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Justice for Lynne Stewart

May 28th, 2013

Dear Friends and Supporters:

One month ago I made a request for compassionate release which was honored by the warden at Carswell Federal Medical Center.  Today the papers are still on a desk in Washington, D.C. even though the terminal cancer that I have contracted requires expeditious action.

Although I requested immediate action by the  Bureau of Prisons, I find it necessary to again request immediate action from you, my  friends, comrades and supporters  to call the three numbers listed below on Thursday, May 30 and request action on my behalf.

This could result in my being able to access medical treatment at Sloan Kettering so that I can face the rest of my life with dignity surrounded by those I love and who love me.

Please do this.

Yours truly,

Lynne Stewart  FMS CARSWELL-53504-054 & Ralph Poynter
Lynne Stewart Defense Organization


Attorney General  Eric Holder1.202.514.2001

White House President Obama1.202.456.1414

B.O.P. – Director  Charles Samuels1.202.307.3250

An Appeal to LBGT/Queers of Conscience from Furbirdsqueerly.

Come out and join this picket and informational gathering.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hartford Federal Building, 450 Main Street, Hartford Ct.


>>>>After the picket join us at The Hartford Public Library

Media room 2nd Floor, 500 Main Street, Hartford Ct.

Preview a film by Queers Without Borders and join our open discussion.

We count Bradley Manning in a long line of our queer revolutionary heroes. From the early dances of the Mattachine expressing opposition to the laws of the church and state in European society, to Robin Hood and his merry men. To trans man Louise Michelle at the Paris Commune to the October Revolution of 1917. On to Magnus Hirchfeld, Emma Goldman, Harry Hay, Compton’s Cafeteria and to Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera at the Stonewall Inn and to the many freedom fighters thereafter. Queer folks have a long history of standing up against any societies beating stick, breaking the stick and freeing themselves and many others in the process.

Our people when faced with injustice have always stood up and fought back. We have always spoken truth to power. More times than not those who have spoken the truth have been jailed while the criminals have run free. It is time that we go forth, free all political prisoners, catch the real criminals and jail them.

Bradley Manning a gay man spoke truth to power and is in jail. We are proud to embrace Bradley Manning and join with others in the LGBT/Queer communities around the globe that call out, DROP ALL CHARGES!!! FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW! Manning’s only “crime” was to pull the knowledge of the U.S. government’s criminal actions out of the closet. For that, Manning is a hero for the cause of liberation from oppression, for queer people and for all people. This is the true legacy of PRIDE. This is the true soul of our movement.

We stand up and out for the army whistler blower who has risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s war in the Middle east and Foreign policy worldwide. We will not turn our backs on Bradley Manning just because it doesn’t play well with the Corporate Masters or with some in the LGBT Mainstream. We do not turn our backs on true revolutionary hero’s.

We stand in solidarity with others around the globe that live in fear of violence and oppression simply for being born into a particular group. We as a people know that violence, we know that fear. (more…)


Emma just sent us this update from over at Real Hartford. We still like the piece but take back our kisses and clap clap. One bit to these girls. You are not anarchists let alone guerrilla artists.

UPDATE 29 May 2013

”Someone claiming to be part of the yarn-bombing group says they were not paid. She also took responsibility for creating and displaying the anarchy sign, but not before explaining that they had lots of rules to follow about where the art could be displayed. She also claimed to not know that Aetna was affiliated with this Arts Week.”

Over at Real Hartford Kerri has published an interesting photo study of some of the yarn art pieces from the knit-hit Hartford during Aetna’s arts week. The work can be found HERE. There is one piece in particular that strikes our fancy very very much. It is a pink circle trimmed in blue with an anarchist A in the middle. As is written in Spun-art about it–

“A discovery in Bushnell Park that does not appear to be part of the sanctioned art seems to be a model of how a co-opted art form can be reclaimed:”

We here at furbirdsqueerly give many a clap clap for this piece. It is one of the better pieces that we have found on the street during the whole yarn art strike. It doesn’t look like scarfs out to dry nor does it remind us that granny has been here did a job and forgot to take her knitting with her when she went home for a nap.

One  lady I talked while we were waiting for a bus told me she didn’t want to get near the yarn stuff as it looked like it had bugs. I asked her, “do you think its art? She said, “well I don’t know about that, there is some kind of paper hanging off one of them but I am not getting to close to find out.”

Now if we were in the business of stealing street art and making it our own, which we must say we would never ever do as it belongs to the people, we would take this anarchist A piece home, frame it and hang it on our walls so we could be reminded of this period of art history while we lived in Hartford Ct.

Furbirdsqueerly sends out many kisses to the  artist who did this piece. We also must thank punkpink for once again bringing us some thought full fullness on the business of art, moving our mind from here to there and inventing new art as we go.

Remember this as we say: When art claims to be guerrilla art, art of the street or anti art, this type of art reaches an all time low when it plays kiss kiss with the corporate 1% and very quickly becomes one with what we would consider the enemy of the people of this planet. One can not have it both ways no matter how cute, groovy or radical the artist may think they are.

Scroll on down the site to read punkpinks piece, Who took guerrilla out of guerrilla. Yarn art loves Corporate Sleaze soon to hit Hartford.

Occupy Monsanto via Food Independence

We support Bradley Manning as a true gay hero who saw injustice, stood up, spoke up and set out to correct it. This has always been the case of our  queer revolutionary heroes through the centuries.


Join us at Fort Meade in support of Bradley Manning. By the time his court martial begins in June, he will have spent more then 3 years in prison. All for having done the right thing, for having exposed war crimes! Saturday, June 1, 2013 RALLY FOR BRADLEY AT FORT MEADE.

June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial. The June 1st Ft. Meade protest for Bradley Manning will be the largest action of our campaign! People across the nation and the globe will converge on Ft. Meade to stand up for the Army whistle-blower who risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s wars in the middle east and foreign policy worldwide.


  • 1pm Gather (Reece Road and US 175, Fort Meade, Maryland)
  • 2pm March/Action
  • 3pm Rally and Speak Out

Sponsored by the Bradley Manning Support Network and the national Veterans for Peace organization with the hekp of Courage to Resist, and many other groups. After more than three years of imprisonment, including nine months of torture, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning’s trial is finally scheduled to begin June 3, 2013, at Fort Meade.

The outcome of this trial will determine whether a conscience-driven 25 year old WikiLeaks whistle-blower spends the rest of his life in prison. Bradley believe that the American people have a right to know the truth about what our government does around the world in our name. We the People must send a message to the military prosecuting authority and President Obama, that Bradley Manning is the kin of hero and patriot we want and our country needs.

Watch a short video featuring Bradley Manning’s voice, leaked from a recent court statement on his desire to engage American citizens in “discussions, debates and reforms” concerning U.S. Foreign policy:

Check out the Bradley Manning Facebook page for more information:  HERE.

Correcting Dangerous errors in the Press about Bradley Manning: HERE.

Get On the Bus for Bradley: HERE

Get On The Bus for June 1st demo. HERE

A demo and rally is being planned for Hartford Ct. at the Federal Building, 450 Main Street, Friday June 7,  4:00-5:30.

A few years ago, Presente supported the “Trail of Dreams,” four young people who walked from Miami to Washington, DC, in support of the DREAM Act.1 Two of those young people, Felipe and Juan, are now married. Juan is set to become a U.S. citizen, but Felipe is still undocumented.

If we don’t act by today, and the current Senate immigration reform bill remains as is, 36,000 same-sex binational couples like Felipe and Juan will continue to have to make the horrible choice between the country they love and the person they love.2

Tell Sen. Chuck Schumer to publicly support an LGBT-inclusive amendment to the immigration bill

Gay people were purposely excluded from the Senate immigration bill because the “Gang of Eight” who wrote it, which Sen. Schumer is a part of, did not want to lose the support of the religious right. Fortunately, last week Sen. Pat Leahy, the chair of the committee now reviewing the bill, offered an amendment that would include same-sex couples in immigration reform. The Senate could vote on it any day now.3

If one single Democrat votes “no” on the amendment, it won’t pass. Sen. Schumer, the leading Democrat working on immigration reform, is the only Democrat who has not committed to voting for the amendment.

If at least 5,000 of us tell Sen. Schumer to include LGBT families in immigration reform by today, members will hand-deliver the petitions to Sen. Schumer tomorrow morning. Can you add your support?

Tell Sen. Chuck Schumer to publicly support an LGBT-inclusive amendment to the immigration bill

Felipe, who walked the Trail of DREAMS and is now co-director of the LGBTQ advocacy organization GetEqual, told us this:

“I fell in love and decided to build a family with Juan. It’s sad to witness a few Senators using my life as a political football. We deserve to be treated equally!”

Sen. Chuck Schumer has been getting a lot of heat the past few weeks for pushing for increased immigration detention after accepting money from private prisons. He can’t afford to lose any more popularity, especially with the LGBT community. If thousands of us make our voices heard on this, he’ll be forced to come out in support of protecting families like Felipe and Juan’s from the shadow of deportation.

Can you sign this urgent petition?

Tell Sen. Chuck Schumer to publicly support an LGBT-inclusive amendment to the immigration bill

Thanks and ¡adelante!
Arturo, Gabriela, Erick, and the rest of the team

P.S. Can you donate $5 to support our work? We rely on contributions from people like you to see campaigns like this through.

We publish this very important presentation even though none of us here in Hartford can make it. We hope that Kay will publish the presentation.

The Politics of Security
a presentation by J. Sakai

Monday, May 27th, 6:30 pm
@ QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve O., suite 204
(metro Guy-Concordia)

The recent f.b.i. and grand jury repression against anarchists in the Northwest USA, as well as the continued police repression of the Anti-Globalization resistance, has reawakened questions about movement security. There are many misunderstandings about what security is. From the belief that it is an area of cloak and dagger maneuvers to the impression that security is about lists of rules that must be obeyed. This is an area where knowledge is traditionally not written up, but passed along by word of mouth. What this workshop is meant to do is to explore the underlying politics of security as an area of struggle. Discussing basic understandings that can be applied in different situations in non-authoritarian and diverse ways.

Wheelchair accessible
Whisper translation into French will be available

For more information:


Will the real punkpink please sit down.

Old punkpink has been up to it again. Well what can anyone expect? Punkpink explores guerrilla knit art and corporate sleaze in a new piece, Who Took the Guerrilla out of Guerrilla. Yarn Art Loves Corporate Sleaze. Now everyone knows that dear old pink loves art and art loves pink a lot. To anyone whose feathers are ruffled, horse got scared and ran away, we say, good.

The News Release:

Aetna Arts Week May 19-24, 2013

Join us for a week long celebration of the arts in and around the capital city. From theater and dance to music, literature, classic and cutting edge visual art, there’s something for everyone to love. So get out and pARTicipate in the arts in our community with free and low-cost events sure to get your ART beating-all thanks to your generous donations towards the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign.

Who Took Guerrilla out of guerrilla? Yarn Art loves Corporate Sleaze Soon To Hit Hartford.

By punkpink

The knitters are coming, the knitters are coming, oh thanks be to Aetna for loving guerilla art so much.

What caught my eyes within this news release was a page titled, Knit-Hit Hartford which had this to say.

Explore Knit-Hit Hartford

Guerilla knitters storm Greater Hartford! Waltz through downtown Hartford to see its trees, statures and other common sites enlivened with artistic, homemade yarn creations. (we are so glad that these creations are artistic and homemade.)

Yeap, after they storm through we will waltz through. So yes I got something to say as waltzing isn’t my bag.

Definition of GUERRILLA

: of, relating to, or suggestive of guerrillas especially in being aggressive, radical, or unconventional

but of course these knitters only use one r so maybe they are not guerrilla at all. I punkpink do testify that if Aetna is sponsoring this and the art sites are going to be in predetermined sites by some type of leaders then it can’t be and it isn’t guerrilla art at all. How in the world could a big sleazy company like Aetna be radical or unconventional. Yes, they are aggressive as any capitalist pig can be we all know that as the people have been on many occasions howling at their doors in protest which brings up another question, How can anyone who claims to be an artist cozy up to the 1% corporate sleaze. Are these folks so needy that they are willing to make art with the likes of these?  Has the message of the 1% been lost? “Goddess,” said May Day, “and these folks claim to be artists!” “Give me the guerrilla army of Ho Chi Minh or the EGP any day!”

So let’s check out the places where the artists are going to make art. Wonder wonder little stars will they do their deed under cover of darkness or if getting ready for such a big job means in the day light then maybe wearing a bag over their heads. If that is the case and guerrilla art has come out from the dark and into the day and now is being held in the arms of Corporate, arts councils with the blessing of the city of Hartford I cry for its death. (more…)

A major milestone has been reached in the struggle for Lynne Stewart’s freedom. Lynne Stewart wrote on April 26 to confirm that the Warden at FMC Carswell recommended Compassionate Release to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

“So Happy that the Compassionate Release was granted at Carswell and we are on the road!!!

“Who DID It? — The People Yes – and we certainly deserve a VICTORY and this is one for sure!!”

With this dramatic development, the International Campaign to Save the Life of Lynne Stewart crossed a critical threshold. We directed our attention immediately to Charles E. Samuels, Jr., the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Following two expedited communications from former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a probation officer charged with inspecting the residence designated for Lynne Stewart’s recovery was dispatched to the home of her son, attorney Geoffrey Stewart. Soon afterwards, we were notified that the residence was approved.

Thus, another hurdle has been overcome, paving the way for Lynne Stewart’s Compassionate Release.

There is no time to lose. Lynne Stewart has been in quarantine for several weeks at FMC Carswell since her white blood count dropped precipitously. As Ramsey Clark wrote to BOP Director Samuels:

“Further medical tests reveal that the cancer that had metastasized rapidly to her lungs, lymph nodes and shoulder remains aggressive. If the series of chemotherapy treatments slowed its spread in certain areas, it has not attenuated in her lungs. … The sustained treatment and preparations by the medical team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City are critical to her survival.”

This is the moment to intensify our global mobilization. We must prevail upon the director of the Bureau of Prisons to file the motion for compassionate release with Judge John Koetl, the sentencing judge.


Among the latest signers are: Fr. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, Bianca Jagger, Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Mark Lane, Noam Chomsky, Medea Benjamin, Rosa Clemente, Kathy Kelly, James Ridgeway and William Blum.

This update was prepared by co-coordinators Mya Shone, Ralph Schoenman and Ralph Poynter.

Petition HERE