Excerpt from: No Illusions in Police “Reform”-For Workers Revolution.

Posted: February 19, 2012 in For your information, knowledge is power, resistance, Solidarity, We fight on

The following is an excerpt from No Illusions in Police “Reform”—For Workers Revolution! This article is published in the recent Workers Vanguard, No.996, February 17, 2012. The speech was made at a forum called by Occupy Oakland and the speaker a member of the Spartacist League. This excellent speech is right up our alley and we can only hope that more folks will come to see and understand this point of view.

I am speaking for the Spartacist League; some of you may have seen our paper, Workers Vanguard. We are here to say that we defend Occupy Oakland protesters against police repression and demand that everyone who’s been arrested be released and that all charges be dropped. Plain and simple, the cops are the enemy.They’re part of the capitalist state, which exists to defend the interests and rule of the bourgeoisie against the workers and the oppressed. And no amount of civilian review boards, community control or federal oversight or takeover is going to change that.  All these things are a sham, designed to whitewash the cops while giving the illusion of accountability. They’re designed to clean up their image so the cops can carry out their repression all the more effectively.

The cops that killed Oscar Grant and terrorize the ghettos are part of the same capitalist system that imprisons over two million people, most of them black and Latino, in this country and wages war abroad. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat in the White House. When Quan was running you were sold a bill of goods that she was a “progressive.” The same bill of goods was sold about Obama. In fact, Obama message to black people is racial oppression. His message to immigrants is deportation. His message to working people is union busting. His message to the population is to shred our rights. And his message to the world is imperialist war. There has been a lot of hand-wringing about he flag that was burned outside of City Hall. Well, the truth is from Haiti to the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, that flag is dripping with blood of millions of American imperialism’s victims.

Their style might be different, but the Democrats and the Republicans are capitalist parties and they serve the same capitalist class, and you better remember that when the elections come around and they try to sell you the poison pill of “lesser evilism.” But the “99 percent” populism of Occupy disguises the class nature of the capitalist state and its parties. It is counterposed to the understanding that the fundamental class divide in society is between the working class and the capitalist class. What we need is a workers party to fight for a socialist revolution. What we need is a new ruling class, the workers.

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