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The Department of Theatre and The Peace Studies program present

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Sep 8, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Davidson Hall, Room 123, CCSU, New Britain, CT


The one-woman play, compiled from journal and e-mail entries, chronicles the life of Corrie from her home in Olympia, Washington, to Rafah, Gaza, where she was killed by an Israeli bulldozer as she attempted to stop a Palestinian home from being demolished. The play was edited by famed English actor Alan Rickman and features BFA Acting major Ashley Malloy in the role.
Immediately following the performance on September 8 there will be a talk-back with Rachel Corrie’s parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie. They will be joined by members of the Freedom Theatre, a professional company from the Jenin Refugee Camp in Palestine, who are currently on their first US tour.

Associated Press/Forbes Photo by  Michael Prince -- This June 26, 2012 image provided by Forbes, and the pull-out cover for the magazine's Sept. 21 issue shows from left to right: Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Pete Petersen, Leon Black, Jon Bon Jovi (seated on the ground), Marc Benioff, David Rubenstein, Steve Case, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Marc Andreessen posing for a portrait in the Trustees Room at the New York Public Library in New York. The twelve individuals shown were part of a group attending a Forbes convened event called the Forbes 400 Summit On Philanthropy. During the event, the magazine's editors invited twelve of the leading philanthropists in the U.S. to pose for the portrait.

The real story told by the Forbes 400 is about privilege and the growing inequality in both wealth and opportunity”

Here’s a good one for you in our continuing series Tools of the Ruling Class. One tool that Emma brought up was nice rich people. Nice rich people confuse us that there are some who have it all and are entitled to have it all because they are nice. Back in the day they were nice because they built libraries, schools, museums, left they art collections to museums and did this and that. Meanwhile we are suppose to applaud their good works because of what they gave forgetting how they got their dollars in the first place. Well today we have nice rich people to and we have to ask some hard questions. But we will leave that up to our readers, to spin their minds around this idea. Do you think that there is such a thing as nice rich people?

Say NO to War on Syria!  Gather at 5 pm at the Old State House, Hartford on Friday August 30, 2013

Dear friends,

It seems that a US missile attack on Syria may be imminent.  We do not need a new US war in the Middle East.  The majority of the people in the US oppose such an attack and even Congress is not being asked to weigh in.  The last two decades of US military intervention in the Middle East have been disastrous for the people there and for people here.  US wars brought neither democracy nor economic well-being to the peoples of the Middle East.  The tax dollars sent destroying the infrastructure of the Middle East should have been used her to mitigate the suffering brought on by the current economic depression and to fund education, housing, health, renewable energy development, and jobs.

Come show Washington and the peoples of Syria that these missiles are not flying in your name.

We will gather at 5 pm at the back of the Old State House and display our banners and signs to the rush hour traffic, those at the bus stops, and, hopefully some media.  We will video for YouTube distribution.

CT United for Peace

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We came upon this article posted on the Facebook page, George Takei on Sochi Olympics: How ‘Star Trek’s Sulu’ is Waging War on Russia.  We have to wonder did Mr. Takei even consult with our brothers and Sisters in Russia and ask them, “What can we do to help you?” I don’t think so as nowhere in the article is it mentioned that he has any type of relationship with anyone in Russia. Let’s stop and think for one moment what this action could do to our people. They are now faced with brutality daily any thinking person could only guess what they would face as scapegoats if the Olympic were pulled from the country. Talk about all out war.

I wonder where do comfortable class people like Mr. Takei sitting in his comfortable class americkkka and comfortable class folks like Dan Savage get off in starting these types of campaigns? I have to conclude that they don’t really think things out too much. I guess it may come down to they can’t. They are so comfortable class americkkkanized that they don’t even realize what is happening. Not the type of folks we want as leaders for any cause. Well queers everywhere wouldn’t consider them to be leaders as they simply put are not. Folks who have fought in the trenches, from the grass roots up, those who have kicked in the doors of oppression know full well what a leader does and how a leader should act. Mr. Takei you are no leader.

Mr. Takei also bugs my ass as I am very involved with LGBTIQ stories, when he forgets or doesn’t know what really began with the holocaust. How about this– On May 6, 1933 three months after Hitler took power the Nationalist Socialist Party began its war against the homosexuals of Germany. Magnus Hirchfeld’s Institute and Library are ransacked and books are burned in the street. Homosexuals are rounded up, arrested and sent to concentration camps. Less than a month after Hitler took office all gay rights organizations were outlawed and all bars closed.  Enough history you get the picture. Let’s hope George does and not forget.

But you know there is always a bright spot in all of this Olympic stuff all of this kill the gays. During the 1936 Berlin Olympic games some gay bars were permitted to re-open and the police were told not to harass visiting foreign homosexuals. This was very short lived however. Let’s keep our eyes on this.

From: The Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals,Out of the Past, Neil Miller is a very good read.

Excellent thought is coming out of the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago. Andy Thayer one of the leaders of the Network who has been beaten demonstrating in Russia, who is a in the trenches activist along with the group as a whole issued this statement. (more…)

This version of Oh Freedom by Shirley Verrett is on of our favorites. And you know we can still sing this song all over this country and all over the world. It was one of the first civil rights songs that I learned back in the day when we were still in high school and belonged to a group called the Fellowship Of Reconciliation through our church peace league. This version comes from her album, Singing in the Storm. We post in tribute to all the brave freedom fighters in the civil rights movement here in the U.S. We post this song for all people still struggling for freedom. We publish this song for  people and around the world. We publish this song for young black men who are harassed and murdered by the police. We publish this song for everyone who seeks freedom.

This was sent in to us yesterday evening.  Check it out for a very interesting read.  Thanks to Jimmy Higgins for this article. Thanks to Steve Thorton for all his work and for bringing us the Shoeleather History.

Hey folk: Could you send my Sholeather History article to your email friends? It follows nicely with your post, and gives it a Hartford focus. Thanks and keep up the good work! –Steve “When 3,000 Connecticut people traveled to Washington DC for the Jobs & Freedom march, Hartford college student Ralph Allen was spending his 20th day in a Georgia jail…” Read more at Shoeleather History: