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These prisoners are pleading for some true outside support – from newspapers, world newspapers, magazines, television shows, pen pal services and any organizations.

Please contact the prisoners on strike. To write them messages of support and encouragement, use the names and Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) numbers shown below and the address, GDCSP SMU, P.O. Box 3877, Jackson GA 30233.

Tamarcus Wright, GDC#1070891

LaMarcus Thomas, GDC#1075958

Isaiah Meadows, GDC#1202688

Rodrick Henderson, GDC#294536

Robert Watkins, GDC#1245402

Ernesto Catillo, GDC#1291603

Rickey Mosley, GDC#1218550

Malachi Jenkins, GDC#725779

Anthony Parker, GDC#10065811

Hjolmar Rodriguez, GDC#1036561

For more information visit the follow page:

Join this important event HERE.

Supporting Prisoners and Acting for Radical Change  Supporting Prisoners and Acting for Radical Change

Read the following and there will be no question on why this action is necessary.

Georgia prisoners on hunger strike since Feb. 9
On Feb. 9, 2014, prisoners in the special management unit of the Georgia Diagnostic Correctional Pri…

Photo: From Delano to Sacramento, the world will be watching.

“You Can’t Oppress Someone Who Is Not Afraid Anymore.”

Opening March 28th, 2014.



Action needed NOW. Do This Today.

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I just got a phone call from my son, Jaime Valdez, who has been held in Eloy Detention Center for over a year.  ICE says they will deport him tonight, even though he still has an appeal pending in the 9th Circuit.  This is clearly punishment for my participating in a hunger strike for the last 10 days to free Jaime.

Sign and share the petition to tell ICE to stop my son’s deportation at

Call ICE at 202-732-3000 Sample Script:  “Please stop the deportation of Jaime Arturo Valdez Reyes (A#201288309). Jaime is facing immediate deportation even though he still has an appeal pending in the 9th Circuit, as punishment for hunger striking and exercising his rights.”

Jaime has already spent the majority of the last 10 days in solitary confinement, as ICE has named him as the “ringleader” of the hunger strike inside detention.  ICE is targeting my son because I have been organizing to get him released.

Send an email to ICE telling them to immediately release my son My other son was killed when he was deported to Mexico several years ago.  We can’t let the same thing happen to Jaime.

Thank you for your support,

Jose Valdez, Not1More Hunger Striker

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Save the Date!
One Nation—Under Surveillance
A One-Day Conference about Building Networks of Solidarity in Defiance of NSA Spying & the Erosion of Democratic Rights
Saturday, March 29, 2014 –10:00 a.m
Torp Theater, Davidson Hall, Central Connecticut State University
1615 Stanley Street, New Britain CT
Registration: Solidarity Price: $25; Non-CCSU Students & Underemployed: $10.
Scholarships will be available. CCSU Students Admitted for Free.
Recent dueling district court decisions on the legality of NSA cell phone spying guarantee that at least some of the Orwellian practices of the federal government will come before the Supreme Court relatively soon. This provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships of solidarity among all those victimized by NSA spying, drones, COINTELPRO-type dirty tricks against the movements for social change, and other forms of systematic suppression of privacy and democratic rights.
Join us on March 29, 2014 at Central Connecticut State University for the second annual state civil liberties conference sponsored by the CT Coalition to Stop Indefinite Detention, the CT American Civil Liberties Union, the CT Council on American Islamic Relations, and dozens of other activists groups. We will explore the links between NSA spying, domestic drones, and official Islamophobia, as well as the policies of mass incarceration and mass deportation that are currently in place.
Confirmed speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders include: (more…)

In from the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition this is a must read story not only in clelebration of Black History Month but in all months of the year. These brave women stood up and were counted way before most of us were born and more times than not the movement whitewashed over their contributions working for justice for all of us in the lgbt or Queer movements. We thank the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition for putting together this important work. Most of all we thank these women who led the way.

The Mass Transgender Political Coalition opens their piece this way:

5 Black Transwomen Who Paved The Way

Like so many parts of American history, popular culture depicts transgender history as one in which white leaders paved the way for everyone. But, as our community has to keep reminding people, it was trans women of color who led the Stonewall riot and set off the gay rights movement in this country.

The work of countless black trans warriors have made significant impacts on equal rights and visibility throughout history. These pioneers forged ahead despite intersecting challenges and oppressions. Here are just five of the many black trans women whose influence has helped shape the transgender community as it is today:

In today from Liberation

As a social movement makes progress and wins victories, there can be an increased pushback from reactionary forces. Thus, the increased visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer struggle in the United States and its successes, seen in the overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the presence of a strong and visible transgender community have resulted in a rabid assault from reactionary forces in recent years.

Intense attacks on LGBTQ rights in the U.S. are happening right now. Opportunistic archconservatives in several states have been proposing bills that would effectively segregate LGBTQ communities from the rest of the population and deny them access to the most basic means of survival.