Solidarity With The Prisoner Hunger Strikers.

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Fight Back, For your information, for your reflection, Solidarity, We fight on

From Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity some very important articles. We wish to open with a quote from one of the articles before directing everyone to the links. The quote is from a recent hunger striker.

“A caged man is a spirit trapped in steel — leave him alone and his spirit becomes one with his cage — it’s all he knows. Motivate him, nurture and socialize him, and his spirit soars. It’s only then that the man realizes the difference between him and his cage — the reasons for it. Thus, allowing him to finally be free from it.”

Hunger Strikers at Pelican Bay End Strike After Nearly 3 Weeks. Strike Continues at other Prisons.

Prisoners at Calipatria Call Off Strike.

This statement was received by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity and its shocking. Read more in the posting, Day 18: Hunger Strikers Staying Strong, Continue to Speak Out. 

Chad, a hunger striker at Pelican Bay, details some of the retaliation he has experienced for participating in the strike again:

“In an effort to break my strike, they began withholding my pain medication as leverage. At first cold turkey until I reminded them of the Plata and the federal judge’s ruling that it is criminal to cold turkey a long-time recipient of medications for chronic pain. So they issued just enough to clear them, but so minute and ineffective to cause extraordinary pain, from both disease and withdrawal symptoms. When that failed they came to my cell and said I need to go to the CTC [infirmary] because I’m so sick and totally disabled. It’s very, very worse than SHU conditions. It freezes 24 hours a day and you are entitled only to the linen on your bed, what’s on your back, and a towel.”


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