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You know some day I am going to type my essay all in bold pink as pink as pink can be, even if some scientists tell us that pink does not exist. Yeah, up their ass, all pink and pink as some can be. Can you believe that? They are giving us some jive that there is no pink in the colors of the rainbow. So there is no pink, pink is not real! WHAT!!! No pink. Here is what some expert (you all know how much we just love experts, I think the last time we loved them so much they were on their way to the guillotine to cure their headaches,) says “Remember the old colors of the rainbow mnemonic ROYGBIV? The R (red) is as far as it can get from V (violet). That’s where the trouble lies. Pink can’t exist in nature without a little rainbow-bending help, which would allow the shades of red and violet to commingle. This is leading scientists to believe, as Krulwich puts it, that “pink is a made-up color.” (1) “A little rainbow bending help,” can that give you a big ha! Dear friends, comrades everywhere once when we were young and even today some will fly the rainbow flag now look closely at the original design by Gilber T Baker and tell us what you see:

Hot pink for sexuality. Yum yum no need to say more. (more…)

February 26, 2013 will mark the one year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin. We will join his mother and father in New York City for a candlelight vigil in his honor. Please join us. Please bring a candle, as we will have a special moment at 7:17PM.

Please spread the word about this event by SHARING this flyer and link with your friends:

Our work is not done! Justice for Trayvon!

Comrade Cornell Lewis has long been in the fight against white privilege at the Department of Children and Families. We saw Cornell at a recent small demo in Hartford and he told us of his work. We have known of his work through our comrade Frank O’ Gorman an anti-racist social justice queer and want to follow up on and help to expose the injustice at dcf. We have formed a link in our link column to Cornell’s blog, dcf plantation and below have printed some ideas from the blog. After reading this we have to say we stand firmly behind Cornell and others who work to fight the dcf plantation.

Check out the dcf plantation blogspot. HERE

from the dcf planation blog: “Nat Turner Preaching to the Oppressed on the Plantation.”

About the blog dcf plantation Cornell writes:

“I created this website as a direct response to bias, discrimination and racism within the Department of Children and Families (DCF) plantation and Connecticut Juvenile Training School (CJTS). This is just a beginning introduction about state run agencies that oppress employees of color while claiming to help children & adolescents.”

Another article A Declaration Against Institutional Injustice is a must read. We publish it in its entirety below. (more…)

“A Lecture by Black Agenda Report’s executive editor Glen Ford:
Obama and the U.S. War Against the Rule of Law, at Home and Abroad

Wednesday – February 27, 2013
6:30 PM
McCook Auditorium
Trinity College

Glen Ford is a journalist and political activist – a provider of “information for liberation,” as he puts it. Glen was founding member of the Washington Association of Black Journalists and a member of the executive committee of the National Alliance of Third World Journalists.

Glen will lecture about the Obama administration simultaneous mirror-like assaults on the rule of law, domestically and internationally. Internationally, Washington wages ideological (as well as actual, bloody) war against peace, through its Orwellian “humanitarian” military intervention doctrine. Domestically, the Obama administration savages the Bill of Rights, declaring that due process of law does not mean access to the courts, or any process other than that imposed by a secret police regime. Because Obama is a Black Democrat, resistance is minimal – which is why Glen calls him the “more effective evil.”

In from the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago.

In Failing to Support Bradley Manning, They Betray Their Own Mission Statements and Fail to Promote an Inclusive Justice Agenda

One of the signature traits of the LGBT subculture in the United States is its adoration of celebrity.  If a well-known person voices the most milk-toast notion that gays are human beings, let alone deserving of legal equality, banner headlines in the gay press are guaranteed.  If the celebrity comes out as gay, even more effusive coverage is given.  

Any number of fading stars and starlets, and non-entities on the make, from Lady Gaga to Chaz Bono to Ricky Martin, have mined the LGBT community to support their careers. Our community’s eager rush to embrace just about any celebrity who deigns to notice our existence is emblematic of our lack of self-esteem, our internalized homophobia.

So why is it that all of the big gay non-profits, from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — “Gay Inc.” — have failed to utter a word of support for Private Bradley Manning, let alone really campaign for him?

He’s gay, has moderately high name recognition, and unlike any number of air-head celebrities, he’s actually done something to support social justice, rather than mined charitable causes for personal fame and fortune.  

Manning’s contributions to human rights have been recounted frequently enough to require only a brief recitation here.  He exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq  [2] [3] [4] and Afghanistan.   His exposure of the corruption of the oligarchy in Tunisia helped kick off the ‘Arab Spring,’ toppling U.S.-supported dictators around the region.

He exposed the Obama administration’s support for the 2009 military coup in Honduras [2], the first successful Latin American coup in a decade and half, that led to a wave of violence against LGBTs and others, making it the murder capital of the world.

The list goes on.  No less an authority than Daniel Ellsberg, exposer of the Vietnam War era Pentagon Papers, has said Bradley Manning “is a hero in my heart. He did what he should have done.”

Besides the Honduran angle – 89 LGBTs murdered over three and a half years in a country of less than 8 million, including leading activists like Walter Trochez and Erick Martinez Avila – there are other LGBT angles that NGLTF and HRC could have highlighted.  The sexually humiliating torture that Manning received, stripped naked in a cell for days on end, ordered by no less than a two-star general – was tinged in homophobia, and yet where were the protests from the gay human rights groups? Not even a token press release.

If a homophobe had so much as broken Chaz Bono’s finger nail, rest assured that assured GLAAD, NGLTF and HRC would have been on the case.  But why the silence about Manning?

It’s political cowardice. A failure to take on “difficult” political subjects, particularly when doing so might bite the (Democratic Party) hands that feed them. 

This same failure of political courage is why gay NGOs routinely fail to take on powerful anti-gay forces like the Mormon Church and Catholic Church leaderships (frequently allied with powerful local and national Democratic politicians), even when these religious leaders are pushing discriminatory referenda like Prop 8.  Even when such failure spells defeat for gay rights (unlike back in the day when Harvey Milk, et al., took on Anita Bryant and the Briggs Amendment, and won). (more…)

Action Alert! Stop Thieving Landlords in Hartford!
Wednesday February 20th 2013 // 3:30pm
Meet at the corner of Gillett St and Asylum Ave in Hartford

Let’s try this again now that we’re dug out from the snow.

Raquel’s landlord stole almost $600 from her security deposit after she moved out, citing a number of dubious complaints. For example, for leaving some furniture that the landlord provided when she moved in, they kept $250. This all-too-familiar behavior paints a picture of landlords who are playing games with the hard-earned money of working people. They count on tenants who won’t stand up for themselves, who will stay silent about how they’ve been victimized, and who won’t fight back.

Please come out and help us deliver a demand letter, as a group, to the property manager’s office. Our numbers will demonstrate that Raquel is not alone, and that we are organized. We will remind them that tenants are customers, and without customers there is no business.

For more information contact Hart-N-Sol at 860-578-8151

Hart N Sol event sign up.

and now a word from furbirdsqueerly.……….Go…..STOP GREEDY LANDLORDS……. Let’s check out some info…….

Here’s a good one:

4. Landlord’s claim: ‘What a mess. I needed all your security deposit to fix the thumb-tack holes.’
Tenant’s response:
“Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that while paying you $15,000 to live in your apartment last year, I actually lived in your apartment.”

“The landlord will make all kinds of claims that the tenant trashed the place and dare the tenant to do something about it,” Carlson says. “And because tenants have no idea what their legal rights are, they just pay it. So theft is rewarded.”

OK, here are the rules: A landlord may not charge a tenant for normal wear and tear. Small nail holes used to hang pictures? Normal. Ordinary paint discoloration? Normal. Minor scuffs on floors and carpets? Normal.

If you actually do damage something, the landlord should provide a written receipt detailing the repair costs along with the remainder of your deposit. And no charging for marks that were already there!

“We were in one situation where a landlord used a hole in the wall to steal the security deposit and he never repaired the hole,” Fry said. “We had three tenants and they all moved in with the hole in the wall, and he never fixed it and he stole all of their security deposits.” (more…)

Oh Mary Don’t You Weep, Don’tYou Mourn

Pete Seeger, Bernice Reagon and Jean Ritchie

Rainbow Quest

Yes don’t weep don’t mourn for surely all these Pharaoh’s in this world by us working together will be drowned. This is a song of hope, inspiration, and challenges us to work hard for that day when Pharaoh’s army is destroyed and all the world will rejoice.