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In today from Alto Arizona Campaign.

Alto Arizona Campaign says:

“In a state where ethnic studies are banned, a video like this becomes contraband. But banned books will not erase our history, and cancelled classes will not make us forget. Through struggle, we will write ourselves back into history.

Arizona’s explicit stated goal is to make life miserable for immigrants and their families through a policy of attrition (aka “Self-Deportation”). Our strategy is to bring joy. And joy is what Dr. West brought when he spent a day with us in Arizona, bearing witness to the local struggle for human rights and sharing the historical context in which white supremacy continues to linger.

Cornel West ‘s visit marks a special chapter of that story. He explained during his electrifying presentation, “Don’t talk to me about truth if you’re not allowing a set of voices to be lifted to address suffering. Never allow suffering to have the last word.”

We are grateful for- and inspired by- Dr West’s wisdom and generosity.  Those who are fighting on the front lines for justice carry a burden for us all, and their suffering must not be silenced. We must do what we can to lift their voices.

In the face of increasingly vitriolic scapegoating of migrants, we must do what we can to walk the road to justice together. And remember what West teaches, that “justice is what love looks like in public.”

Thank you,
Pablo Alvarado, NDLON.

We as Queers know quite well what it is like to have our lives, our stories and the truth about us omitted, erased, suppressed and banned from history books by homophobic straight society. This struggle that NDLON is waging is our issue simply put and this blog joins the struggle.

HRC is honoring Goldman Sachs at their gala this Saturday in Manhattan.

JOIN the QUEER Contingent of OCCUPY Protesting This Hideous Affair.

Date: February 4, 2012

Location: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

301 Park Avenue, New York, New York.

Time: 5:00pm

Thanks to Queer Today for this alert.

Gran Fury was the name of the propaganda ministry for ACT-UP. Gran Fury designed the posters, postcards, and banners, wrote the phrases and helped to set the tone for one of the most visible and activist art movements of the late 1980’s. Homophobes were everywhere peddling falsehoods about AIDS and our queer lives. The art of Gran Fury sought to bring our health concerns, the dying of our friends and lovers out into the open breaking the silence and saving lives. We salute Gran Fury and ACT-UP for the work that they did for all of us queers and straights alike.

All People with AIDS Are Innocent (Banner at the Henry Street Settlement)

All people with AIDS are Innocent was a 3′ x 30′ cloth banner fabricated by the AIDS activist group Gran Fury. The declarative banner was suspended across Grand Street in front of the Henry Street Settlement Culture Center as part of the exhibition Images and Words: Artists Respond to AIDS, 1989. Gran Fury was the graphic arm of the AIDS activist group ACT UP.

Gran Fury: Read My Lips” runs from January 31 – March 17 at 80WSE Galleries, 80 Washington Square East. The exhibition and panel are free and open to the public and the gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30am to 6pm. (more…)