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In from Radical Women.

Women’s access to health care and family planning again made news this week with the brouhaha over whether the Catholic Church should cover contraception for their female employees. And, once again, politicians tell us we must find common ground with right wing fetus fanatics at the expense of quality health care. It’s time for feminists to demand no compromise when it comes to our health care and reproductive freedom.

After pressure from the reproductive rights movement, President Obama announced that free contraception would be offered to all women as part of the Affordable Care Act. Not surprisingly, the Catholic Bishops and Evangelical Christians protested. Within days, Obama attempted a “reconciliation” which would allow church-affiliated institutions objecting to contraceptives on religious grounds to opt out of paying for the coverage. And it would be up to the insurance companies, not the employer, to inform the covered employees about the free contraceptives (and we all know how eager insurance companies are to notify clients about free services). (more…)

Chirstin Scarlett Millory has published and excellent follow up to her article, Transgender People Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada, posted 1/30/2012 HERE. Ms. Millory’s follow up article, If No Trans Person Has Been Stopped At The Gate, Why is This Such A Big Deal? Here’s Why. We like number one as it has that something that all of us should stop, think about and fight against any and all laws or regulations that are similar. These types of laws have always been used to harassed, persecuted, round up and murder so many people. Queer folks should be very aware of these types of laws when they are on the book, work as quick as possible to remove such laws and remember An Injury To One IS An Injury to All.

“1) Because it could be used against any trans-identified or otherwise gender nonconforming person, any time, anywhere.

Any airline gate attendant who decides they don’t like a gender-variant passenger they come across will now have a built-in justification for causing that passenger a problem, if they want to. Smaller airlines, rural airports, and this regulation are a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, airline gate attendants are personally liable to a fine of $5,000 for failing to enforce any part of section 5.2(1), for each occurrence. The airline corporation would face a fine of $25,000. Sooner or later, some airline is going to issue a memo to their employees, or do some kind of training, regarding “the importance of actually following all ID Screening Regulations.” Employees who realistically may never have even seen all the new regs before could suddenly become more familiar with them, and start looking more closely at passports for opportunities to enforce the screening regs—including 5.2(1)(c).

After all, it’s not like the airlines are going to issue a memo calling for employees to enforce all ID regs “except” 5.2(1)(c).”

Quote of the week.

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“The idea that the capitalist politicians could ever represent anything but the interests of the bourgeoisie is a stark expression of how the populist notion of the “99 percent” promotes illusions in American bourgeois democracy and its representatives.”…From No Illusions in Police “Reform”- for Workers Revolution. No. 996, February 17, 2012.

The following is an excerpt from No Illusions in Police “Reform”—For Workers Revolution! This article is published in the recent Workers Vanguard, No.996, February 17, 2012. The speech was made at a forum called by Occupy Oakland and the speaker a member of the Spartacist League. This excellent speech is right up our alley and we can only hope that more folks will come to see and understand this point of view.

I am speaking for the Spartacist League; some of you may have seen our paper, Workers Vanguard. We are here to say that we defend Occupy Oakland protesters against police repression and demand that everyone who’s been arrested be released and that all charges be dropped. Plain and simple, the cops are the enemy.They’re part of the capitalist state, which exists to defend the interests and rule of the bourgeoisie against the workers and the oppressed. And no amount of civilian review boards, community control or federal oversight or takeover is going to change that.  All these things are a sham, designed to whitewash the cops while giving the illusion of accountability. They’re designed to clean up their image so the cops can carry out their repression all the more effectively. (more…)

Goonites Tell Their Stories was first published two years ago on punkpinks a bandit’s tip. We re-publish this piece in honor of two of the folks who were interviewed for this story. Sammy Tonino and Bobby Holcomb may they have found all that their hearts desire wherever they may be.

Goonites Tell Their Stories

On a recent 4 day visit to Goon City I looked up some old friends. Now this is something that I don’t usually do when I am down there unless of course I go over and have a nice chat with Ruthie Hillard. One never knows what to expect from people from ones past, would there be anything to talk about, anything at all in common anymore. I have never returned for a class reunion and a few years back I got a letter in the mail which listed all the committee members. Well not one of those folks had I even thought about in 40 years. I met up with Sammy who still lives close to the center of town. He has an apartment in an old Victorian that once was the home of one of the wealthy bosses who ran a brass company. I stopped off in Whistlers a bar right outside of the run down section of town and there he was perched on a stool like the odd rare bird he was. I went back to his place visited some more. I told him about this blog and he said sure I will tell you a story. I love stories as you know we all were full of stories that are just itching to be told. Someone has to remember to tell them so we can at least look back in our old ages and say oh, so that is how it was, now I remember. When life gets hard and we are back to shitting our pants if we can get a nurse to get us to the toilet on time, and all is well then a  little story would be nice as pie.

File:Brass knuckles dsc04623.jpg

Brass Knuckles. Sammy loved to use them when fighting. (more…)

by punkpink

Now I don’t go into government buildings all that much, can’t remember the last time I did before this afternoon. I am not very familiar with the ways and means of those who are into the business of protecting the edifices of this government. Just today I had an almost run in with 5 security guards at the IRS office. Now I was just going about my business trying to get two tax books and forms so I could pay Uncle Scam his due. Now don’t get this old punkpink wrong, I don’t believe nor do I give a rats ass for the “render unto Caesar that which is Caesars crowd” as I can’t be as biblical as the next girl, nor do I care anything about sitting in jail because I refused to pay my taxes like a pacifist would. Don’t have those bones in me anymore. Why would I care for the state to have such power over me that I would freely go to jail over its murderous activities or any of the laundry list of activities that make the government buzz in the wrong way. We all know the list, no need to recite it here. Nope there is a better way for all of us but I am not going to tell anyone what I know as I am not going to land in jail because some half assed spy turns me in telling all sorts of sorry lies about me and my ways. But gotta say I like quite a bit of HAR HAR. (more…)