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News from Standing Our Ground Week, Jacksonville

Here are a few highlights from Radical Women’s participation in the Jacksonville, FL week of action, “Standing Our Ground Against Reproductive Oppression, Gender Violence, and Mass Incarceration.”

Emily Woo Yamasaki and Betty Maloney, leaders from the New York RW chapter, hit the ground running when they arrived in Jacksonville on Monday. They brought their energy and political insights, and a powerful statement from Radical Women, “Standing against an unjust system: Women’s freedom requires a revolution by the grassroots,” downloadable here:

They found that everyone was high from Monday morning’s successful march and rally at the Duval County Courthouse. Betty, who arrived earliest, participated in an impromptu meeting with a number of activists from different parts of the country to discuss how to continue building support for Marissa Alexander.

On Tuesday afternoon, Emily spoke for Radical Women at a panel on “The Women’s Movement and Social Change.” The panel opened with a presentation by Beth Richie, author of Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation. Panelists were Mia Jones (Florida State Representative), Emily (Radical Women), Dr. E. Faye Williams (National Congress of Black Women), Judy Scheckman (Jacksonville NOW), and KD Segura (Jacksonville Planned Parenthood). The panel was chaired by Alisa Bierria (INCITE!). Emily spoke passionately about how Marissa Alexander’s case shows why systemic change is desperately needed; she called for a militant, multi-racial, multi-issue women’s movement that fights for the needs of the most oppressed.






Facebook Event Page for this march and rally HERE.

In today from the Gay Liberation Network this excellent piece should be read by everyone. Please think about these lines which are so important:

 As LGBTs living in the U.S. we have a special obligation. We must confront our government and demand that it immediately cease military and diplomatic support for Israel. In addition, we denounce by name those politicians, including President Obama and the members of Congress, who by continuing this aid have directly contributed to the carnage in the Occupied Territories. Like President Reagan’s administration during the dying days of South African apartheid, the United States is almost alone in the world in supporting arms sales to the brutal Israel regime.  Just as anti-apartheid activists in the 1980s severely denounced Reagan for his support of a brutal, racist regime, U.S. activists are duty bound to denounce Obama for his support of Israeli brutality.

How Do We

Stop the Violence

in Israel / Palestine?

Gross injustice is violence

and causes further violence

man with injured childwomen mourning

The debate about the cause of the current Israeli onslaught on Gaza which has lead to hundreds of deaths and many thousands of severe injuries often reduces in media accounts to who fired what weapon first.But violence, whether open or concealed, has been ongoing for decades, and it is framed by the Israeli government as a defense against, or retaliation for, “terrorism.”  At its root is Zionism, an ideology used to drive the relentless deprivation of Palestinians’ right to land, water, and equal citizenship.Palestine & Native America


In today from Anarchist News. We would like to dedicate this to all of the Samuel Colt fans we have in Hartford and the surrounding towns. Wake up, today its still going on and folks are doing something about it. We would like to propose the question, if folks today occupy the offices of the arms manufacturer Thyssen Krupp a merchant of death, why then would we not look back at history and say, No Sam Colt was wrong. Very very wrong and we are wrong to celebrate him. If we can see today the merchants of death and destruction can we not see the same in our history?

Activists occupied the offices of arms manufacturer Thyssen Krupp, in‪#‎Essen‬, ‪#‎Germany‬.


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Revolution News's photo.
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Activists occupied the offices of arms manufacturer Thyssen Krupp, in ‪#‎Essen‬,‪#‎Germany‬.
Squatters will hold press conference at 18:00 (06:00pm) ‪#‎RÄPUBLIK‬
@RevoTweets reports live from there.
pic via Enough is Enough

Facebook event page Here.

If you’re in the DC area join the trans and queer contingent at the Not1More March on Saturday August 2nd ‪#‎familiatqlm‬ ‪#‎not1more‬‪#‎translivesmatter‬

Check out Famillia TQLM Here.

Southerners On New Ground [SONG], Transgender Law Center [TLC] and many others are joining forces on August 2nd in Washington, DC, to amplify the national call to demand that President Obama grant the BROADEST ADMINISTRATIVE RELIEF possible and implement an immediate halt to deportations!

We know President Obama has legal authority to deliver Administrative Relief and to change current enforcement policies and practices by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He can support the safety and self-determination of ALL our LGBTQ communities by expanding Deferred Action and other relief from deportation, ending the torture of solitary confinement (including against trans and gender nonconforming immigrants), curtailing the caging of our communities through immigration detention, and stopping the use of ICE holds which encourage local police to even further target LGBT people of color for arrest and deportation.

We call on LGBTQ officials such as the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus to recognize that LGBTQ issues go beyond marriage equality and that deportations and immigration detention all too often violently impact and tear apart our communities. We call on them to SUPPORT and FLANK our communities’ call to President Obama to provide the broadest possible Administrative Relief and immediately halt deportations!

To endorse this action on August 2, 2014 go to HERE.

You know we haven’t done our music of the week series of late so Emma Furbird Sr. said ” Why not give the folks a few songs that we like and want to push. Songs that we have published over the years that have helped to define us and our writings and some new ones that we wish to send out to our readers all around the world. Check them out.

Alistair Hulett The Internationale (1)

Rainbow Noise, Imma Homo (2)

Tom Morello-from the album Nightwatchman-Maximum Fire Power. (3)

Zebra Katz, Y I do (4)

The Coup,  The Guillotine (5)