Selections: May Day Posters Calling us to battle once again.

Posted: April 29, 2012 in art, Call to Action, Fight Back, we dig it.

So we have listened to some good songs for May Day and now is the time to look over some posters that call us out into the streets. Some from today and some from the past. All call us to battle once again. All remind us which side we are on.

Queer Liberation is indeed class struggle. The  queer struggle need not wander off into the class struggle. The queer struggle is the class struggle. Our experiences and oppressions as women, as queers, as people of color, as folks with disabilities, cannot be separated from the capitalist structure of society. We know from our very lives that our survival cannot happen without a fight!














1.  Viva May Day:

2. IWW May Day Poster

3. Melbourne Anarchist Club.

4. Peace, Work, May Day, Soviet Poster

5.Oakland May Day Poster

6. Early Soviet Poster

7. Occupy Wall Street

8. Occupy Wall Street

9. May Day United

10. Wisconsin Solidarity March

11. May Day Poster 1971, Wisconsin Historical Society

12 Strike Everywhere, from Muck of Ages.

13. Gay May Day, 2010 L.A


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