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Check this out from Comrade Cornell Lewis as written on the DCF Plantation.

Newton’s First Law and the DCF Plantation.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

The constant denial of racial issues or bias at the DCF Plantation by administrators boggles the imagination of reasonable thinking people. There are documents available highlighting the disproportionate disciplinary actions aimed at black and Latino male employees at Connecticut Juvenile Training School and Department of Children and Family facilities. However the predominately white administrators ( backed up by recently elevated sycophants of color ) refuse to even acknowledge something MIGHT be out of place at the old plantation. This narrative of denial leads me to wonder if Newton’s First Law might be at work within the cognitive sphere of white administrators.

Notice how Newton describes a “body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.” The refusal of DCF / CJTS to acknowledge any chance bias etc might be going on shows unwillingness to truthfully analyze the issues at hand. Ergo, within the cognitive process of white administrators it appears that their brains ( a body ) is at rest due to the refusal to see problems in plain sight. Now it is common knowledge that if the body is not active it becomes heavy, lethargic and hard to activate. Let us apply that same idea to thinking of administrators on the plantation who for years have not looked critically at racial issues nation wide. All over America a hue and cry goes up from people of color about racial injustice by the dominant culture. In many instances the response to cries of injustice caused policies to change and some sort of justice toward the grievances to be addressed. However on the DCF Plantation cries for racial justice have been ignored for years by tone deaf whites leading the agency. To me this implies their thinking process ( brain = body ) is at rest and refuses to allow outside forces ( activists, protests, or public opinion ) to act upon it as a motivating force.

In light of what is written above how then does the DCF / CJTS duo of non- conformity get out of this position of being in cognitive rest? Well in my humble opinion the first thing is to look at what the issues are surrounding racial bias and address them in a productive manner. Then the second thing is to change leadership at troubled facilities like CJTS. William Rosenbeck is the Superintendent of CJTS and there have been several incidents of major proportions under his reign but no change in leadership occurred. You cannot expect things to change if weak in the knee leaders are afraid or incapable of maintaining order or implementing policies reflective of justice modes. Lastly, repressive actions against advocates of justice must cease on the DCF Plantation in order for ” the body at rest” to have a chance for outside forces to impinge upon it.

Thank you mister Newton for helping to give DCF Plantation leaders a method out of their dilemma.

Be sure to go over to the DCF Plantation and read more about these issue with DCFand CJTS

A video posted on YouTube shows police officers harassing a man named J.C Playford on the side of a road. The man claims to be a journalist with “American News and Information Services.”

The guy is doing nothing illegal yet he is stopped by the police and is questioned.

So here is what you do if you are ever stopped by the police out in public. Some state and local laws may vary but these are some basic guidelines.

Film them. The police will almost invariably tell you that you do not have the right to film, as they do in the video below.This is not true. There are very limited circumstances where filming the police in the line of duty would be against the law. The only time that you legally cannot film the police is of doing so poses a direct harm to the officers on duty. Never make a sudden movement. If the police officer is in earshot of you tell them that you are reaching into your pocket to pull out your smart phone/camera.

Ask if you are being detained. This should be the first and probably the only thing you should say to a cop if you are stopped on the street. Police are trained to never directly say no to this question. Anything other than a clear variation of “Yes, you are being detained,” means you can leave without any need for any further engagement with the police. If the police have a gun pointed at you or other extreme display of authority while stopping you that is also a way a police officer can show that you are being detained. If the police officer does say that you are being detained, say nothing. You have the right to remain silent. You can continue recording the police while being detained, but you cannot leave.

Police do not have the right to search you. The only search that police can conduct is a “pat down” in order to check you for weapons. They can only pat down the top layer of your clothes. If the police feel anything at all in your pockets, then they have cause to search you under the suspicion that you may have a weapon. Never consent to any police search other than a pat down.

The mistake Playford made is that police are not required to tell a person why they are being detained. Police only have to tell you of what you have been arrested for after you have been arrested. Police do not have to inform you why you are being detained.

One other important thing to remember is that you do not have to give your name or show any form of identification to a police officer. The right to remain silent allows you to not give any information you do not want to give without prejudice.

Please visit the National Lawyers Guild website for more information.

Here’s the video:

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Many thanks to Cornell Lewis for providing us with the video of the forum, Defending Our Communities: From Ferguson to Hartford.

Check out the event page and read up on the attacks against drag queens from inside the community on this important event. We hope all of our readers with a facebook account will join in and deactivate the account. We are reminded of the saying from Stonewall, When you are under attack, Stonewall Means FIGHT BACK!!! Check out the facebook event page here and read what two misguided folks Whitney Marie Clark and Alyssa Nguyen have to say. Read up on some of the other comments too for some good insights and thoughts.

We have suggested to them that they put this recording on you tube as some folks have to pay for mins. We apologize to anyone who couldn’t get in on the call who read about it here on this site.


Dear Friends,

As you may know, last night’s conference call with Vijay  Prashad had some technical problems.  Most people were unable to get on with the number provided, however, some got on with that number.  Others got on with a different number that we were able to provide at the last minute, but many were unable to get on the call.  The talk was very good and informative.

We were able to record the talk and discussion.  You can hear the recording by dialing: (712) 775-7029.  When asked for the meeting ID, enter: 608701147.  To hear the most recent recording (which is this talk), hit # when asked for the reference number.  There will be instructions on how to fast forward for 1 minute or back for 1 minute.  You may want to hit 6 to fast forward 2 or 3 time to get past some of the introductory information.

Once again we apologize for the problems and we hope you get a lot from the recording.


Joe Lombardo


Click here to read UNAC’s recent statement on the situation in Iraq and Syria:

click here to donate to UNAC

Click here for the Facebook UNAC group.


my name is 2


Yes we work in a job where having our personal life exposed to right wing nuts would be a disaster at this time in our lives. But one year from now we will be able to say fuck you to the boss and his ex-marine bullshit when we leave the work force for our un-golden years. We support all campaigns that will lead to facebook changing their name policy and plan on shutting down our account on Saturday in protest and in support of our many friends and comrades.

The Justice Imperative

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Events


Check this out.

Saffo Papantonopoulou

Justice Aaron McCartney's photo.
My Name Is Me

Saturday, September 27 at 12:00pm in PDT

Worldwide821 people are going

Saffo writes:

Many of you probably already know about the “my name is me” campaign, but if you don’t, facebook has been cracking down on people they suspect as not using their legal names on facebook. This especially targets queer and trans people, performers, activists, and people who, for various reasons, need to protect their identity or privacy from others. Maybe a week or two ago I invited many of my facebook friends to this facebook event protesting facebook’s crackdown. Two days later my account was deactivated. I managed to get it back, but it was very hard to figure out how to do. And that is only because I am lucky enough, as a trans woman, to have already had my legal name change. Many people I know, especially queer and trans people, would not be so lucky.

Especially considering the growing hegemony of facebook, and the extent to which being cut off from social media increasingly means being cut off from the world, and especially considering the important of social media for queer and trans activists and communities, it is especially horrifying what facebook is doing. Being FORCIBLY OUTED on the internet, for some people, could be potentially life threatening!

So, in this long-winded message, I am asking you to please consider taking part in this action. There is a call for people to deactivate their facebook profiles on saturday. The call seems to be asking people to stay deactivated for a week. Even if you can only bring yourself to deactivate for a couple days, it would be a much appreciated gesture of solidarity. When facebook asks you to name the reasons why you are deactivating, say something like “protest against facebook’s war on trans people” or something to that effect.

And please share and spread the word about this protest.

“Like” this page. Please. Help us out. Let’s tell Zucherberg Enough is Enough.