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To protect the planet and meet people’s needs, get profits
out of the energy industry

By Stephen Durham, write-in candidate for U.S. president

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast and my home state of New York, after leaving a trail of devastation and death in Haiti and the Caribbean, bloggers are asking, “Will this finally force Obama and Romney to talk about climate change?”
While no specific hurricane can be blamed on global warming, the general spike in violent weather is one way that the headlong consumption of fossil fuels ravages the environment. Global warming was a campaign issue for Obama in 2008, when his purported vision of hope and change included a bold new future powered by renewable energy sources.

But that was then and this is now. The loyalty of both candidates to the monster fossil fuel corporations is clear. Not a peep was said about climate change during the televised debates, and nothing will be said now.
Mitt Romney’s energy agenda is at least straightforward. Cancel any regulations that interfere with anything the industry wants to do in its pursuit of profits. Stick to the plan of guaranteeing these profits with $113 billion in federal subsidies for oil, gas, and coal over the next decade. Rationalize all this with the drumbeat of how desperately the U.S. needs energy independence in the interest of its “national security.”

Obama hears the beat of the same nationalistic drummer. He now has an energy policy widely dubbed “all of the above.” It embraces solar, wind, and other renewables; biofuels; the chimeras of “clean” coal and “safe” nuclear; and new drilling for oil (domestic oil production reached a 17-year high this month). After Obama raised hopes that he would nix the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline bringing tar sands oil from Canada to Texas refineries, his administration went ahead and began handing out permits to bulldoze a path for the pipeline’s southern portion. (more…)

Write-in Freedom Socialist Presidential Candidate Stephen Durham speaks at the Fundraiser at Freedom Hall in Harlem.

Write-in Christina Lopez Vice Presidential candidate speaks.

Happy Halloween to one and all.

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Those where the days. We were all friends. Our nakedness made us equal doing our favorite pastime. The banker on his knees, the construction worker bent over, the hipster smelling of sandalwood. Sometime we are lonely for those days, when we were young and free. When we got so wet from standing in the shower waiting for Mr. Biggie to come along and take us back to his room for a sweating good time, that was had by one and all. Now Stonewall was 5 years away, $5 got a round trip ticket to NYC, head to the YMCA and let the fun begin. I first heard this song after I was picked up in Washington Square and we went to Brooklyn to his apartment. The guy had all sorts of records and I’m So Wet was one of them.

But alas we have grown older now, but not really any wiser, and couldn’t keeping going to the crack of dawn when the rooster crows good morning. So old men sit around and enjoy their memories and look at naked pictures and think about back in the day when life was full of some good hey, hey, hey and we were all equal when we were naked. I send this out to readers of this blog as a memory now, just like all of us have and just like this blog will be.

by your old darling punkpink

Richard and Emma asked if I would write a few lines as a sort of see you again sometime but most of all to stir up some trouble as furbirdsqueerly goes on our merry way to somewhere else. I have eaten at Richard’s house numerous times and been in more places than not with Emma so of course I have to say yes even if I am now on my sick bed. You know folks I just am not well. The doctor told me the other day that it appears that my immune system is getting shot to hell fast, this is the third cold I have had in 3 months and I feel like my body is shutting down. I am full of stress. To put it all in plain English I feel shitty, no longer witty, wise or handsome. I feel germy, smelly, and out of place. I tried to explain to the good doctor who I don’t think was really listening that my brain is in a real fog and I stumble when I walk. This has been coming on now for a two weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. A good friend told me it sounded like slow death creeping around in my body. Well you know I don’t really mind one bit. Slow will certainly be more interesting than fast. Though I hear most would prefer fast. All in all I don’t trust the doctors, as they have made me sicker in the past,  so I am going to do nothing with any of his recommendations. Pop a pill no thanks, get another test, no no, pay me pay them get all the money that we can. That’s the americkkkan medical system for you.

All that aside you know what is really bugging my ass? Here are a few things as always.

Here in CT. we have a real rich bitch(yes I am going to use that word and I don’t give a rats ass who doesn’t like it) running for U.S Senate whose name is Linda McManhon. Here is a little news piece that I was going to publish but said, hey kill two fuck ups with one stone and publish it here.

Millions just to join the den of crooks, thief’s and murderers.  NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!

Miss guess who???

Just reading these few lines should be enough to make anyone understand why there is a need for class war. Now think of this, this small state of Connecticut and here is this Linda McMahon  spending this much money just to get elected, just to join the den of crooks, thief s and murderers.

1:34PM EDT October 21. 2012 – Republican Linda McMahon has spent $77 million of her own money on two races for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, according to figures reported by the Associated Press on Friday.

The AP says McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (now known as WWE), has poured in $27 million of her own money in her race against Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy. She spent about $50 million of her fortune two years ago in her unsuccessful bid against Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

>>>this is not an add for Chris Murphy. We doubt very much he would support class war in any manner shape or form.

I am not even going to get all teary eyed liberal and list one by one what all that money could do. We know it, we have heard it a hundred times before and if any one doesn’t know it then it is no use in even that type of fool reading any further. But you know she has supporters. And some respectable folks don’t think that there is anything wrong with her spending all of that money just to buy an Americkkkan election.

There is an out open gay man running for president of the US and gays turn away and climb further up Obama’s ass. (more…)


Even though voters won’t be required to show their IDs this election, the Pennsylvania state government is sponsoring billboards in predominantly Latino neighborhoods and in Spanish telling people they have to show their IDs to vote. Sign this petition to demand that Pennsylvania take these signs down, now!

Please tell Pennsylvania to take these signs down:

This is outrageous: In Pennsylvania, a swing state where the Latino vote is critical, a bunch of state-sponsored billboards just went up in predominately Latino neighborhoods that could stop qualified voters from casting their ballots.1 We only have 15 days until the election, and every day the billboards are up, more Latino voters are discouraged from going to the polls.

We must act now to tell Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth spokesman Ron Ruman and Clear Channel to immediately take down the billboards:

The billboards read “Si Quieres Votar, Muéstrala” (If You Want to Vote, Show it), referring to a law requiring voters to show ID that was suspended by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Pennsylvania voters don’t need to show ID in order to vote on November 6.2 But instead of obeying the court, local government is now using taxpayers’ dollars to pay for these billboards that are designed to misinform and to stop Latinos from voting.

Tell Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth spokesman Ron Ruman and Clear Channel to immediately take down billboards and stop misinforming Latino voters:

How do we know this is a direct effort to suppress votes? Before the Pennsylvania voter ID law was blocked by the courts, the state Republican House Majority Leader actually admitted it was enacted to “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania”3 (by stopping Latinos and other people of color who are most likely to not have government-issued photo IDs from voting).

Recently, Clear Channel was forced to take down billboards that were also misleading voters in Black and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin after the public spoke up in outrage.4 Now, it’s time for the Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth, who is sponsoring the ads in Pennsylvania, to hear from us. Using taxpayers’ dollars to undermine Latino voter turnout is wrong. We won’t stand by while anyone tries to steal our votes.

Sign this petition telling the Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth and Clear Channel to take down voter suppression billboards immediately:

Thanks and ¡adelante!

Gabriela, Ana, Jesus, and the rest of the team

Blog closing soon.

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From Furbirdsqueerly

This blog will be closing on November 3, 2012 and going private. We will stop posting for a few months as members are going out and about. We will not delete this blog but will be back sometime in the future if all goes well. There are a few other things that we want to do so we are going to do them.