Waving goodby, crooks, thiefs and guess who, gays up Obama butt, song about rich gays, and a photo of art.

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by your old darling punkpink

Richard and Emma asked if I would write a few lines as a sort of see you again sometime but most of all to stir up some trouble as furbirdsqueerly goes on our merry way to somewhere else. I have eaten at Richard’s house numerous times and been in more places than not with Emma so of course I have to say yes even if I am now on my sick bed. You know folks I just am not well. The doctor told me the other day that it appears that my immune system is getting shot to hell fast, this is the third cold I have had in 3 months and I feel like my body is shutting down. I am full of stress. To put it all in plain English I feel shitty, no longer witty, wise or handsome. I feel germy, smelly, and out of place. I tried to explain to the good doctor who I don’t think was really listening that my brain is in a real fog and I stumble when I walk. This has been coming on now for a two weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. A good friend told me it sounded like slow death creeping around in my body. Well you know I don’t really mind one bit. Slow will certainly be more interesting than fast. Though I hear most would prefer fast. All in all I don’t trust the doctors, as they have made me sicker in the past,  so I am going to do nothing with any of his recommendations. Pop a pill no thanks, get another test, no no, pay me pay them get all the money that we can. That’s the americkkkan medical system for you.

All that aside you know what is really bugging my ass? Here are a few things as always.

Here in CT. we have a real rich bitch(yes I am going to use that word and I don’t give a rats ass who doesn’t like it) running for U.S Senate whose name is Linda McManhon. Here is a little news piece that I was going to publish but said, hey kill two fuck ups with one stone and publish it here.

Millions just to join the den of crooks, thief’s and murderers.  NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!

Miss guess who???

Just reading these few lines should be enough to make anyone understand why there is a need for class war. Now think of this, this small state of Connecticut and here is this Linda McMahon  spending this much money just to get elected, just to join the den of crooks, thief s and murderers.

1:34PM EDT October 21. 2012 – Republican Linda McMahon has spent $77 million of her own money on two races for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, according to figures reported by the Associated Press on Friday.

The AP says McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (now known as WWE), has poured in $27 million of her own money in her race against Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy. She spent about $50 million of her fortune two years ago in her unsuccessful bid against Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

>>>this is not an add for Chris Murphy. We doubt very much he would support class war in any manner shape or form.

I am not even going to get all teary eyed liberal and list one by one what all that money could do. We know it, we have heard it a hundred times before and if any one doesn’t know it then it is no use in even that type of fool reading any further. But you know she has supporters. And some respectable folks don’t think that there is anything wrong with her spending all of that money just to buy an Americkkkan election.

There is an out open gay man running for president of the US and gays turn away and climb further up Obama’s ass.

You know lgbt folks are stupid sometimes. Real stupid. Makes me ashamed to be called gay. Guess that is what my circle of folks call our self queer. I was talking today to a real butch dyke about an out open queer man who is a Socialist candidate for president and she told me, “I am doing the two party thing this year because I am scared that the republicans may win. Now this here dyke marches against war, against drone attacks, against Israeli apartheid, and is a good all around leftist. But I think someone took out her brain and stuck in some fruit loops in place of it. In this election she is so far up Obama’s ass all because she is afraid that the supreme court may go conservative. So self centered. So its okay that the drones killing folks are being sent by Obama as long as the court doesn’t go to the right. As long as the beating stick is beating someone else. As long as her sweet sweaty ass is protected she don’t care.

UGH. I even hate to write about this. Maybe we should ban elections or at least make folks take a stupidity test. So what will she do if her Obama wins? Go back to protesting him and hope he doesn’t move to the right which we all know he is going to do. Got to do it. And again we will have to say, “stupid liberal we told you so.” Them big bad republican wolfs will be breathing down his neck. Might as well go right as he is almost there already. Why do folks love these millionaires like they do? Why do they love the enemy? I know one thing if this president were a white man these sweaty ass liberals would be screaming bloody murder and would have a third party candidate all ready lined up. They blow in the wind like the falling leaves I see out of the window.

You know one of my favorite singers is Adhamh Roland. I love the song rich, white, gay and lesbian. Adhamh sums it all up for us in the song. We have featured it here in our music series but since this blog is closing let’s hear from it again.

It is always good to let our differences show. Just so we know which side we are on. A cute little cupcake for them all.

I have always enjoyed writing for this blog and would like to do so in the future. But you know how things go. Unless the fog clears out of my head and I can get out of bed, I don’t plan on doing very much of anything. I use to be a painter back in the day. I remember it didn’t take many brains to paint a painting. So maybe that will be what I will do paint a painting  and not think. Maybe I can get a show so everyone can say, “is that ye olde punkpink on drugs?” Guess we will have to wait and see what I can come up with but the more druggie looking the better.

This was one of my favorite art works that I did a while back. It is pleasing even if as the card from Hallmark says,” there is no good in goodbye.”


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