Our thoughts on Pride from furbirdsqueerly, 2014

Posted: June 30, 2014 in *Celebration*, Call to Action, for your reflection

We hope the mainstream folks who are sponsoring prides, who march with their corporate masters, who love the police and military and cuddle with the present administration in D.C realize that the fight did not end and that it is still going on today.(now please we are not talking about the hopes and dreams of the middle class white gays and lesbians, the comfortable or the privilege class and allies who have taken over and perverted the very soul of lgbt liberation.)

Yes let us celebrate our revolutionary people but also let us really understand what it was that the these our people stood for. We did not stand for one issue mentality or monkeying straights nor did we wish to assimilate into the system but to topple and transform all institutions. Big difference than what we see with the mainstream groups who beg for crumbs and the sharing of power who bark when master says bark.

On June 29 former members of the GLF will be marching with the Free Chelsea Manning contingent in NYC, calling out to free all political prisoners, revolutionary queers on Saturday night confronted the Pride committee and gays in SF who think it is okay to celebrate the prison system while our trans sisters and brothers and people of color are abused by the prison complex. Queers and Trans* folks everywhere will be standing against the murder of our Trans*sisters of color, against the anti-trans* rhetoric and the systems of abuse that so many face daily from both with the Lesbian and Gay community, from politicians and from the society at large. We must fight to end this abuse and end it now.

Queers will be calling for freedom for Jane Doe, freedom for Marissa Alexander, freedom for Nestora Salgado, freedom for Chelsea Manning, freedom for Mumja Abu-Jamal and all Political Prisoners. We will be calling on Obama to stop all deportations, end the war in Iraq, and uniting with other social justice and peace folks around the world to put an end to Capitalism and all such dirty rotten systems.

As we remember let us hope that the stories that are remembered are the true stories of who fought the police outside of stonewall and who are willing today to fight the police again when they interfere with the rights and lives of the people. Of all people. Some say much has changed but until there is liberation for all queers and all others we will be fighting on along side of our revolutionary sisters and brothers. This is not history but ourstories and ourstories continue each and every day in flux and flow.

Let us leave this little Pride blurb with words from Cleve Jones which we find to be so true. Words that we must remember.

“Stonewall was a riot. Don’t forget that. It wasn’t sponsored by corporations or the Democratic Party. No politicians or candidates rode up on floats. No balloons, no rainbow bunting, no brunch. It was a spontaneous uprising by mostly gay street kids, some drag queens, transexuals and dykes. It was a hot summer night, they were sick of the cops and the mafia and the war. There were no leaders. They’d had enough, revolution was in the air, and they fought back. I was fifteen years old and wouldn’t learn of the riot until two years later. When I did, it changed my life forever.”…Cleve Jones

One of our favorite slogans has always been:

When you are under attack, Stonewall Means Fight Back.

Furbirdsqueerly Pride June 2014

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