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Manning GPNYC

Queers Without Borders fully supports this march, we endorse this march and plan on participating in this march.  For the Facebook page to join us see the link: March For Bradley Manning NYC.

While you are on the page check out the endorsers. It will be a real good group.

In today from Freedom Socialist:

Let’s Build A Movement For Quality, Publicly Funded Childcare.

By Gina Petry, June 2013 Freedom Socialist

Stephanie, a mother of four, stays at home with her children because the cost of childcare far exceeds any income she can earn from a job. Diane is a single working mother; she cannot afford to pay the full cost of preschool for her four-year-old daughter. She qualifies for state-subsidized care, but has had to turn down higher paying jobs to keep it.

Few choices exist for millions of women like these. In every state in the U.S. the cost of sending both an infant and toddler to a childcare center is more than mid-range rent payments. Including all types of care, families with kids under five pay an average of $9,300 a year. Costs have nearly doubled in 20 years, bleeding families dry.

Neither government nor large employers are making a social investment in our young. But there is something to be done about it — get together and organize!

The poverty of childcare. Low-income families, most of them racial and ethnic minorities, spend nearly 50 percent of their income on childcare. Unsubsidized school-age care is almost $10,000 a year. Infant care can cost over $20,000 — more than college! (more…)


To join this event see the facebook page HERE.

In today from Socialist Action

Is NSA Spying Just Facebook Gone Wild?

NSA spying is a serious threat to democracy, whistle-blowing, the unions, theclimate justice movement, the movement against mass incarceration, the fightfor immigrant rights, and every other struggle for social change.

Bring your neighbors, friends, and coworkers so they can learn exactly what the government and the surveillance industry are doing and how to fight it.

Join us to prepare to win the battle for public opinion regarding the Snowden revelations.

Emergency Forum and Discussion.

Panelists include:
–Peter Goselin of the National Lawyers Guild on how spying is used against the  movements for social change
–ACLU of CT attorney explaining the facts and their legal response.
–Anthony Sorge of Capitalism vs. Climate on spying & the environmental
–Mongi Dhaouadi from the Council on American Islamic Relations on spying &
Muslim community
Presentations followed by an open discussion about how best to build a
movement that is capable of defending our democratic rights.

Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 3 pm., Islamic Center of Berlin
1781 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin Connecticut
Sponsored by the CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention
For more info: Mongi at 860-514-8038 or Chris at 860-478-5300

Save the following dates:
July 6, 2013:  Join us at Riverfest to table, distribute educational materials on the real impact of NSA spying, and build a June 18 protest.

July 8 & 15:  Join us at the Hartford Monday Night Jazz Concerts to table, to distribute educational materials on the real impact of NSA spying, and build a June 18 protest.

July 18:  Broadly sponsored picket and rally beginning at the Old State House at 4pm to say NSA! NO Spying on Us!

Saying it like it is becoming.

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Fight Back

Via Kay Kersplebedeb via Jim Davis on Facebook.  Article from Seattle Free Press


For the first time in the history of Seattle there will be a Trans* march to coincide with the celebrations of Gay Pride. Most Trans Pride marches throughout the country continue to maintain a somewhat “radical” line and typically find themselves in conflict with the controlled nature of normative Gay Pride events. Contrary to these free flowing events Seattle’s Trans* March is modeling itself after Gay Pride while pretending to represent those of us who live our lives in the margins.

The march and its associated organization, Gender Justice League, claim to be building bridges between various trans and gender non-conforming communities in an effort to curb discrimination in Washington State. In line with this positive liberal rhetoric, the organizing committee demands that any person or group who participates in the march by holding banners or messaging not produced by the Gender Justice League must register with the non-profit beforehand. Should the non-profit approve of your message then you will be allowed to participate. Should they disapprove of your message or should an individual or group not pre-register with Gender Justice League, the non-profit “reserves their right” to prevent you from marching or participating in Trans* Pride. The “march” they are so keen on policing stretches a grand total of two blocks and will be cordoned off by police-style barricades.

Since 2009 militant trans, and otherwise queer people, have turned out to Capitol Hill in festive marches titled Queers Fucking Queers. These marches have directly countered the assimilationist take-over of queer rebellion by dancing in the streets, attacking capitalist businesses and the police who protect them. Last year the Seattle Police set out to prevent Queers Fucking Queers by successfully occupying Capitol Hill with an army of police. The pigs brutalized Queers Fucking Queers with pepper spray, batons, and arrests. As well as the physical queer-bashings a number of people reported being called faggots and dykes by the Seattle Police.

There is no mention of these queer rebellions or queer-bashings at the hands of the police on Capitol Hill in the callout for Trans* Pride made by the Gender Justice League. There is no mention of the dozens of murders of trans women and effeminate fags since last years Gay Pride celebrations. There is no mention of the horrific rate of incarceration of trans-women. There is no mention of the overwhelming amount of sexual assaults committed against trans people. There is no mention of the escalations of queer bashing throughout Capitol Hill. There is, of course, no mention of the state-sanctioned violence inflicted upon trans and queer people every day throughout the world. Instead Seattle Trans* Pride wants us to stroll down the street spouting their pre-approved rhetoric of nothingness while practically shaking hands with the Seattle Police -or else.

This is a call for radical, anti-capitalist, anarchist, anti-state, freak, anti-assimilationist, and other-wise pissed off transpeople/queers/friends to descend upon Seattle Trans* Pride with our own messaging, in our own style. Let’s not allow Seattle Trans* Pride to forget the molotov cocktails thrown at Stonewall, the screaming queens at Compton’s, the fires at White Night and after AB101, the direct action of ACT UP, and the sounds of shattering glass at Queers Fucking Queers.The rebellions of the past are alive today.

5:00pm. June 28th. Seattle Central Community College.

Furbirdsqueerly stands firmly behind Queers Fucking Queers and against this killing of the very soul of our movement.