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Socialist Action Presents:

Turkish socialist & labor activist, Yasin Kaya, by Skype direct from Ankara

Saturday, August 3, 1 p.m. at the Hartford Public Library.

On May 31, the Turkish police attacked protesters trying to save from development an urban green space called Taksim Gezi Park.  The police assault
enraged the nation and a popular uprising began. By early June protests had spread across 77 of the 81 major provincial cities. More than a million people protested in the streets of Istanbul, and hundreds of thousands in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, and Hatay. Why are Turkish youth  emonstrating and what are the prospects for a victory? What is the meaning of the Turkish revolt for activists in the U.S. and Canada?

Discussion with Yasin to follow presentation.

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This from Facebook via Kay and Mtumishi.

Brandon Darby has many looks. Google him and check it out. Listen to a video of him to catch his voice.

This guy was spotted today at a Trayvon rally in Texas. He has also been seen (and subsequently called out) in recent years in Oakland and Seattle. He gets around, but we haven’t forgotten him.

Brandon Darby is an paid FBI informant, conspirator, provocateur, shitlord, and snitch. He is skilled at preying on young revolutionaries and lying in court about his coercion, provocation, and plots.

If you see Brandon Darby, DO NOT CHAT WITH HIM, DO NOT ALLOW HIM IN ANARCHIST SPACES, AND REMEMBER you are talking to a paid FBI asset who has an interest in helping you orchestrate your own downfall. Zero tolerance for snitches.

Montreal Too This is a 6 year old photo. Watch a documentary “Better This World” about how Darby setup 2 naive activists for a police sting.

According to Scott Crow who knows much about him, Darby is no longer with the FBI: Scott Crow wrote in FB: Just so peeps no the FBI will NOT touch Darby with a 10 foot pole. He is poison to them. We watched them turn him out in the courts as ‘too independent’ read: loose cannon. He will never work for them again and they seemed really sorry for getting involved as the publicity was so bad.

He’s now a fringe writer wannabe for a small conservative Tea Party site. His main goal is to stir up shit and video it. IGNORE HIM. It just feeds his self righteousness to engage in anyway.

No matter what he is now what he has been in the past sounds like real poison to us. Keep your eyes open Hartford.


To check him out in 2012 see the video done at the American Prosperity Rally in Media PA, 2012.

We who believe in justice can not rest until it comes.

In today from Radical Women

Dear Friend,

Please join the Free Marissa Now Campaign. The terrible injustice of the not-guilty verdict for Trayvon Martin’s killer has brought Marissa Alexander’s racist and sexist treatment by Florida courts to center-stage of U.S. and world attention. It is infuriating to think how Stand Your Ground was used to avoid any penalties for killing a Black teenager, while a Black woman is serving a 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot that injured no one to stop an attack by her abusive husband.

As the national Free Marissa Now campaign has stated: “The dramatically different outcomes of these cases is a lesson in how the criminal justice system routinely fails to support black people who defend themselves from violence on the streets, in their homes, and from institutions.”

Over the last year Radical Women has collaborated with other organizations to build a massive outcry to win justice in this case. Lead organizers of the Free Marissa Now Campaign include: African-American/Black Women’s Cultural Alliance, INCITE!, New Jim Crow Movement, Pacific Northwest Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander, Radical Women, and Southern Freedom Movement. The campaign has worked in close collaboration with Marissa Alexander and Marissa’s mother, Ms. Helen Jenkins.

The Free Marissa Now Campaign issued an excellent statement about the Zimmerman verdict that you can find on their facebook page or watch a video of Radical Women Organizer Helen Gilbert reading it at a 7/14/13 protest in Seattle. For more information about the how the dynamics of race and sex come together in Marissa Alexander’s case, read the Radical Women statement issued June 2012.

What you can do immediately:

  • Visit the Free Marissa Now facebook page; “like” the page and be part of updates and discussions.
  • Join conference calls to build an international mobilization to free Marissa.  Email to receive information about the next conference call.
  • Sign and forward the online petition.
  • Donate to Marissa’s legal defense via Paypal at the website
  • Write to Marissa to let her know that she has supporters working for her release. Send messages to:
    Marissa Alexander #2012033887
    500 East Adam St.
    Jacksonville, FL 32202

Call to Action Against NSA Spying

“This dragnet program is surely one of the largest surveillance efforts ever launched by a democratic government against its own citizens” –  Jameel Jaffer, ACLU deputy legal director.

Our civil liberties are under attack! We recently learned that the National Security Agency collects information about every phone call placed in the United States and has direct access to our emails and Internet activities. We, the people, whose rights are at serious risk, must become the most important voice in this debate! Let’s show the government and the spy industry that we intend to fight by assembling in public! Let’s show the communication companies that we will not tolerate their compliance with government surveillance! Let’s show the courts that we will protest unjust treatment of whistleblowers! Let’s show the ACLU and others filing suit to challenge these programs that we will support them! Most importantly, let’s show those who are uncertain how to defend themselves that there is a vibrant movement to join and build!

Come protest these programs on Thursday July 18 at the Old State House, 800 Main Street in Hartford, beginning at 4 p.m. and to be followed by a rally in defiance of domestic spying.  We say:  NSA! Stop Spying on Us!

4 p.m. Assembly and picket at Old State House begins
5 p.m. Sidewalk March to Federal Building & other sites
6 p.m. Rally at Old State House


American Civil Liberties Union of CT
National Lawyers Guild, Connecticut Chapter
Council on American Islamic Relations, Connecticut Chapter
CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention
Activate CT

Endorser List in Formation:
Working Families Party
Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice
People of Faith
Unitarian Society of Hartford Advocacy Sub-Council
CT Coalition for Peace and Justice
CT United for Peace
Promoting Enduring Peace
Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice
Capitalism vs. The Climate
Digital Fourth (Belmont MA)
Queers without Borders
Colombia Action/CT
Greater Hartford Cuba Coalition
Socialist Action
International Socialist Organization

On Facebook today in from Sherri Terrell.

Justice For Trayvon Martin!!!

Zimmerman, 29, was acquitted on charges of second-degree murder in the death of Martin, a 17 year old whom the defendant shot during a scuffle in a nearby gated community on Feb 26, 2012. The six-woman jury also found Zimmerman not guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The verdict is a racist denial of justice

The justice system has failed. It is riddled with racism and class bias. It is a system that jails over 2.3 million mainly people of color and keeps another 5 million under the repressive thumb of parole and probation status and a system that is not successfully prosecuting racist police or wanna’be cops like Zimmerman…the People’s Power Assembly Post to us on Facebook at

Even 7 people in prison is 7 too many.

The storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789 reminds us that even though this action happened 223 years ago, our people, folks who stand up and out against this system are class war prisoners. We must not forget the class-war prisoners of today—those in prison for standing up to racist capitalist oppression—whose freedom is in the interest of the whole of the working people and poor people all across americkkka. We must shout out FREE ALL CLASS WAR PRISONERS!!! FREEDOM FOR Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Lynne Stewart, Chuck Africa, Michael Africa, Debbie Africa, Janet Africa, Jaine Africa, Delbert Africa, Eddie Africa, Phil Africa, Lynne Stewart, Jaan Laaman, Thomas Manning, Ed Poindexter, Wopashit we Mondo Eyen we Langa, Hugo Pinell, The Nato 3, Brent Betterly, Brian Church, Jared Chase. These are but a few of the large number of class war and social movement prisoners. ( 1 )

We at furbirdsqueerly shudder when we think of how many innocent men and women have been railroaded into prisons in this country by the cops, the courts and the ruling class. The large number of prisoners shows us that when anyone takes any type of stand against the racist capitalist system, any challenge in anyway is met with brutal repression by the state. The large number of men and women being held prisoners by the Capitalist state tells us that there can be no justice in this system.  This system has imprisoned over 2 million people, most of them black and Latino. And to be sure it doesn’t matter who sits in the White House. Racial oppression of the black masses, deportations of immigrants, union busting, the shredding of our rights, the forming of a police state, indefinite detention, praise for the handling of the NATO protests, more imperialist war, bail out of banks and Wall Street Criminals are the agenda of the ruling class democrats. We are sure that all of our readers know that there is no future under Capitalism.

Today: Hunger Strikes/Work stoppages continue across California. We support the prisoners. Long Term Solidarity Confinement is inhuman treatment.

Over 30,000 inmates across California’s vast prison estate have been refusing meals since yesterday morning. A further 2,300 prisoners have refused to attend work or educational classes – claiming they are sick. Prisoners are protesting against the use of a draconian solitary confinement policy that can see prisoners held in solitary for several decades – often with little or no attempt at a justification.

California currently has 10,000 prisoners in solitary confinement, and several dozen who have spent more than 20 years each in solitary.

The protest has been organized by a small group of prisoners held in solitary at Pelican Bay State Prison. They are demanding a 5 year limit on solitary confinement, the right to educational, rehabilitation opportunities, and the right to monthly phone-calls. The organizers have released the following statement: (2)


(1 ) Denver Anarchist Black Cross has compiled a great list and connections for mailings to these our hero’s and and sheros. See HERE.

(2) SEE: 30,000 prisoners are refusing food HERE.

We received this update while we were away.  It is written by Susan Haigh, Associated Press, Hartford Conn.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — An activist minister and Department of Children and Families employee who has long been critical of his employer over racial issues, has been fired from his job as a youth service officer at the agency’s Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown.

A DCF spokesman confirmed Thursday for The Associated Press that Cornell Lewis, a six-year employee at the state’s only secure facility for delinquent teenage boys, was terminated on July 3 following an incident last October when he failed to supervise youth under his care.

Gary Kleeblatt said Lewis was found on a computer with two other officers looking at non-work related content when a youth “received a serious injury.”

Lewis and another officer were looking at the computer for approximately 25 minutes, while the third was watching for about four minutes, DCF said.

Kleeblatt said Lewis had failed “his most important duty and responsibility.”

Lewis, 63, contends his firing, which he plans to challenge, is retaliation for his years of activism and public criticism of DCF and CJTS. (more…)

We found this wonderful posting on our facebook page from Anarchist Memes and thought since we are going on vacation let us leave you with a laugh and ain’t  it the truth.