On Tempting and Impressing Snow Gods, The Elite, The sound of the sharpening of knives, shrouds that need to be knitted and the working poor.

Posted: February 6, 2014 in a story, Fight Back, for your reflection, From us to you, Real Food For Thought

Yeah today its snowing heavy, so heavy that all the buses are not running this early morning. Snowing heavy so I will be a tad bit heavy. We are out walking, walking to work with others who are the working poor that have to be to work today. Yeah there’s a storm going on and we are walking while many people are sound asleep. They may sleep safety in the arms of Morpheus right now this morning, not having to go to work, snoring away with their all right with the world but come later, and come it will, they will sleep forever with which ever god claims them. Jose got clipped by a SUV this morning on his way to work, while some fat elitist appealed to the snow god for snow so they could run their crappy sled art down a hill next weekend at the Art Sled Derby in Hartford Ct.. Oh Please, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!! We need snow! More Snow On The Way!! YIPPEE!!! they scream. They’re tickled pink and pink is ashamed.

I saw it happen he wasn’t even out that far in the road, since the sidewalks were not passable at all, we all had to walk in the street. Some over-sized white woman going too fast for the weather conditions, going who knows where almost could have killed him. At least she stopped and her words were, “he really shouldn’t have been walking in the street.” We were all there walking to work. Man we felt like jumping that bitch. Maria a Security officer who I usually ride the bus with told her, “You better get back in that car until the cops come.” Big ass knew it was time to move. We stayed with Jose until the ambulance and the cop came. He was okay except for what appeared to be a sprained wrist  and a sharp pain in his left leg. Needless to say he was very shaken up. “But how now can I do my job?”” I need my job.”

Well the pig oinked at us for being stupid and walking in the street. Jump him rip him up was all that I could think. Today’s not really the day man to power over us, any of us. We had to be there at work for whatever reason we had to be there for. I counted over 10 folks walking down Park Street in either direction and when I got to Main saw many more. We stood at downtown bus stops waiting for buses that were not going to come for another two hours if even then. For whatever reason we had, we had to go to work. There are as many reasons as there are walkers walking this morning. Let me say that again, there are as many reasons as there are walkers walking this morning just in case some book read revolutionaries who know nothing of our lives try to give us some of their crap about bosses and slaves.  A cop drove by and over his loud speaker threatened us all, “Get off the road or I’ll take you in.”  “Hey PIG,” I yelled “Get out of your car and shovel the sidewalks then we wouldn’t have to walk in the road.” I guess it was just as good that he didn’t hear me as I have to go to work. I have a job where I have to be there. No work no pay. No pay no place to live, no place to live its out in the street.

I thought of oceans vast oceans that are between us all. Most folks reading this, if I have any readers left among the middle class, the elites, the arts class and the intelligentsia, would never begin to understand why some of us would never appeal, bribe, or try to impress the snow gods for snow ass deep to the elephant. Why some of us have to go to work, why some of us have to depend on the city transit to get to work and when that bus doesn’t run we have to walk.  Most of us no work no pay, no work, the threat of being fired and all the liberal bull shit that reformers pass as law doesn’t help us one bit. OFF the Liberal Reformers, I am pissed today! I better not even get started on their crumbs of $10.10 raise in the minimum wage over the next 3 years.

I remember the last big storm, folks were walking up and down Park Street to go to work. When I got downtown there we were, working poor Blacks, Puerto Ricans, and whites all going to work. Same this time around, same as always in these early morning snowy hours. So we don’t appeal, bribe, or try to impress  the snow god for more snow and then some just so we don’t have to go to work or so we can slide down a hill in the name of so called art. No this isn’t funny nor is it fun. Your fun is not our fun. Your priorities are not ours. Your gods not mine or hers.

You know I suddenly saw it all just a bit more clearly this morning as I stayed there with Jose. These elitists, these art folks, these so far removed with their bread and circuses are not my kind of gals or guys. You know one thing we can learn from revolutions past is that the elitists, the intelligentsia, the arts class were marched in line to the guillotine, were shot on the spot, were denounced and sent out to the fields to pull the plow. Yes when it comes right down to it, these folks are no better than the ruling class and maybe, just maybe, they should be dealt the same blow.


After review by our queerly bloggers we have decided to publish this piece. We published it yesterday but withdrew the piece as it dealt with Hartford, and an event that is coming up soon.  We want to apologize to our comrades who we informed last month that we would no longer be writing about anything in Hartford as it just didn’t interest us any more. But this, well this, crosses all boundaries. It begs the question what do some people think is important, how far removed some are from others, and asks questions that perhaps we do not have any answers to as of yet. We all need to think much harder than we are. This blog continues as always in our life to support the working class and the poor. Politically and in our lives we always ask how will any of  our wishes and desires, what we fight for, count in their lives. Does it up lift them or doesn’t it? If we want to consider a role in the coming revolt we then must side with the working poor. No way around that.

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Gives one more meaning within the myth of the 99%.