quote for these times.

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Fight Back, For your information

“The vision of seeing “fairness” mainly in terms of how wealth is created and distributed inside American borders is a place many people start — but if we revolutionaries dwell there, we run the danger of a reformed America that still dominates the world, and where those “reforms” really prove to be a demand for more compensation, more bribery from that world empire.

Further, American democracy is a sham, not a promise. It is the form that the rulers of the United States have refined and developed and ideologized over two hundred years. It is not a mechanism we want to refine — it is the political form of the system that we seek to overthrow and abolish.”

We want liberation for humanity, not merely some “better deal” for the oppressed within U.S. borders.

This country is “ours” in the way a prison cell “belongs” to the prisoner: We live here, but it has never been ours. It is the soil of our suffering, and the cause of suffering for hundreds of millions. We can’t take back that which isn’t ours.”

Remember in all of this, “You can’t beat the enemy by raising his flag.”

The above words of wisdom comes from an essay by Mike Ely. I have lost the link and the title to the essay, but feel that this is something that all memebers of the Occupy movement should read. Merly getting rid of the bad capitalists won’t solve a damn thing.


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