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In today from Radical Women. We at furbirdsqueerly join in this tribute.

Dear friend, 

Let’s begin the new year by celebrating women who stood up in 2013 for the rights of females, immigrants, the poor, and the working class!


Fast food workers protest in New York.

To start, here’s rave reviews for working women who are walking out over low wages and lack of respect—nurses, teachers, public employees, and those in home care, fast food, agriculture, and Walmart. From Athens to Detroit, women have protested cuts in social services and called for canceling the debt. They’ve sent a message that the vulnerable should not pay the price for an economic crisis created by the ruling class.


Lynne Stewart
Lynne Stewart

A tremendous toast to activists who inspire others from prison cells! Nestora Salgado is a naturalized U.S. citizen who organized for indigenous rights in her hometown of Olinalá, Mexico and was thrown in jail on trumped up charges. Radical civil liberties attorney Lynne Stewart is unjustly imprisoned under draconian Patriot Act rules and fighting for her life against cancer. And military whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who has courageously come out as transgender, is behind bars for exposing U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Click on these links to join theinternational campaign for Nestora, demandcompassionate release for Lynne and win clemency for Chelsea.)

A shout-out for Rasmea Odeh, a gutsy Palestinian-American feminist arrested by Homeland Security on ridiculous charges after working for 40 years to empower Arab women and demand justice for Palestinians. Released on bond, she and theCommittee to Stop FBI Repression build support for her trial.

Spirited salute is due to Marissa Alexander, an African American mom in Florida who was originally sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to stop an attack by her abusive husband. Public outcry led by the Free Marissa Now campaign exposed the deeply racist treatment of Black women who fight back and won Marissa a new trial that begins in March.

Heartfelt kudos also go to Sybrina Fulton and Lucia McBath (the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis) who are fighting to overturn the racist Stand Your Ground law that shielded their childrens’ murderers.

Rousing applause for 7-year-old Oklahoma student Tiana Parker and 12-year-old Vanessa VanDyke of Florida who beat their schools’ bigoted policies prohibiting dreadlocks or afro hairdos.

And let’s commend courageous voices for immigrant rights. Eighteen women in the El Paso Detention Center went on a hunger strike to oppose the practice of holding immigrants months after they’ve met all conditions for release. In city after city, young women chained themselves to deportation buses and detention center gates to demand an end to deportations, the right to attend college and keep families together.

A huge hurrah to those who broke with the twin parties of business and elected socialist Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council. This is sparking even more interest in examining the causes of poverty, bigotry, and injustice. And it is opening doors to discuss ways to create a society of shared wealth and health for all.


Cheers to women in Albuquerque for defeating an anti-abortion initiative. And hats off to the women in Texas who took over their state capitol to protest anti-abortion legislation. (more…)

In today from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission a beautiful video and visual presentation of “I” a poem by J.D. Kamran.

In today from the National Day Laborers

Two parents take up in a stable to give birth to a new baby. What would the Christmas story be like in the US today?


By punkpink and several others.

We came across a sort of a laughing matter a few weeks back when scrolling around on different sites. We went over to the Hartford Downtown Dwellers site, well on the “dwellers” site two folks posted the latest survey done by the Human Rights Campaign Fund. They then added a nod to the “gay” Mayor of Hartford. Well that was enough for us, shit like that begs to be talked to. Goosey Bell said, “Why in the world do you even want to bother as no one that we hang with gives one rats bottom what HRC or the downtown dwellers have to say about anything?”  So I thought about it and decided that this piece is not intended to knock HRC but if it does well then it does. Dear readers be prepared. These HRC types and their fellow travelers will turn any and all of us liberationists in to the man without a second thought. Many of us are in the way of their being model citizens. These types of people go about making alliances with some of the most dreadful corporations in the world, aligning themselves with the masters, the CIA and the military industrial complex all for equality. We ask how can they claim to be for human rights when they align their group with corporate culture and selling good manufactured in sweatshops. Contrary to popular belief, capitalism has nothing to do with respect for human life. Our dislike for HRC did not just drop suddenly out of the sky but has been a long running feud with the comfortable class gays and lesbians who run HRC. Folks like these we have been in rebellion against for most of our life. They seek power and become power, power that is some of the worse kind. They have become face of face of the oppressor. Their power  we must continue to deal with in any manner, shape or form that we deem necessary to end it. (1) One question for HRC and all the comfortable class “gays”, now that you have your equality what are you going to do with it?

HRC is not your firend


This piece is not intended to praise the city of Hartford or any part of it for as Fredrick Douglas said, “Power concedes nothing without demand.” Over the years our activists have demanded and piece by piece got what our people deserved and should never had to ask for. This article is for our people who fought the powers that be, way before there was a comfortable class who walked in the doors declaring that the spoils of the fight were theirs. You know when folks step in shit they usually smell it after awhile.

This piece is not intended to praise our “gay” mayor for any reason. After the doors were smashed in he comfortably walk though running as a democrat in a democrat city and wining was an easy job to do. Getting in easy, no fight no hard work, no fighting off the right wing religious nuts that plagued other LGBT candidates in Hartford. We never in all the years that the mayor has lived in town heard that he was out there fighting for the rights of LGBT folks, I for one have never seen his name associated with any of our efforts ( he has been here for many years) except lately testifying once or twice for the marriage issue (selfish issue as far as we are concerned). How far out of touch has Mr. Mayor been? Most queer thinkers that I know see him as an elitist snob with an elitist snob husband who opposed a local church in their neighborhood giving out food to the poor. This mayor has never yet addressed the poverty that is prevalent through out this city. As queers we are not proud of him as mayor, he might be a gay man in office but he has left the very gay soul that made us all a long time ago somewhere. And we know for sure he won’t find it among the sweat shop rainbow flags, the elitists, or the powerful. We see that more and more with gays who have finally realized the americkkkan dream and made it to the top or sit near the top whether it be in power in the city or state or federal government. They are there, they are gay but they are lacking a queer spirit and soul. Yes they are no different than the dreadful straight folks except for what they do it bed. It shows lord how it shows that they have murdered their gay spirit and now they are out to murder the very soul of the GLBT movement. Yes, we have said this so many times before over the years that we begin to sound like a broken record to some. But you know the truth must be told over and over again and hopefully someone and then someone else will understand what we mean, join us and seek real liberation not equality or assimilation.  And if not that then by us telling the story over and over it won’t be lost, someone will know that there remains a true queer light among the stinking darkness.

Here is the survey that that the Human Rights Campaign does ranking cities that was on a LGBT Law Project site. 

Human Rights Campaign LGBT Municipal Equality Index.

So let’s begin our-stories. (more…)

A part of an excellent series from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. (we wish the Commission would be more inclusive in their name of all of our people. Nothing wrong with the name the International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Human Rights Commission, as all of our people are hurt by queer phobia from the straight world)

Protesters descend on Mexican Consulates to voice support for jailed indigenous leader Nestora Salgado

Dec 10 protest at Mexican Consulate in Seattle, (l to r) Ann Rogers, Chippewa feminist and Radical Women; Ruby Salgado, daughter of Nestora; Jose Avila, husband of Nestora

“Free Nestora Salgado” solidarity rallies were held in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seattle; New York City; Portland, Oregon; Mexico City; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Melbourne, Australia.

Supporters of naturalized U.S. citizen Nestora Salgado held protests at Mexican Consulates to mark International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2013. Over the last four years, Salgado, a grandmother, has made numerous trips from her residence in Renton, Washington, to deliver clothing and supplies to the desperately poor residents of her hometown of Olinalá, Guerrero. Seeing the need to organize against economic and social injustice, she instilled in the women of Olinalá confidence in their ability to lead such a struggle. As a result, she was elected coordinator of a local armed indigenous police force officially authorized by the Mexican Constitution and Guerrero state law 701. Crime rates plummeted and killings stopped with the inauguration of the community police.

But, as Angie Galindo of YoSoy132 Nueva York said at a rally on the sidewalk outside New York City’s Mexican Consulate, Nestora’s “only act of defiance was exposing the connection between the government officials of Olinalá and organized crime.” On August 21, local officials retaliated by arranging Salgado’s arrest on trumped up kidnapping charges and sending her hundreds of miles away to a federal prison in Tepic, Neyarit. Since her arrest, the federal government has maintained a military occupation of Olinalá to intimidate other residents and punish those who protest Salgado’s imprisonment.

Just before Thanksgiving, one of Salgado’s attorneys, Thomas Antkowiak, an Associate Law Professor at Seattle University and an expert in international human rights law, filed a petition to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on Ms. Salgado’s behalf. He is requesting that the Working Group declare that Ms. Salgado’s detention is unlawful and that she be freed. (more…)

quote of these times

Posted: December 19, 2013 in for your reflection, resistance

” To the Professional Homosexual, there is no moral quandary in selling out one’s own queer soul, liberated by a once-radical movement, by accepting endless militarism and corporate greed in return for personal fortune. And since Professional Homosexuals control so many LGBT organizations and spaces, they threaten to drag the entire community down with them.”…Steven W. Thrasher, The Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufactures.

Coming soon to these pages an essay in response to HRC Equality Survey that will trace the giants of our Hartford Movement within the LGBT/queer groups of people.  Those who fought for years for all that the comfortable class gays enjoy today. This blog fully agrees with the above quote and will continue to do as we have over the years our part in the fight for liberation, not assimilation, a fight against the Professional Homosexuals, the military, Capitalism, and Imperialism.