and being sent home promptly by the principle, some of us out marching against the war, reading poetry by the beatnik poets of the day, but most of the kids just wanting to succeed at whatever the good old red, white and blue had to give them. Straight and boring, little mommy and daddy. Pony up americka, we love you, and everything in our tiny little town is just hunky dory. Give it up americka, you promised us, be good, you get, we want. How we hated them and how they hated us. How some of us hate them still and we are happy to report that they hate us. (more…)