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LGBT/Q Ourstories month

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Here is a song from 1926 for your enjoyment.

Masculine Women, Feminine Men! 1926


Six Jumping Jacks


image byPete Collins, impirsoned at Bath Prison, Ontario Canada.

Recent headlines from Hungerstrike News are:

Round 2, Day 4: Strike Expands and Exposes ‘perfect Storm’ in CA.

Strike Spreads rapidly: At least 6,000 prisoners resume strike.

To read the above article go to

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity released this press release today after two staff lawyers of the mediation team have been banned from contacting the hunger strikers.

We are currently appealing the ban to Governor Brown and will release the letter we have written his office on Monday.

We’re asking ALL supporters to pressure Governor Brown to ensure the CDCR implement the changes set forth in the prisoners’ five core demands and that the CDCR cease ALL retaliation on hunger strikers. Click here for phone numbers & a sample script.

Please all readers contact Governor Brown!

Gearing up for Round 2 of Hunger Strike, CDCR Threatens Strikers

On Monday prisoners at two facilities in California will once again a hunger strike. Read here the fist couple of paragraphs and then go over to Hunger Strike News for the rest of the story.

From Hunger strike News:

On Monday, September 26th, prisoners at both Pelican Bay & Calipatria will resume the hunger strike to stop the torturous conditions of Security Housing Units (SHUs).

Prisoners first went on hunger strike on July 1st for nearly four weeks, until the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR) agreed to begin implementing some of the prisoners’ five core demands. The strike became one of the largest prison strikes in California history–stretching across a third of the California’s prisons (at least 13 State prisons), including more than 6,600 prisoners at its height. However, the CDCR’s response has been inadequate to say the least, giving prisoners & their families false hope of timely substantial change and an end to torture. For a detailed summary of the CDCR’s response to the strike, and why Pelican Bay prisoners are resuming it, read “Tortured SHU Prisoners Speak Out: The Struggle Continues.”

CDCR officials seem to be preemptively cracking down on prisoners in anticipation of the strike and have publicly said they were preparing to take harsh actions against strikers. Illustrating the CDCR’s hard-line stance, Undersecretary of Operations Scott Kernan said in a recent interview, “If there are other instances of hunger strikes, I don’t think the Department will approach it the same way this time around.”  

Note from Furbirdsqueerly: We all must act in solidarity

Sara who was one of the principal organizers along with Alice  of the rolling fast in solidarity has set up a site for folks in Ct. who wish to join The Ct. Prisoner Solidarity Alliance. We here at Furbirdsqueerly hope that all of our readers in the Ct. area will go to the site at  and join this network. One of the ways that a society is judged is by how they treat prisoners living within. So far we have seen that the treatment of these prisoners in California is torturous to say the least and inhumane. We must ask ourselves what is it like in other prisions around the country? How do the Ct. State prisions hold up? What are the conditions here? Those of us on the outside must realize that we have to become engaged in this battle for justice.  We must all act in solidarity.

In our Blog Roll section is Hunger Strike News. Check them out.

quote of the month!

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Found this wonderful truthful quote over at Nobody Passes in response to the Jim Sydnor peice. The quote is so true, honest and how we think our politicks.

“On a gay forum I visit the majority opinion seems to be that we should all vote for corporatist war criminal obama because he oversaw DADT. It’s such a disgusting farce; now you can wear a rainbow necklacke while you bomb village children in one of six countries”….Val

To read Jim’s Piece: “Here it is – you’re going to love it….”

Out walking early this morning I came upon two trees with leaves falling down to the ground. Fall is here! Oh! how I love the fall! Winter too. Don’t mind the piles of snow, let it snow let it snow let it snow. I must say that spring and summer doesn’t do much for me. Yea, the flowers are nice and pretty and some like it hot. But you can keep the muggy and the mosquitos and other bugs. Those nats drive even a grown man to cry. Some even like to lay around in the park where maybe Molly Olsen’s dog has taken a pee or a crap. Of course Molly abides by the rules and picks up after her dogs but we are sure some of that pee and do do lingers on the blades of grass just waiting for your ass to smear all about.

Fall is falling, glory, glory. We love the fall gotta say it twice just to be sure everyone has read us as we write.  Furbirdsqueerly hopes whatever you like or dislike that you clap your pretty little hands together and say RAH RAH for fall is falling! Maybe we will take a train ride to Burlington Vt just to see what we can see.

We posted September 2 an appeal from about our gay brother Miguel Caceres being held in Federal detention. The article titled ICE Let Our Brother Go can be read HERE, The following update on Miguel’s case came in today and is printed as was stated.

Good news: Just weeks after you signed a petition calling for his freedom, Miguel Caceres has been released from prolonged federal detention.

Miguel endured beatings and death threats in his home country of Honduras because he is gay. He came to the United States hoping for a better life, but instead found himself thrown in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. Even after a judge ruled that Miguel would not be sent back to Honduras, ICE continued to detain him without reason.

But then more than 11,000 members — including you — spoke up. And now Miguel is free.

“I am very happy,” Miguel says. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out [of detention]. There’s nothing like freedom. Thank you to everyone who supported me.”

The good folks at Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center got the ball rolling for Miguel by starting a petition on, and with your help, Miguel is a free man.

For more information see HERE. (more…)

This week let’s share another great number by Ryan Harvey.

Your Poverty is our Profit

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