It’s always good to reflect on this and that or the other as someone once said. We here at Furbirdsqueerly decided that today would be a good time to do a bit of reflecting on our greatest hits of 2013. If only to see what our readers liked about us, what they have found so appealing, so disagreeable, so blood boiling, so interesting and what makes their hearts go thump thump and get them all hot and bothered over us.

… if we give one rats ass.

Lot’s of things have happened over the past year. Folks who have long been associated with this blog went on to do something else. Our dear punkpink now resides about 15 miles outside of St. Albans Vt. on a small queer farm with a few of our other partners. We plan on joining them this summer weather permitting, with time off from work for good behavior, and if all is well with our health. We too are looking for somewhere to move after 38 years in Hartford. Yes we asked Ouija and was told, its time to go. Emma Furbird Jr. is exploring the great Pacific Northwest checking it out as another possible location to spend our golden years. A new location for our operations is on the horizon, and may I add the sooner the better. After all these years here in Hartford Ct. I can say with out hesitation that Hartford doesn’t have it! ( I don’t care what the downtown dwellers or the comfortable class, those in power who shouldn’t be,  the intelligentsia or arty class has to say) we have made the most of it and that is about all.

I am becoming  less interested in blogging, though I know we have a real role to play considering the number of hits we get each day, and more and more interested in doing art again. Most people who have known me in this area for the past years, except for a very few close comrades, probably don’t realize that I at one time had a real life in art stretching back to the mid 60ties.  Yes that has always been a love and hate relationship art and me. Love it one year hate it the next. Pull back in push back out. But the real deal is that once one has seen those lines so high up in the sky that no one can see them one doesn’t forget and one knows that they must do something, now is the time to do so again. But I am trying hard to push it away as those lines can be a very tricky affair. These lines can either lift you up or throw you down so far that there looks as though there isn’t any up to be found. This very beautiful drawing is from 1970 and is just one example of work from that period that gave me a go.

lines so high

A New Year Tribute Furbirdsqueerly’s Greatest Hits in 2013

So let’s begin this new year 2014 with a tribute to 2013 and what was some of furbirdsqueerly’s greatest hits that we published.  We have always been very fortunate to have readers from all over the world, readers who just don’t pop in and leave but have stuck around and read what we wrote. I have always stated we play better in Singapore than we do in Hartford. So will the readers from Singapore, Pakistan (yes you got that right), from all over Europe, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, Saudi Arabia,New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan, Bangladesh (oh yes), India Argentina and on and on stand up and take a bow. We had over 6,143 visitors last year. Now that isn’t so many compared to the big liberal blogs but think it pretty damn good for a small leftist out of the mainstream queer production. But one thing that bothers me and other blogers is that very few people leave comments. I don’t get it. Maybe folks really have nothing to say and say it quite well. Maybe we here should learn that art. Yes we are here with nothing to say, but our trouble like Cage’s is we say it anyway.

But some do leave comments. To all of the folks who leave comments even when you hate us so we love you, oh yes we do. You get us thinking and one thought pushes the next and the next. When we were reviewing the greatest hits we had a good laugh over a comment left by a knitter who belongs to a group of “yarn bombers” in Hartford Ct.  Yarny, (our pet name for her)  called us a “poorly written blabber blog.” Yap, Yap, woof, Yarny tell that to all those people from all over the world who come to visit us. Bet your yarn site doesn’t even get 10 folks to say hello to your  sorry ass art. Don’t doubt for one second that we won’t tell it like we see it.

We want to skip around and give you all some of our greatest hits for last year. We hope that you too will enjoy checking some out again.

Greece Rounding Up Undesirables.

Seriously Epic Stuff

We do know the power of publishing. A very good example of this was a piece that a comrade sent to us. The article was one that not only shocked us that this was happening again but I am sure many others who read it were shocked also. The article, Greece Rounding Up “undesirables” Sending Them To Camps, is a must read if you haven’t done so already. (see notes for more info) Shows what the oldest democracy in the world can do with its people but then we already knew that having spent quite a bit of time with exiles from the Junta in Greece when we lived in NYC. In one day alone we had over 170 hits on that article and it topped off at 285. Other very popular articles that month were, I Fought Long, I Fought Hard, I Fought Often. Comrade Cornell Lewis Speaks Out, about being fired from the DCF Plantation and a companion article He Spoke Out, He Got Fired. People are still reading both to this day. We also called out that month to free all political prisoners, support the hunger strike in the prisons, and PRIDE marches that called out to free Chelsea Manning. Queers Without Borders was proud to march in NYC with our comrades. We were very proud and so happy on January 1st when Lynne Stewart was released from prison. We continue to be supporters of her and publishing words that her husband Ralph sent out to the international support network. FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW!!!

One of our favorite things to do, when we are not scaring the police mans horse, is not to just upset the apple cart but to turn it over and burn the fucking thing. That is of course once we have taken all the apples out and given them to someone who is hungry or wants to make a pie. Ruffle feather, we have never been nor shall we be scared to do so. Knock them down and don’t let them up okay by us. Some folks say to us, hey be careful you are too radical for this day and age when the liberals have taken up with the most notorious of the right and are spying on all of us and getting ready to pounce and the next oldest democracy in the world will be repeating history of Nazi Germany. Brother okay so they take us away. We do not shut up out of fear. We will continue to let others know what we see, so no one can use that popular German phrase, “We didn’t know.”

Gate into Auschwitz

Marriage is always a popular topic among our crowd. Some outside always question me by saying, “Gee Wiz R. you always fought for civil rights for LGBT people why are you so dead set against marriage?” I just shake my head and laugh and try to explain to them about the very soul of the movement but somewhere it always comes back to, “whine, whine, we just want the same rights as straights.” In my little book what you really are saying is I am a traitor to all of queerdom so I can please mommy and daddy and be like everyone else and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Okay by me, just be careful as there will be no one, repeat no one to pick you up when they knock you down as most of you marrying kind will be so stunned that you won’t know one little thing about taking action.In March folks flocked liked flamingos to read, Marriage, Also Known as Queer Rage, a poetry performance piece by LGBT Students of Color, (a must listen to), No I won’t take your hand and Marry the State. On Marriage equality, Token Folks and The War Against the Bourgeoisie, and a piece that has been picked up by many radical blogs Holy Matrimony Batman! written by comrade Jerimarie Liesegang.

One of our all times great upsets came in May when we found ourselves in a bit of trouble on 2 fronts. Aetna that great big bad ass corporation here in Hartford was sponsoring Aetna Arts Week with the Greater Hartford Arts Council.  We stopped in our tracks when we read that guerrilla artists were going to do some yarn art creations all around the city. Well we thought isn’t that interesting. We checked it out and found that a group who were yarn bombers were going to participate. Well heck that’s nice but any guerrilla art or bombing that we knew about never asked permission or were told what to do and where to do it. So we wrote the piece, “Who Took The Guerrilla Out Of Guerrilla. Yarn Art Loves Corporate Sleaze Soon To Hit Hartford and generated quite a bit of discussion. We wanted a real discussion of corporate art sponsorship, underground art, guerrilla art but at last none seemed to develop. After all said Miss Day this is Hartford.

The discussion was carried over to Real Hartford Blog in Check Out Some Yarn Art At Real Hartford which then brought to light some of the hay days of Hartford Art. One of the knitters made the asinine statement of yarn art warming trees and other objects. We had hoped that they would have seen their errors and warmed people living out in the cold. What a wonderful extension of yarn art mobile and moving about the city perhaps opening another door on art of these times and art for the future. But NO this is Hartford everyone takes offense if someone says something rather than just pat pat patty pat on the back and say, How nice artist.” We call for a real art critic for Hartford in 2014, not one who is beholden to any one, not one who is afraid that they will not be invited to another dinner party, not one who is scared of being left out at the fun and games at real art ways but one who will speak of art and artists and certainly not the fluffy Buffy stuff being published in the Courant. We don’t care enough to do the job but until someone does we will have these folks running around in circles doing the same old thing over and over and calling it by another name. What was that saying about shit? See some of us have been around for awhile we know what we are looking at, we know were we have been and were others have been also. We are not fooled and we know crap when we see it.

Also in May generating 105 hits 50 of these on the first day of publication was a piece punkpink wrote in defense of the painting of a Guillotine in the skate park in downtown Hartford. The young anarchist artist was arrested. Pink wrote, Art for the Revolution. An art review of “dangerous” art in Hartford. Later in August we learned that the artists work had been altered and pink wrote, A Little Dab Will Do YA!! Or Make That A Bunch. Dangerous  Alterated. But the real deal shit hit the fan when the artist wrote his reasoning and why he painted what he did and again we stood behind him 100%. The piece written by Dr. Bernardo Proletariat titled, We Got The Guillotine, Graffiti and Class War, we thought was an excellent work. The piece alone generated over 1,000 hits in October and buzz buzz buzz went the air waves of Hartford.

A very interesting piece written from information that was republished all over the place is one that a comrade sent us via facebook.  Our piece, Know the enemy-Brandon Darby former FBI Informant says, “This guy is dangerous to everyone. His main goal it to stir up crap, turn people in and helping to orchestrate your own downfall. There is a video of Darby shot in 2012 when he was speaking at an Americkkkan Prosperity Rally. Remember Spot Him, Turn Him OUT.

But hits and hits and them some more hits and hits again to today from a piece written about St. artist Anne’s summer theater work, called Night Fall. The battle spilled all over a few blogs and got hot on the downtown dwellers page. NOBODY should speak ill of St. artist Anne or her work in this town and get away with it. My god you are tipping over the golden calf why can’t you just clap along like the rest of us. The piece Thoughts on part of a recent performance The Grasshopper and the Ant, brought up some very interesting observations about one section of Nightfall. Heck we thought we were doing a favor to the Hartford arts  with what we wrote. We even threw in a little bit of Marx just to make the liberals shrink and shake with fear and artists to bead up in sweat. But no since we didn’t patty pat we were no good, we were traitors to Hartford and all the arts within. But you all came through. We had over 760 hits on that piece and we are still getting them 2 or three times a week. It has been republished on 4 queer art blogs that we are associated with. Some folks like questions on art because they are sure of themselves, sure of art and sure of where they are at. Some don’t and we pity them.

In December one of our greatest hits was a very long piece tracing the movement for LGBT civil rights in the Hartford Ct. area. HRC Scores Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and We Applaud Our Revolutionary Sisters and Brothers was a work written in response to a posting on the downtown dwellers site posted by two comfortable class lesbian lawyers and liked and liked again by the dwellers who of course all walked in the door after the radicals had smashed the door to pieces. No room for such as these who are nothing more than homocons who con con all over the place and who are a disgrace to the very soul of the queer movement. Their agenda benefits a few usually the rich or comfortable class and their bourgeoisie stooges who think there is nothing wrong with sleeping with the likes of some of the big sleaze corporations, who love the CIA, who think that its okay to bomb the brown women sitting in her home as long as its the first black americakkkan president doing it but scream loud when a republican tries the same, who think that the movement is over now that they hear wedding bells ringing in their ears.  Oh yes, we promise with our last breaths to fight the fuckers off. They are face within the face and are the face of the enemy. They have become that which we fought against.  No they haven’t convinced me that what their needs and wants are  could be the same as mine or countless others who are queer. They just got the power, but power is funny, power can, has been, and will be beaten.

Some works that continue to get hit after hit are works from other years. This year alone, The Myth of the Cops as Our Brothers In The Struggle, Women Art and The Wadsworth, Our Military, Our Patriotism, Our Flag, Our Support for G.I’s. Just another tool of the ruling class to keep us down,  You Say, No Drag Queens At Stonewall? We Say Take A Flying Fuck!  and Elegant Deadliness, Guns Blood and Art are all works that just keep giving.

Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson

So what have we learned from this. Not much. A new direction for the coming year perhaps. We don’t feel right in calling it a day and closing down. So many folks from around the world come to see what we are up to. We are glad, we smile, at the idea that our little blog is international and that there are others out there and we hope the vast majority are queer folks who come on in and take a look around. Yes isn’t that what our revolution is suppose to be about, not some small minded I got mine bullshit but international in scope. That is why we care about the women working in the sweat shop, that is why we oppose drone attacks, that is why we oppose Imperialist war grabs and that is why we see things a bit differently than many ‘gays”.  So Happy New Year to all, especially to Yarny the Conny who called us a blabber blog. Its so wonderful to blabber all over this big round world and you know Yarny Conny lots of folks all around this big wide world like us.

Down With the Powerful!

The Folks at furbirdsqueerly


(1) Operation Zeus in August last year marked the start of an ugly reminder of a European past that we thought we had long buried. Nearly 60 years after the end of the Second European War, migrants were round up from the streets of Greece and shoved unceremoniously into internment camps. In May, women working in the sex industry were pulled from the streets, forcibly tested for HIV, publicly humiliated and imprisoned. In March, they rounded up drug users from the streets of Athens and put them too into camps. Last month in Thessaloniki they came for trans gender people.

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