Canada Air and Trans People Excellent Follow Up Article.

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Fight Back, For your information, for your reflection, Real Food For Thought, We fight on

Chirstin Scarlett Millory has published and excellent follow up to her article, Transgender People Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada, posted 1/30/2012 HERE. Ms. Millory’s follow up article, If No Trans Person Has Been Stopped At The Gate, Why is This Such A Big Deal? Here’s Why. We like number one as it has that something that all of us should stop, think about and fight against any and all laws or regulations that are similar. These types of laws have always been used to harassed, persecuted, round up and murder so many people. Queer folks should be very aware of these types of laws when they are on the book, work as quick as possible to remove such laws and remember An Injury To One IS An Injury to All.

“1) Because it could be used against any trans-identified or otherwise gender nonconforming person, any time, anywhere.

Any airline gate attendant who decides they don’t like a gender-variant passenger they come across will now have a built-in justification for causing that passenger a problem, if they want to. Smaller airlines, rural airports, and this regulation are a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, airline gate attendants are personally liable to a fine of $5,000 for failing to enforce any part of section 5.2(1), for each occurrence. The airline corporation would face a fine of $25,000. Sooner or later, some airline is going to issue a memo to their employees, or do some kind of training, regarding “the importance of actually following all ID Screening Regulations.” Employees who realistically may never have even seen all the new regs before could suddenly become more familiar with them, and start looking more closely at passports for opportunities to enforce the screening regs—including 5.2(1)(c).

After all, it’s not like the airlines are going to issue a memo calling for employees to enforce all ID regs “except” 5.2(1)(c).”


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