Assail The DCF Plantation! February 4th, 2012.

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Events, Fight Back, For your information, resistance, Solidarity

The following is published over at the Hart Monitor. Check out the site for2 other excellent articles on this situation, Open Letter to DCF and Support the DCF Plantation Five. A queer contingent will be joining Assail the DCF Plantation.

Join a diverse coalition of groups and individuals to “Assail the DCF Plantation” and land a universal blow against racism, February 4th,    at the CT Juvenile Training Center in Middletown.

In honor of Black History Month, we will strike a universal blow against racism, targeting the overseers at DCF’s (Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families) Youth Services.

*The managers of DCF’s youth services have created and maintained a racist and hostile work environment, despite sustained complaints by workers over the past 5 of years.

*A class action lawsuit filed against the DCF by Black and Latino workers ten years ago was overturned due to faulty paper work.

*A second class action lawsuit is currently filed on behalf of five Black, Latino and LGBT employees.

* African American and Latino male workers in Youth Services are disciplined at significantly higher rates than their coworkers. Additionally, they receive worse punishments than their coworkers for similar infractions.

*In 2011, rank and file workers delivered a petition to DCF administrators highlighting the racist management practices in Youth Services. In a meeting meant to address these claims, many workers testified to the racist work environment, including white workers. Management responded by punishing these previously protected workers, too.

*Workers have met with DCF president Joette Katz, to no avail. Hartford residents created a DCF zone extending from Vine, Albany and Garden streets, to no avail.

*DCF Youth Services operates like a modern day plantation: managerial overseers abuse their workers in an attempt to cower them into submission. They save their worst abuse for Black and Latino male workers and those who dare speak on their behalf.

*The DCF operates a 1 billion dollar budget supplied by tax payer monies at the federal and state levels. 82% of children under the care of DCF at the CT Juvenile Training School are Black or Latino boys, yet the managerial staff is overwhelmingly white. Meanwhile, the Black and Latino male workers who tend to their care suffer racism at the hands of their overseers.

We must stand against racism in all its forms. That DCF perpetuates a double-helping of institutionalized racism makes it all the more urgent. Assail the DCF Plantation!

Transportation will be provided, leaving from Unity Plaza, 265 Barbour Street, Hartford, CT, 10 a.m. RSVP at

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