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We found this interesting editorial in the Freedom Socialist newspaper today and thought that we should share it. The editorial speaks to us about the compromise that is being worked on in Seattle. We stand against any such compromise .

A Compromise on the $15.00 per hour is not a good idea.

Freedom Socialist editorial, April-May 2014, Vol. 35 #2

$15 and hour now (not eventually)

Seattle has become a beacon of hope for low-wage workers as a movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour picks up steam. So it was quite a blow when Socialist Alternative (SA) and Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant announced that the organized campaign called 15 Now, which SA leads, is adopting a compromise: $15 now for some, and for others — later. The name of this accommodation to “pragmatic” capitalist politics is opportunism.

The compromise is meant to answer the objection that $15 an hour would be impossible for small businesses and nonprofits. So SA’s plan is to phase it in over several years for organizations and businesses like those.

This is a dodge from organizing a multi-issue fight for the $15 wage that would also take on Washington state’s tax structure, which hits workers and small businesses hard while letting big business off the hook. Why not a millionaire’s tax, as in New York City? More ideas for city council to champion were raised by Freedom Socialist Party candidate Linda Averill in 2005.

The compromise SA is initiating would sell out the lowest-paid workers, encourage government to subcontract to lower-paying nonprofits, and create a two-tier minimum wage structure that may well affect largely female workforces the most. Socialists are supposed to lead, yes — but not lead retreats, and certainly not before the battle is even truly joined.

“I am definitely going to be involved in the April 5 demonstration. That’s how we make change — we take it to the streets, or they’ll keep abusing us.”..Jose Luis Piscil, ULA Activist

For the facebook page of the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance see HERE.

For national actions on April 5th, 2014 see #NOT1More HERE. 

Everyday more than 1,000 people are deported. It is predicted that in April 2 million people will have been deported by the Obama Administration.  Amid Congressional inaction, President Obama and his Administration must understand that our community cannot continue to wait. The President can take concrete, bold and necessary actions TODAY to turn back the deportation dragnet.

On April 5th, groups are holding events across the country to say: 2Million2Many! Not One More Deportation!


What a great job Gay Shame and Project Lawyer Connect did recently in San Francisco in an action at the law offices of Bornstein & Bornstein notorious lawyers who train other lawyers and landlords on how to evict tenants in the city.  A city where the working class is being pushed out so the wealthy can gentrify the city. We are proud of our comrades in Gay Shame and Project Lawyer Connect for leading protests against this and look forward to other protests in the future. Take heed this may not be happening in the city where you live at this time but these folks are on a roll and will stop at nothing. Those who take from the working poor and the poor never do.

Be sure to check out this great action by our comrades, Gay Shame and Project Lawyer Connect in San Francisco in this great video by Peter Menchini. Thanks Peter.

“After 20 years of successfully evicting Bay area tenants, Bornstein & Bornstein are now in need of support as they face their own eviction. Join Project Lawyer Connect, a new network for lawyers in need. Help us help them access the life saving social services they have become accustomed to, including sealskin manicures, diplomatic immunity, cocaine fondue, and Michelin rated dinners at Sheriff Mirkarimi’s palatial compound.

With community support they can get back on their feet and continue holding their “eviction bootcamps” for the countless landlords who are held captive by renters throughout San Francisco.”

Yes we say here, we wouldn’t want these guys to go from Caviar to cat food so if Project Lawyer would like us to help out with a food drive we certainly have connections all over the world and am sure that our readers will join us in this project.

An interesting companion piece is one from our facebook page today published by comrade Abbey” We learn this from the posting”

In San Francisco, a family would need 4.7 full-time minimum-wage jobs to afford a two-bedroom apartment.
Furbirdsqueerly NOTE: Is there a wolf in sheeps clothing here among us? 
It has been brought to our attention a bit of information about the author of the article, The Cities Where Even 3 Mimimum Wage Jobs Won’t Pay the Rent from our comrade in Toronto. We had no idea who this Richard Florida is but when someone called him a scumbag and other foul names we wanted and received more information from contacts in Toronto who have had dealingz with this guy. To find out what this Mr. Richard Florida is all about here is

The Creative Class is a posited socioeconomic class identified by American econoSee More
He sounds to us like the father of all that is the moneyed gentrifying class in our cities today and what they are trying to accomplish. It is happening on smaller scales everywhere and unless there is a unified moment of people standing up against these creeps it won’t be long before it comes to a neighborhood near you. Creative Class my ass, the CREATIVE CLASS was out in the street in the grand political theater of Evicting The Evictors in San Francisco. Let us the real creative class lead the revolt against those who steal from us and claim all that is ours as theirs.
To connect with Gay Shame on facebook go to HERE.
In today from the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago.
Record Number Deported From the U.S.
LGBTs and other asylum seekers fleeing violence blocked from entering U.S.  We need  REAL  ImmigrationReform -NOW!-
One of the greatest shames of 20th Century American history was the United States’ blocking people seeking asylum from Nazi persecution in Europe during the 1930s.
Even though many of the basic facts of fascist violence against Jews, leftists, Gypsies and others were known by authorities in the Roosevelt administration, ships carrying refugees were turned away from our shores and sent back to Germany to face the Holocaust.Today the facts of violence against LGBTs in Nigeria, Uganda, Russia and Jamaica is well known.  Also well known is that this violence is promoted by far-right U.S. activists, such as Illinois’s own Peter LaBarbera.It’s one reason why state-sanctioned violence against LGBTs is not just a Nigerian, Ugandan or Russian problem — it’s an American one too.Another reason why this violence is an American problem is because at the same time that the U.S. government has begun speaking out against anti-LGBT violence, it’s also made it far more difficult for victims of violence and discrimination to get refuge here.According to the Justice Department’s Statistical Yearbooks [2], asylum applications to the U.S. went down 18% between Fiscal Years 2004 and 2008 (roughly the second George W. Bush administration) and went down a further 10% between Fiscal Years 2008 and 2012 (roughly the first Obama administration).Is this because there was less violence in the world, what with civil wars raging in Sudan, Syria, Congo and Afghanistan, for example?  Or rampant communal violence in Iraq, the Central African Republic and Nigeria, for example?Far more likely is that the U.S. government under both the Bush and Obama administrations has thrown up bureaucratic obstacles to prevent desperate people from applying for, let alone being granted asylum.  For example, people seeking asylum must now apply for it in the United States — not at an embassy or consulate in their country of origin.  Applications made “in-country” are perfunctorily rejected, activists say.So people fleeing anti-LGBT and other violence and discrimination are forced to enter the U.S. under false pretences, using a student visa for example, and then wait at least six months without earning a living here (which is illegal), hiring a lawyer and hoping that they are one of the lucky ones to then be granted asylum.To address some of these issues activists recently set upCLASP – the Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program — an initiative to support people waiting for their asylum applications to be processed.  

CLASP is organizing resources such as: housing that is available for a minimum of 6 months; gifts of money, food and clothing; networking for medical, legal and spiritual support for asylum seekers. CLASP is an outgrowth of a nationwide group called LGBT Faith & Asylum Network (LGBT-FAN) which is a national coalition dedicated to helping people who are seeking safety in the United States because of persecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity in their home countries. Find more information online:

You can also learn more about CLASP by watching the March 6th press conference at Broadway United Methodist Church which announced its formation:

CLASP press conference video

See also:

CLASP group forms for LGBT asylum seekers
by Windy City Media Group
March 6, 2014

New Group Helps Seek Asylum For LGBT Victims Of Persecution
CBS 2 Chicago
March 6, 2014


LGBT Workers and Families of Color

On The Bottom Rungs Of The Low-Wage Economy

Elias Holtz, February 2014, Freedom Socialist.

In November 2013, a study revealed how queer people of color have the most stacked against them when it comes to getting by in the USA. They face the biggest challenges of any workers in the recession economy. The LGBT community is also more ethnically and racially diverse than the country as a whole.

The report, entitled “A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color,” was coauthored by National Black Justice Coalition, Service Employees International Union, Human Rights Campaign and others, and it outlines the hostile economic reality for queers of color.

While headlines celebrate public acceptance of LGBT people and passage of gay marriage, the study looks at the real life of queer and trans people of color — and how racial discrimination intersects with institutionalized homophobia and transphobia.

The study is groundbreaking because it’s a data-based look at what socialist feminists have long pointed out — that American capitalism has created layers upon layers of discrimination to keep wages low and sections of workers impoverished.

The story told in the charts and research is how the poverty of LGBT workers of color is connected to adversities at home and in school, as well as in the workplace.

Hostile homes, schools, and streets. Statistics show how even before they enter the workforce, young queer Blacks, Latinos, Asian/Pacific Islanders and Native Americans face a hostile school system and a much higher rate of poverty and homelessness.


Check out the facebook page:

Families fighting deportation will caravan to various towns across Connecticut in rallies demanding that President Obama stop deportations, end S-Comm, expand DACA, and stop separating families! Join us and rally your town! A detailed schedule will be announced soon.

¡Todos a la calle! El 5 de abril en todos los Estados Unidos se escucharán las voces de una COMUNIDAD MIGRANTE, cansada de promesas incumplidas, de dolorosas deportaciones, de injusticias…TODOS a unirnos en este CLAMOR NACIONAL reclamandole al Presidente Obama NI UNA MAS DEPORTACION … ALTO AL PROGRAMA DE COMUNIDADES SEGURAS … ACCION DIFERIDA — DACA — PARA TODOS. La CARAVANA de la SOLIDARIDAD y la ESPERANZA recorrerá varias Ciudades del Estado de Connecticut el 5 de abril. Organize a tu comunidad. Unese a la caravana. Pronto anuciaremos el horario de la caravana.

Mayor informacion por favor llamar:
John Jairo Lugo 203-606-3484
Luis Yumbla (Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield County) 203-667-3799



This will be updated as we get more information. Many thanks to Erkki for this information.


Hi everyone! We have confirmed the following locations for our caravan. Look out for yours or one near you. We will post a detailed map soon with times and meet up locations./Hola a todos! Hemos confirmado las siguientes ciudades que van a participar en la caravana. Busca la tuya o una cerca de ti. Pronto compartiremos un mapa con horarios y detalles de los puntos de encuentro!

Stamford, Norwalk (tentative), Bridgeport, New London, Westbrook (tentative), East Haven, New Haven, Wallingford, Meriden, New Britain, Willimantic (tentative), Manchester and our final stop will be in Hartford!

Exclusive: Yale tells students to keep Kissinger talk secret

Exclusive: Yale tells students to keep Kissinger talk secret

Henry Kissinger You Can’t Hide, We Charge You With Genocide!!

And they tried to usher in a war criminal quietly, oh the power of e-mail the power of the people.

CLICK on the dark headline for the original story.

Yale graduate students were urged to respect the “confidentiality” of an upcoming lecture by controversial Ford/ Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, according to an email sent by an administrator and forwarded to Salon.

“Dr. Kissinger’s visit to campus will not be publicized, so we appreciate your confidentiality with respect to this exciting opportunity,” states an all-bold paragraph sent by Larisa Satara, the associate director of Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, to a private listserv for Yale history graduate students. The email, sent Monday morning, also tells students that the event “is BY INVITE only”; “There will be a check list at the front door”;  “Laptops are not permitted and Yale ID will be required for entry”; “This is a high security event”; and “All attendees will be expected to remain in their seats for the duration of the event …” Kissinger’s address, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Friday, is hosted by Yale’s Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy, and titled “Europe at a Crossroads: The Future of Europe and Its Role in the International System.”

Satara and Yale spokespeople did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the email.


For anyone reading this who doesn’t know why we and a host of others would call Mr. Kissinger a war criminal see the following posting on our blog for a great summary by our comrades in Chicago, War Criminal In Chicago. We hope our New Haven Comrades will go out and greet this man. Many thanks to comrade Erkki and Leonard for the heads up on this.