Amongst the first fallen in our area and other things to sing.

Posted: September 25, 2011 in art, Our Stories

Out walking early this morning I came upon two trees with leaves falling down to the ground. Fall is here! Oh! how I love the fall! Winter too. Don’t mind the piles of snow, let it snow let it snow let it snow. I must say that spring and summer doesn’t do much for me. Yea, the flowers are nice and pretty and some like it hot. But you can keep the muggy and the mosquitos and other bugs. Those nats drive even a grown man to cry. Some even like to lay around in the park where maybe Molly Olsen’s dog has taken a pee or a crap. Of course Molly abides by the rules and picks up after her dogs but we are sure some of that pee and do do lingers on the blades of grass just waiting for your ass to smear all about.

Fall is falling, glory, glory. We love the fall gotta say it twice just to be sure everyone has read us as we write.  Furbirdsqueerly hopes whatever you like or dislike that you clap your pretty little hands together and say RAH RAH for fall is falling! Maybe we will take a train ride to Burlington Vt just to see what we can see.

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