Gun Buy Back and the Celebration of the Gun. Oh Lord let us ponder these two events.

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Fight Back, Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection, knowledge is power, Solidarity

Kerri over at Real Hartford has published an interesting article about another event that is happening in Hartford on July 19, 2014. The article Gun Buy Back, Scheduled for July 19th is so very important that all of us should stop and think about these two events. We all know about the Colt Birthday bash to be held in honor of the merchant of death and war profiteer Sam Colt but something more important something that looks forward to a new day, a day free of gun violence that has taken a toll on families all around this country is also happening. We sent in a response gleaming from our article on Sam Colt, Merchant of Death. Celebration of War Profiteers Is In Very Bad Form and we would like to share this with you.

Our comment.

The art of “Coming Together” never ceases to amaze me. How things swirl around in the universes and then bam real art is born. On July 19 on one side of town folks who are gravely affected by gun violence will be turning in guns and on the other side of town, white liberals, gun shop owners, city politicians, conservatives, lovers of history, apologists for war profiteers, suburbanites, folks who like to party hardy will be gathering to sing Happy Birthday to Hartford’s merchant of death and war profiteer Sam Colt. What a gulf between us all. Yes folks in Colt Park will celebrate the gun that won the west and a man who began mini arms races here in this country and around the world. Folks will celebrate all the ill gotten goods, all the art, all the beauty brought to them by buckets of blood.

Meanwhile folks on the other side of town pray that folks will turn in their guns as they have seen too many children, sons, daughters and family members die. We can be sure these folks would never celebrate the gun that won anything especially not the expansion of empire by genocide, and slavery,

For me I stand firmly with my Mohawk Comrade, Eaemaehkiw Thupan Kesiqnaeh who made this statement, “As indigenists, as revolutionaries, we stand firm in our rejection of all heroes of empire and the distorted histories around them spun by both the forces of the colonial state and its loyal opposition among the so-called left.”

I stand firmly with all the peoples of the First Nations and my sisters and brothers at our blog furbirdsqueerly when we say

We call for immediate reparations to the ancestors of victims of Sam Colt. If this means selling off all the bloody ill gotten treasures then so be it.

Stop Disinfecting and Sanitizing Samuel Colt!

Immediate reparation to all people of the First Nations living on the Oklahoma reservations!


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