STOP Intimidating Pennsylvania Voters!

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Call to Action, Fight Back, For your information, Solidarity


Even though voters won’t be required to show their IDs this election, the Pennsylvania state government is sponsoring billboards in predominantly Latino neighborhoods and in Spanish telling people they have to show their IDs to vote. Sign this petition to demand that Pennsylvania take these signs down, now!

Please tell Pennsylvania to take these signs down:

This is outrageous: In Pennsylvania, a swing state where the Latino vote is critical, a bunch of state-sponsored billboards just went up in predominately Latino neighborhoods that could stop qualified voters from casting their ballots.1 We only have 15 days until the election, and every day the billboards are up, more Latino voters are discouraged from going to the polls.

We must act now to tell Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth spokesman Ron Ruman and Clear Channel to immediately take down the billboards:

The billboards read “Si Quieres Votar, Muéstrala” (If You Want to Vote, Show it), referring to a law requiring voters to show ID that was suspended by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Pennsylvania voters don’t need to show ID in order to vote on November 6.2 But instead of obeying the court, local government is now using taxpayers’ dollars to pay for these billboards that are designed to misinform and to stop Latinos from voting.

Tell Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth spokesman Ron Ruman and Clear Channel to immediately take down billboards and stop misinforming Latino voters:

How do we know this is a direct effort to suppress votes? Before the Pennsylvania voter ID law was blocked by the courts, the state Republican House Majority Leader actually admitted it was enacted to “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania”3 (by stopping Latinos and other people of color who are most likely to not have government-issued photo IDs from voting).

Recently, Clear Channel was forced to take down billboards that were also misleading voters in Black and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin after the public spoke up in outrage.4 Now, it’s time for the Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth, who is sponsoring the ads in Pennsylvania, to hear from us. Using taxpayers’ dollars to undermine Latino voter turnout is wrong. We won’t stand by while anyone tries to steal our votes.

Sign this petition telling the Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth and Clear Channel to take down voter suppression billboards immediately:

Thanks and ¡adelante!

Gabriela, Ana, Jesus, and the rest of the team

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