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In today from Radical Women:

The Barbie-fication of Candidates Wives

By Megan Cornish

Women’s liberation found me in the heady days of the 1960s, when women along with other hard-pressed groups were inspired by the Black freedom struggle to demand big changes. The possibilities were endless and we all won many battles.

Ever since, the moneyed elite has funded a vicious backlash, marshaling vast forces in the media, churches, and right-wing think tanks, to push their ultra-conservative, anti-feminist agenda.

Their backward push stands out most absurdly in the image-crafting of candidates’ spouses.

Take this presidential run — please! The public has been bombarded with cardboard caricatures of political helpmates who have nothing to say outside of narrowly defined women’s topics and rote praise for their husband’s idiotic pronouncements. (more…)

Something Inside So Strong

Liba Siffre


By punkpink

Not that this is anything new that what a big jerk he is, except today he really did show his disregard for me his worker. What to do when the boss is a jerk and jobs are tight and you just don’t feel like going anywhere else to work.I guess tell everyone you know what a jerk my boss is so others will then see just what a jerk for a boss is. So here’s what happened.

My glasses fell apart completely this morning when I was at work. No way could Pete the engineer get them back together since the screw broke off inside of the hole that the screw was suppose to pass through and connect the ear piece to the frame. Then the glass fell out and went all over the floor. Now I got a bitch too with the doctors office as these glasses are only 2 months old and were expensive. Hell I usually don’t give one rats bottom about expensive things but I do have very good vision care I buy and the whole shebang of examination, and new glasses only cost me $95.00. Not bad So anyway I go to fax the payroll and tell the boss that I can hardly see and could one of the guys give me a ride home so I can then get my older pair of glasses and be right back in 20 mins. “Well,” said the boss, maybe you should look in the lost and found and see if you can find a pair to wear.”  In other words no way. Checking him out for a smile or sly grin I found none.I couldn’t believe my ears that the mess of a man they call boss would say such a thing. So once my head starting hurting and my eyes aching I just had to go home. Lose a days pay because the boss is a jerk. Nope he didn’t give a shit.  My friend Tweeny is over this afternoon, she has a question ?

Please Join us as we plan an important event in the struggle for social and economic justice.
In the hope that with the advent of Spring we may be able to re-ignite a fight for social and economic justice during spring/summer, we would like to invite you to a planning meeting on Sunday April 1st (no joke!) at 4 pm at the Charter Oak Cultural Center. This meeting will be in order to plan a march and rally in Hartford for May 1st. We are envisioning a May Day of Action that will focus on both labor issues and immigrant rights. This meeting will be to plan a march, rally, and celebration for May 1st 2012. Please consider joining us.
Gathering to plan march, rally, and celebration of worker’s and immigrant struggles for May 1st 2012 
Sunday, April 1st 4PM
Charter Oak Cultural Center 
21 Charter Oak Ave Hartford, CT
Everyone is welcome to plan actions coinciding with May Day. This meeting is strictly to plan a collective march, rally, and celebration in the afternoon/evening of May 1st.
In Solidarity-
Wes Strong
Dave Rozza
Laura Maltz Rozza
Hartford Catholic Worker
Dawn Cook
Shaznene Hussain
Joshua King

In today from Sara of Occupy New Haven and Existence Group.

Take Action Immediately! We need a We The People Outdoor Communal Occupation
– Economic Inclusion – Environmentally Friendly – Communal –
The Occupy Movement didn’t invent homelessness. We exposed the reality of economic injustice in this country to the very core! After every Physical Occupation ends, the vast majority of us resist the system that pushes us into shelters. Most of us will continue to live outside, but we face the constant threat of eviction whenever we try to set up homes.. We need stability.
This is possible by allowing (people) us to set up homes in designated outdoor locations where we could live without the constant threat of being evicted. Also, we are individuals, so there should be a stop to punishing whole communities for the actions of individuals.
Demand that New Haven doesn’t perpetuate this injustice! Call Mayor DeStefano at 203-946-8200 & tell him:
” Hi, my name is __________________ . Please meet with the Existence Group, and if the Occupy New Haven encampment ends, then recognize homeless people as political refugees. Grant homeless people an outdoor place of asylum where they can have stability. Thank you”
To find out more or continue supporting us: