A new work by Annakiss Ruckus: The clown sprays skunk oil around the place.

Posted: September 19, 2013 in HIGH queer art, Real Food For Thought

In from Annakiss Ruckus



HERE GOES>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Last night I had a very strange dream after eating right before going to bed or I should say not right before but after reading your thoughtful words on the Ct. Forum. Here is my PIECE about my dream that you can publish if you wish.

A big bad clown—–

known in our circles as annakiss tooy phooey. (not pictured below)

jumped out from behind the curtain, up there on the stage and gave a little squirt here and there of some very powerful


this is right out of the skunks glands. The loudest stuff available.

PEW PEW PEW said the 3 P’s gotta get out of here and fast.  EEEK this is strange, stranger than fiction.

Exit the stage. Right, left center it don’t matter, We’re out of here.

Pew said the butler got questions but no one to chow down.  I’m outta here!!!

The audience didn’t know what to make of the running out in mid show, the clown, the smell of skunk so they all said , Hey we are outta here too.

Another way to stop a show paddle the asses of the comfortable classes.

Needless to say I started to laugh so loud it woke me up and I laughed again and again.

(Note) This piece is in from Annakiss Ruckus who is responding to our call for works about the Ct. Forum gay night where mainstream gay folks tried to convince us that they were leaders. (see our pages for more info)


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