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When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.  ~Jean-Paul Sartre

A New York anti-war march down Fifth Avenue, March 26, 1966 with a man in the march carrying a sign that reads, “Support Our Boys-Bring Them Home Now’ (right next to him is a man with a sign declaring, “The USA National Liberation Movement Supports the NLF of Vietnam,” next to who stands a woman with a sign, “Committee to Aid the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam.”* (*I was a proud marcher on that day along with 50,000 other people.)

I asked myself as I stood chanting,” Ho, Ho, Ho Che Minh, The NLF Is Gonna Win,” how could I support anything about the war if I was a supporter of the NLF? By this chant we were calling not only for a military but also a political victory for the NLF quite different then the liberal call for a nonviolent solution to the murderous raging of Imperialist amerikkka. Rough questions for a young man of 17 with no college but on the streets, living the revolution. Living and knowing that this americkkka was not for him. That there was just far too many put downs, smack downs and held downs because of his little homo ass. He was a pansy, a sissy, a nervous nelly, a fag and even more. But you know what fuck you he said and lived his life as one big fuck you. (more…)

32BJ Victory!!

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Music Series

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Baby, I’m an anarchist

by against me.

Sometimes its good to take a purge, oh man how I needed one. Then I remembered this wonderful song by against me and it  was just what I needed.

No matter which side of which you come down on, this appeal is one we should all support. For no matter where we are at politicaly the class war prisoners deserve our support. FREE ALL CLASS WAR PRISONERS NOW!

This years Holiday Appeal marks the 26th year of the Partisan defense Committee’s program of sending monthly stipends as an expression of solidarity to those imprisoned for standing up to racist capitalist repression and imperialist depredation. This program revived a tradition initiated by the International Labor defense under Jan=mes P. Cannon, its founder and first secretary (1925-1928). The PDC sends stipends to 16 class war prisoners. Those receiving stipends are, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Eight MOVE members, Chuck Africa, Michael Africa, Debbie Africa, Janet Africa, Janine Africa, Delbert Africa, Eddie Africa and Phil Africa, Lynne Stewart, Jaan Laaman and Thomas Manning, Ed Poindexter and Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, Hugo Pinell.

Send all contributions to, PDC, P.O. Box 99, Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013.

Alvin sent this to us today and we like it. Ras Kass tells the truth in this one and as he says, look it up, if you don’t believe it. Lyrics after the jump.


The following article was written by Joanna and published on the blog site, The Hart Monitor and in the Hartford News. In our opinion it is an excellent article that should be read by all folks who have occupied anywhere. “The Hart Monitor is a print newsletter and a blog dedicated to addressing racial justice in Hartford and beyond. The Hart Monitor will be helping Hartford residents connect with the people, issues, and events that are relevant to the fight for justice and liberation for all.” For another good reading see Occupy This Bitches, f rom The Hart Monitor site.

Check out The Hart Monitor’s  site.

Dear Occupy Hartford

Well, now that your camp at Turning Point Park has been disbanded, what will you do? Will you choose another space within this city to “occupy” or will you take some time to examine exactly what it is you have been doing for the past few months? I have spoken time and time again at various meetings about what I see as flaws in the “Occupy” movement, particularly regarding “Occupy Hartford”. I do not want to have to reiterate my concerns about the racism embedded in the rhetoric used by the “Occupy” protestors. I have been over that all before. People have posted numerous articles on your page, begging you to take their concerns about the movement more seriously. It seems like most of it has fallen on deaf ears. There have been a few of you willing to engage in dialogue, but far too many who have wanted to jump up and attack the messenger.

I am going to ask this though: Why do you feel the need to “occupy” a city? “Occupy Wall Street” was about attacking the institutions and corporations that are preying on people in this country. Wall Street was a physical location associated with these entities. It was not named “Occupy New York City”, it was “Occupy Wall Street”. So, I am having a really hard time understanding why all of these protests that were supposed to show “solidarity” with Occupy Wall Street were about occupying CITIES, instead of institutions. Why occupy Hartford? Has the city of Hartford or the people who live here shown that they are part of the economic elite who are keeping others down and oppressing them?

There are two definitions for the word “occupy” as it relates to a location. The first is simple: “to dwell or reside in”. Well, in that sense, since there are over 100,000 people living in Hartford, I would say that Hartford is ALREADY “occupied”. There are people already living here. Many of you have come from the suburbs to “occupy” Hartford. For what reason? The second definition of “occupy” is “to seize possession of and maintain control over by or as if by conquest.” I believe that the second definition fits best when it comes to “Occupy Wall Street”. The protestors wanted to be able to seize control of Wall Street in order to force the corporate elite to take the concerns of the rest of the people seriously. So, the second definition works in that sense. “Occupy Wall Street” was an act of war… a war on the elites. However, it does not make any sense whatsoever to “occupy” a city… especially not a city like Hartford, where there are so many people who are living under the yoke of oppression due to racism, poverty and ethnocentrism. Besides, many neighborhoods are already “occupied” by an invading army… law enforcement.

“Occupying” a city is NOT what you do if you want to make life for the residents of that city better. “Occupying” a territory is what you do when you want to assert dominion over the people within that territory. It is what you do when you want to usurp control from the residents of that location. Why “occupy” a city? Why not “occupy” the board rooms of the corporations you are attempting to challenge? Why not “occupy” the homes of the elites who are part of the 1%?

You marched down Park Street here in Hartford, chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” Do you live in Hartford? Do you live on Park Street? Is there someone on Park Street who has attempted to wrench territory which rightfully belongs to you from your possession? Somehow I doubt it. Imagine this for a moment: a group of protestors marching down Park Street, wearing white robes and hoods that cover their faces. Yes, imagine the KKK marching down Park Street. Now, imagine what chants they might use if they are upset about the fact that Hartford is now a majority minority city. “Whose streets? Our streets!” could DEFINITELY be one of their slogans of choice, couldn’t it? So, a bunch of folks marching down Park Street, most of them white, screaming that slogan, should give you pause, shouldn’t it?? If not, you have some serious issues that are beyond my capabilities to address in this post. (more…)

This years Scrooge of the Year is Rob Walton!

This smiling jackass is a real pig.

The vote was close and went up until the last-minute, but across the nation people made their voices heard – and Rob Walton is the biggest Scrooge of them all! A quick reminder of why Rob Walton was given this nomination:

Deemed a “billionaire bully” by Brave New Films, Rob Walton is the Chair of Walmart’s board of directors.  His estimated net worth is around $21 billion. As a family, the Waltons control 49% of Walmart stock, and are predicted to gain a controlling share in the next 12 months. The Waltons are the richest family in the United States, with a combined net worth is $93 billion. The Walton Family has as much wealth as the bottom 30% of American families combined – more than 35 million families. Waltons make up 4 of the 11 wealthiest people in the United States according to Forbes Magazine, and they could give more than $4,700 to every resident of New York and still have $1 billion left over. With the economy as it is, that would make a huge difference!

The family’s dividends from their Walmart stock alone are more than $2 billion/year. Just using their dividends, they could ensure that a million Walmart employees make at least $12/hour. Instead, they are growing richer by the year. Even with all of this money, Walmart only pays an average of $8.81/hour to store associates. And the company has yet to meet with and address the concerns of those who work for them such as scheduling (especially during the holiday season). Just last month Walmart, under Rob’s leadership, slashed health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Walmart employees and their families—right before the holidays!  What a scrooge!

Over the course of the next year, Rob Walton will be hearing from all of us in the Jobs with Justice network about how to make amends.