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Janet Mock has written a beautiful and moving letter to Jane Doe. Please read and share it. Together we will get ‪#‎JusticeForJane‬.

“Today, I read that you look up to me, and it caught me in an emotional moment, pushing me to think of someone I look up to. Her name was Maya Angelou, and she passed away this week. And the connectivity of your existence, of mine, of hers was not lost on me. Like you, Maya Angelou lived a life full of highs and lows, of struggle and triumph, of abuse and of self-revelation. It was a life of her own creation, a path she blazed for herself in a world not built for her. When there was no blueprint, Maya Angelou created one — a blueprint which became mine.”

Janet Mock writes a letter of support to 16-year-old trans girl of color…

In  today from our facebook pages from Justice 4 Jane. Please read this important article.


Have you followed us on Twitter yet? We’re @JusticeForJaneCT over there.

And read this piece by Chase Strangio, who visited Jane last Friday:

“I walked into a room and there was Jane. With a smile and so much life; she wanted to engage. Her gratitude for the support was palpable and her ask of us was simple: tell people thank you and get me out of here.”

Last Friday, I traveled to Niantic, Connecticut to visit with Jane Doe, a transgender 26-year-old being held at the high security York Correctional Facility for adult women. Jane has been sitting alone at York for 51 days….

In today from the Stonewall Veterans Association:

king_storme 2

Stonewall Veteran Storme DaLarverie has passed away on May 24, 2014. Storme’ a Drag King who participated in the Stonewall Rebellion was 93 and fought for the LGBT community for a damn good portion of his life. Storme’ was there the night that our people rose up and said NO, in June 1969.

From Storme:

“It was a rebellion, it was an uprising, it was a civil rights disobedience — it wasn’t no damn riot”, declared Stormé at a public and videographed SVA-sponsored “Stonewall Symposium”, referring to the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion.  Stormé was a part of the uprising on the very first night, Friday, June 27th.  “The cops were parading patrons out of the front door of The Stonewall at about two o’ clock in the morning.  I saw this one boy being taken out by three cops, only one in uniform.  Three to one!  I told my pals, ‘I know him!  That’s Williamson, my friend Sonia Jane’s friend.’  Williamson briefly broke loose but they grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him right down on the cement street.  One of them did a drop kick on him.  Another cop senselessly hit him from the back.  “Right after that, a cop said to me:  ‘Move faggot’, thinking that I was a Gay guy.  I said, ‘I will not!  And, don’t you dare touch me.”  With that, the cop shoved me and I instinctively punched him right in his face.  He bled!  He was then dropping to the ground — not me!”  

Bravo Storme’, Bravo. We have always loved to hear those words over and over. Yes the cop hit me so I hit him back. Our people that evening were in the hit back mood. For too long the heavy hand of the state, of society of the mafia of just about everyone was over us ready to slap us back down. Well Storme we thank you for being one blow against those who oppressed us. We thank you Storme’ from the bottom of our queer hearts. Storme’ DaLarverie… PRESENTE’!!!!

For a wonderful and full tribute to Storme DaLarveri go to the Stonewall Veterans Page.

In today from Norman Clement

Please Join Angela Davis, Cornel West, Amy Goodman and Harry Belafonte at the annual Left Forum conference in New York City this weekend! Please forward to others who may be interested – sorry for cross posting

Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 1, 2014 LEFT FORUM John Jay College, New York City 524 W. 59th St (Between 10th and 11th)
If you attend, please join Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine for our panel discussion:
“Shadows of Liberty” Documentary Film Screening & Panel Discussion: The Urgency of Media Reform as an Essential Element of Restoring Democracy
Sunday, June 1st, • 10:00 am – 11:50 am • Room 1.63
•Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Director, Producer & Writer of “Shadows of Liberty”
•Kristina Borjesson, investigative reporter, media critic & former CBS/CNN producer
•Deepa Kumar, Associate Prof. of Journalism & Media Studies, Rutgers University
  Chair: Scott Harris, executive producer: Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine

HartBeat Ensemble presents State of the Unions
Thursday May 29 and Friday May 30
7:00PM Performance
Tickets $10 (suggested donation)/FREE for members of 1199

State of the Unions will feature short theater pieces based on real CT workers in the fields of the IT industry, domestic workers (mothers/caregivers), baristas (Starbucks/D&D), teen workers, and janitors.
This performance event by HartBeat Ensemble, commissioned especially for Connecticut Humanities’ year-long initiative Connecticut at Work, is a collection of five short plays exploring the human side of work life in Connecticut today.

With the generous support of SEIU 1199 New England, HartBeat Ensemble and Unions across Connecticut will use these plays as a launchpad for a mini symposium that will highlight workers and organizers who are in the midst of the struggle. The post-show discussion will allow for an action/organizing update, discussion and potential planning session to focus on current and future campaigns.

For more information and to reserve tickets call: 860.548.9144


TODAY, join us in an online storm to demand justice.
Here are 5 Things to Do For Jane’s 50th Day:

1. Download this sign and fill it in with YOUR reason for demanding justice for Jane, or make your own sign!:
**Take a photo with the sign and share it on social media with the #JusticeForJane hashtag.**

2. Call & tweet DCF Commissioner Katz and CT Governor Malloy:

Call DCF at 860-550-6300.
Call Governor Malloy at 860-566-4840
Sample message: “I’m calling to demand that Joette Katz and Governor Malloy take action to immediately release Jane Doe, the 16-year-old trans girl who’s been kept at York Correctional for 50 days now without charges. It’s an outrage that DCF and the State of Connecticut are responding to abuse by torturing the victim instead of giving Jane a safe environment.”

Tweet: Use this link to tweet at Katz and Malloy (you can edit the tweet before sending it, just remember to use the#JusticeForJane hashtag!):

3. Write Jane a letter:
Jane needs letters of love and support for her struggle. Email with the subject “Letter for Jane Doe” and #JusticeForJane organizers will get your letter to her attorney, who can get it to her. You can hand-write and scan a letter or type it.

4. Sign & Share the Petition:
Join over 4,000 others that have signed a petition demanding #JusticeForJane at

5. People in CT: Call your CT state legislator & make sure this can’t happen again.
DCF is holding Jane Doe under CGS Chapter 319 Section 17a-12, which allows DCF to imprison youth in their care without a crime being committed. Find your state legislator here ( and demand
1) They pressure DCF Commissioner Katz and Governor Malloy to release Jane Doe into a safe, loving and therapeutic environment, and
2) They take action to repeal 17a-12 so that DCF can’t ever do this to another child.
Sample message:
I’m calling to demand that (legislator name) put pressure on Governor Malloy and DCF Commissioner Katz to release Jane Doe, the 16-year-old trans girl who’s been kept at York Correctional for 50 days now without charges. I also want (legislator name) to take action to repeal Conn. General Statue Chapter 319 Section 17a-12 so that DCF can’t ever imprison another child without charges again.

idemandjusticeforjanebecause.pdf – Google Drive

Check out these amazing performances at the Benefit Show for Families For Justice and Healing.

benefit show 3

Via Keldog Applesauce
 as posted. 

Check out these videos of Aisling PeartreeRayel & Chronic (collectively known as ALLMIGHTY) performing at the benefit show:

We loved this speech by Caryn Jensen at the rally for Jane Doe on Saturday May 24, 2014. Caryn was one of the founding members of the Queer Liberation Front in this area which did some wonderful actions during its day. Yes, Caryn tells it like it is and should be. The full text of Caryn’s speech is after the jump. Check it out. We join our voices and say, Yes where were the groups that should be out in support of Jane. Where are the gays and lesbians? Where are their organizations? Check out other videos of the rally also. Many thanks to Stan Heller for these videos and for all the work that he does for social justice, peace, and human rights.

“I Had No Idea How Bad Things Could Get”

Six videos by TSVN from our rally and march on Saturday!


Real Hartford has some great photo’s and an essay about the Justice 4 Jane rally held on Saturday May 24, 2014 in Hartford Ct. Check the article out at : Furbirdsqueerly extends a big thank you to Kerri for covering this rally.