The Largest Donors to HRC are Drone Manufacturers!

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Fight war and war mongers, For your information, Take Action, We fight on

As posted on our facebook page by comrade Al Riccio. This is enough to make a grown queer cry, then get mad and say :We have to fight them and the whole corporate  imperialist warmongering  bandwagon.

As Al posted:

And this is why I don’t trust a neo-liberal “queer.” (And as usual, fuck the HRC.)

*And I’ve said this for a long time: corporate imperialist interests have completely bought out the LGBTQ movement, crushing both the most underprivileged LGBTQ Americans and innocent citizens of United States-occupied nations overseas. Justice doesn’t mean “justice for some” or “justice at the expense of others.”

Inequality draped in a rainbow flag is still inequality. LGBT justice is bound up with justice for the people exploited by LGBT corporate donors.
In the 1960s and 1970s, LGBT liberation (what we now call “LGBT equality”) was seen by its advocates as an all-inclusive movement intrinsically bound to other social justice movements: there could be no justice for LGBT people without justice for people of color, women, workers, those in other nations, etc. Accordingly, LGBT activists worked hard to build coalitions with all those determined to fight for justice.

Nowadays, the LGBT movement does more branding than coalition building.

Steven W. Thrasher, who has been nationally recognized for his LGBT journalism, called out national LGBT nonprofits and advocates, colloquially referred to by some as the glitter industrial complex, in a Gawker article, contending that the LGBT activists and nonprofits “have been bought, paid-for and sold to the highest bidder.”

It’s true: corporate America runs the LGBT movement, or at least the part of the LGBT movement that gets press time and donors. Their sponsorship keeps the LGBT movement from addressing the issues that matter most for the LGBT community and beyond.

Thrasher highlights that many of the biggest donors to the Human Rights Campaign, the multi-million dollar nonprofit that receives the bulk of donations for LGBT issues, are drone manufacturers. These donors profit off of the United States’ use of drones to kill civilians, including children, with little oversight or accountability. Drone manufacturers are far from the only ethically dark gray to black donors to LGBT advocacy organizations: a brief perusal of any major LGBT organization’s list of donors reveals that corporate black hats like Bank of America, BP, Coke, and Nike all provide major cash to LGBT nonprofits.

To read the rest of this article see HERE.

furbirdsqueerly statement on this article:  We queers at this blog do not support the HRC nor any mainstream gay organization that would accept money from any warmongers, imperialists, or corporations. We here at this blog and let us make ourselves absolutely clear consider the HRC and any LGBT organization that would play around with these types to be our enemies.


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