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It’s disgusting. Republican Rep. Don Young just called Latino immigrants “wetbacks” during a radio interview posted yesterday.1 He used the racial slur to refer to workers on his father’s farm. It’s one of the most dehumanizing comments we’ve heard from a public official in a while. Yet, even with Senate and House Republican leaders condemnig him, Rep. Don Young has simply issued a non-apology, claiming he “meant no disrespect.”

Demand Rep. Don Young resign immediately for calling Latinos “wetbacks”

Racial slurs and dehumanizing terms are worse than disrespectful—they cause harm. We’ve seen this through an alarming rise in hate crimes against Latinos at the height of immigration reform debatesand in the policies that emerge from dehumanizing language like Rep. Young’s.

The slur “wetback,” for example, led to the creation of Operation Wetback, a racist program in 1949 that rounded up and deported hundreds of thousands of Latino immigrants and U.S. citizens through the targeting of specifically Mexican American barrios.4

Today, we see a direct link between labeling people “illegal” and the creation of dragnet deportation programs that have led to a record 1.5 million deportations in the past 4 years.5 (more…)

Rainbows are just a trick of light,
They make us forget the storm is still happening,
When walking towards the end of the rainbow, it will always move away.

from the poem, “Marriage,” also known as, “Queer Rage.” by the Stanford Slam Poetry Team.

Dear ba ba sheep. Wave high the pink and black. Seek liberation not assimilation. Love your diversity and uniqueness not the possibility of sameness with straights. Remember you can change all the laws you want but a law is a law in today and out tomorrow. Let’s get real and move out from under the state, and stop begging at their door for equality. Equality with what? The way straight folks act. Drone attacks, civil liberties gone, more capitalism. Shit on the world. To hell with the brown women in the sweat shop making the rainbow flags. Wave those flags high gay boys and girls. Revolutionaries everywhere must squash the red and pink, the blue and yellow = signs. It’s time folks its time.

Let’s think beyond straight and think of what our people really need. Let’s think beyond straight and stop this baby talk of assimilation. Let’s stop excusing ourselves and allowing a rich white gay and lesbian elite to hijack the movement convincing everyone what they want is what we all want. No marriage doesn’t preclude other anti-oppression work but you wouldn’t get those folks at the Fed building out for a free Bradley Manning rally, for a anti drone rally, for a rally against our loss of civil liberties under the present administration, out against the pink washing of Israel, to stand up against the budget cuts.

No most of this marriage movement is for themselves and marriage. We have seen it in this state. Folks happy with crumbs from the masters table cloth getting what they want and the hell with the rest. Killing community as they go pushing their little precious babies in their strollers. Just like mommy and daddy use to do. See Dad we are normal just like you. Don’t worry Mommy now you got grand kids to goo goo with.  No not for me, I do not wish to have what straight folks have nor do I wish to be like straights and daily I am becoming more and more in the group of queers who dislike straights very much. PLEASE I don’t need a teary rainbow speech about loving everyone so keep it tucked in your butts. When these marrying kind stand up for all the oppressed and speak of liberation, and tell us that capitalism is wrong and a person such as Sen. Blumenthal doesn’t speak for them then maybe I will listen to their whine to be normal just like straights except for what they do in bed. My my how we have gone backwards on that one. Do you all remember that shameful plea from our wonderful stories?

Check out these young folks of color and what they have to say about this issue and your quest to marry. I have to stand with them, “Queer Rage” from LGBT Students of Color: Poetry Performance Critiques Marriage Politics, and Is Badass enough said.

As we continue our discussion on marriage, Deric has brought to our attention two very important articles. Written by 2 radical working class women in the early 20th century these articles ring as true today and they did then.We salute these women who fought for the liberation of all people.


Emma Goldman (1869-1940

The first article, Love and Marriage is by Emma Goldman and can be found by clicking

The second article  Those Who Marry Do Ill is by Voltarine de Cleyre and can be found by clicking

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Queers Without Borders Hartford Ct. is proud to be a member of the Rainbow Flags for the Cuban 5.

Important voices talk to us here folks. We hope everyone will take time out and go over to the site and read/listen to a very important poem.  A poem sure to move us all we pray. Furbirdsqueerly thanks these young voices, these young folks who certainly should be our leaders in righting the wrongs of the white gay and lesbian middle class stealing the movement for liberation out from under us all.  A thousand claps from our hearts and hands.

“Queer Rage” from LGBT Students of Color: Poetry Performance Critiques Marriage Politics, and

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