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A selection of songs for our May Day Greetings to all who read these pages.

Thanks to Chris Hill for this posting.

Go over to HERE and read all about the International and check out the many versions of the song.

Yiddish Anarchist Song, I ale gasn Hey he daloy politsey! Down with the Police.

May Day Haymarket Martyrs, uploaded from you tube, Commissor Red.

Lyrics in English The old world must be destroyed, Tear it down all the way to its root! We do not need the golden idol, We detest the royal palace! We will help our suffering brothers, We will feed the hungry! We curse our enemies for their wicked deeds, We will fight them together! We curse our enemies for their wicked deeds, We will fight them together! Chorus Arise, awake working class! Charge the enemy hungry folk! Cry out the vengeance of the people, Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward! Do you still want to be oppressed? Arise, all brother across the country at once! From the Dnieper to the White Sea, And the Volga, to the Caucasus! The thieves, the dogs of the rich, And the evil tsar! Bring them all down! Light up the dawn of a better life! Bring them all down! Light up the dawn of a better life! Chorus The rise of the red dawn, The sun of truth and brotherly love! Although we pay a terrible price, With our blood for the happiness of the land! And for our rightful freedoms, The evil will vanish forever! We will unite as one, In the realm of socialism! We will unite as one, In the realm of socialism! Chorus

Next up is Billy Bragg singing There is power in a union.

There is power in a union. Yes the union of the people. From us all around not top down. As we have seen many times the top down dogs makes deals with the companies. These guys are nothing but well paid scabs who lead the workers astray. Scabs who pretend that they have our best interests at heart. Yes there is power in a union but lets make it a union of the people.

And of course the hymn of all workers. Yes, say it loud and clear: WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


 This version of the Red Flag is by Billy Bragg and we must say it is one of the best that we have heard.

The art work is from The Red Flag a website constructed by Helena Sheehan. Info see HERE

The Billy Bragg version of The Red Flag on You Tube by toedster.

Thanks to both of these artists for making our May Day on this blog.

In today from the Gay Liberation Network.

LGBTQ people have a direct interest in genuine immigration reform. 

Many in our community are part of bi-national couples that are being broken up by deportation. Moreover, coupled or not, we are a rainbow community of all nationalities and races, and if we do not stand in solidarity with all in our community facing hardship and discrimination, including undocumented immigrants, we cease to be a community.  We dramatically weaken our fight for pro-LGBTQ reforms of all sorts.

When the so-called “Gang of 8” senators, including Illinois’s own Sen. Dick Durbin, recently came forward with their so-called immigration “reform” proposal, there was very little real reform about it.  LGBTQ people were thrown under the bus.  To match up with what Catholic bishops had secretly lobbied for several weeks earlier, all explicitly pro-LGBTQ measures were erased from the proposed bill.

Yes, the day before the Gang of 8’s announcement, President Obama had nice words about including LGBTQs in the reform measure — but that apparently didn’t mean anything in practice.  Obama didn’t insist that his own de facto floor leader, Dick Durbin, include us the so-called reform.

In essence, they both bowed to the Catholic Church’s threat, conveyed in a secret letter to President Obama (as reported by the Associated Press), to oppose immigration reform if it included any measures explicitly benefiting LGBTs.  The result:  a generally lousy measure which was made even worse by not making any provisions for bi-national same-sex couples, or any other pro-LGBT measures.

We in the LGBTQ community can either be stupid, and accept Obama’s and Durbin’s talk of reform, while ignoring that we’re not getting real reform, or we can call them out for their duplicity. (more…)

Gay Liberation called us all to break free from the lockstep expectations of Heterosexual life patterns so obliterating of our very nature. But now we find the domination of a pecking order, a corporate 1% elite and their followers,  brainwashing us to accept a world view that is alien to us, we are shamed and cajoled by sellouts in our midst. We must not sit silent but fight back when ever and where ever we see the need.

With no fear we here remain Queer Liberationists.


It disgusts me to hear folks holler that police are workers,
that they deserve our support. They must have a short memory; They beat us at the picket line, they beat us at protests, they murder our children and invade our homes.


See our pages for the essay, The myth of the cops as our brothers in the struggle.

Us queers have been saying this for many years and it is really such a shame that we have come to this. Check out some of the writing about the gay movement on this blog. Maybe a bit of ranting but sister we know it, say it, and say it again and making one thing queer we don’t care what the F anyone thinks. Poor old Harry Hay must be rolling over in his grave. Just click on the title and try to hold it in. Wait till you read the article by Glenn Greenwald. Go ahead and shake your head. The SF Pride committee are ignorant of our very own history. Our rebelling began at Comptons and at Stonewall by our people saying loud and clear NO!! Yes in the face of injustice, lies and distortions we said no and then acted on that no. We exposed the injustice that surrounded us. This was a very noble deed such as what Bradley Manning did. Here at furbirdsqueerly we salute Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced.

A seemingly trivial controversy reveals quite a bit about pervasive political values.

by Glenn Greenwald.

This work is an appropriation collage. It is gleaned from many places in service of and for the people.

“No matter where you go to work, don’t let them step on you.” *

Greetings from furbirdsqueerly to all of our comrades worldwide on May Day 2013. We speak to expand the idea of May Day to everyday this month and throughout the year building a people’s powers that will tear down walls of hate and fear, will end once and for all the Capitalist class and their state, will demand and get justice for workers, and that will build in place a just and peaceful world for all. We are workers and as the old saying go “we have nothing in common with the employing class.” This nothing in common is not just one day but everyday of our working lives, from the first day that we enter the workplace to the last day on the job. We must in all of our hearts and minds keep the slogan, Workers of the World Unite, close by as that is the only way for all of us to realize a just future.

Let us begin with a song from our day.

We have reviewed this song before on furbirdsqueerly and know that Picket Line song by Evan Greer speaks though out the ages from our birth as a movement till today as we still fight. The message is clear, Respect the Striking Workers, do not cross their picket lines for if you do you become a part of the problem and a kiss ass scab of the ruling class.


May Day, 2013 in Connecticut

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Solidarity

 Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance

R.I.P Richie Havens

Posted: April 22, 2013 in In Remembrance

We were young and hanging in the village when we first heard you. In Woodstock we remember it all quite well. Over the years we loved you more and more and will play all of your songs that we can find.