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Telling it like it is.

Posted: September 30, 2012 in art, Call to Action, OH YEAH!!!


Benjamin Dictor campaign bumper sticker.

“If the liberals held the democrats accountable with the same gusto that they show against the republicans, Troy Davis may be alive today.”” Liberal hypocrisy is just a big threat to this country as right wing extremism.”….David Samuels, Founder Community Party. From Romney Rage, Troy Davis and Liberal Hypocrisy. The Hartford News 9/27-10/4.

Jeff for Justice asks why veteran gay activist Stephen Durham’s Presidential campaign is being ignored by most LGBTI mainstream media.

For more information on this exciting campaign go to: HERE.

Openly Gay Third Party Presidential Candidate on Obama and LGBT issues. (more…)

Maggie a friend of a friend called queerartist a few days back and asked, “Queerartist you have art shows sometimes on your blog, and I make art so I am wondering if I can get a show of some of my recent splattered,painted, cracked, fanciful animals?” I have been seeing them everywhere lately and using my cheap little camera that I buy at Walgreens to take pictures of each that I fancy. Just something to do, while I am waiting to make it. “Well,” queerartist said, “I must ask the others who run the blog more than I do now-a-days and if we give you a show Maggie it just may be the last one before we fly this Hartford coop. Getting too small around here and we have been busy cutting off more territory and more and have been cut off by outsiders those who don’t subscribe to our ways of thinking, or more importantly we don’t care for their thinking, so before we have a go go  we will have to take a vote.

.Ballot box by Clara Bell Jones

All in favor of having a showing of Maggie”s animals drop your yah or nah in the ballot box. “Well” snorted Emma Furbird Jr. “even if it is suppose to be a secret ballot I am going to say what I want to say and say it out loud and I don’t care what Toms, Dick or Harry has to say. “You know I do not like art or let me say anything that passes it self off as art now. Even if all the groovy intellectual folks love it and think its groovy even if they don’t know their groovy very well. See I have been around a long time and have seen many groovy things and a lot of groovy today was groovy back in the day and now these artists just do it over again going around and around doing the same thing over and over again and thinking that it is something new. No I do not like that which calls itself art.” FUCK ART!!! I LOVE ANARCHY!!! BURN ART! Chase out groovy with a big stick!!!

“Well, well, Rumpa, said I, I take it you do not want a show of Maggie’s animals then.” Ye old punkpink was back from Spain where pink had been standing in the rain, naked as a jay bird after being robbed of all clothing and bags. “I could use a little cheering up says ye old pink, so I say yes to some of Maggie’s splattered,painted, cracked, and fanciful animals just for the fuck of it. Though I tell you I have to agree with Emma Furbird Jr. and say FUCK ART and THE PLEASING PIGS THAT MAKE IT. Go burn a bank now that is worth more than all of the paintings and all of the art that just supports the rich. This crap that is made any and everywhere. I gotta say even if I have said it 100 times before, any art that hangs out and supports the rich in anyway, even if they pay good money for it does not deserve to be art in these times.” Let’s not even get into a flap saying, “Well at least they are spending their money on art and not something else.” Come on maybe the something else is worth far more than all of the goo.

Goosey Bell, Richard, May Day, and Furbird Sr. all agreed that  what we needed was a nice little rest from so much caring about the world and overthrowing any and all that didn’t please us. So yes dear punkpink and Emma Furbird Jr. turn you heads, look away, go on vacation or write us a new essay on art, as we will have a little show by Maggie of her splattered, painted, cracked, and fanciful animals.


Dino the happy go lucky Dinosaur.

Buffaphant goes both ways.

Mulkey rubs a nipple along it’s chin.

Ghostly fanciful with one eye brightly.

We got to hand it to Maggie, she got what it takes to be an artist and should make it someday where ever artists will make it then.

.Ernesto Yerena - No Papers No Fear


Many people asked us during the ride where the symbol of the butterfly came from and what it means.

We send you this to explain, to call for all migrant rights groups to claim it as a symbol for all of us, and to call for artists to continue to create and share more at

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom as old as the glyphs in Cesar Maxit’s “Migrant” poster.

It became the symbol of our tour organically, naturally. As we travelled, it kept showing up in new ways.  In Memphis we received a care package from Juliana in Phoenix with butterfly pins for each of us to wear, next to our hearts, for strength, even when we were carted off to jail.

.No Papers. No Fear. by Julio Salgado

When we confronted Kris Kobach in Birmingham, we released real butterflies with us. We demanded our inclusion at a hearing about us and we shamed him with our presence and overshadowed him with our testimony.

We embraced it from the beginning.  When Deejay Portugal brought his sketchbook to make-over Priscilla, the 1972 bus that arrived in Phoenix and would become our home for the next six weeks, we all rolled up our sleeves to transform her just like a catepillar becoming a monarch. [Watch the video here]

As we set out to change the world, each of us were changed ourselves.  We had to lose our fear. To take control of our destiny we had to embark on a hard path. We had to learn from each other, build community with each other, and trace the steps of those who have come before us fighting for freedom. As individuals and as a community, we took steps to fly free like the monarch; free from fear, free from intimidation.

The power we found in the symbol of the monarch is one that we think is universal. It does not belong to us, it belongs to all of us. And it becomes more powerful as more communities embrace it.    (more…)

Andy Thayer was part of a Sept 6-16 solidarity delegation organized by the Chicago-based organization, La Voz de los de Abajo.  He will be producing a short film about Honduran LGBT activists. He can be reached at

Mr. President, You Are Abetting Murder in Honduras

Dear President Obama:Put simply, your support of the coup regime in Honduras is killing people.  During a recent fact-finding tour of Honduras organized by the Chicago-based La Voz de los de Abajo, I was part of a delegation that spoke to dozens of people in several areas of the country who had lost friends, colleagues and loved ones due to the violence of Honduran government forces whom you support, and the private death squads associated with them.

The murder rate in Honduras now leads the world.  Depending on how you count it, it is the second or third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Over and over again, the stories we heard were very similar.  The government doesn’t respect its own laws, the judges are bought and sold by the few who can afford them, and all this is done to increase the power and wealth of that country’s 1%.  And your administration makes it worse by supporting this with guns and more guns.

Besides the many witnesses we interviewed, last Thursday afternoon we personally witnessed a small taste of what the Honduran people routinely endure.

While speaking with witnesses to a combined police/military/private security assault in the city of Tocoa on September 9th that killed an elderly man, Mr. Hector Navarro, we were threatened by five gunmen guarding property claimed by one Miguel Facusse, the country’s wealthiest person and largest landowner.   Nine of us on the La Voz delegation, plus Mr. Heriberto Aleman of The Permanent Human Rights Observatory of the Aguan, witnessed what followed. (more…)