GoFundMe Moral Line Found and Drawn

Posted: September 10, 2014 in for your reflection

GoFundMe the site that help to raise money for Michael Browns killer and made a profit off of it

The site’s strict, arbitrary new moral code diverges from both its history and the norms of the open Internet.

GoFundMe, the crowdfunding free-for-all that has raised money for drug users, convicted murderers and the embattled police officer who killed Michael Brown, has finally found a moral line it won’t cross: abortion.

Earlier this week, the platform — which operates like its big-brother Kickstarter, but with far fewer rules — summarily shut down the sincere, if irreverent, fundraiser of an Illinois woman who had raised $2,100 to terminate a “rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.” Per “Bailey’s” fundraising page, which is no longer online, complications from the pregnancy had prevented her from keeping a job. Without any money, and without adequate medical insurance to cover the procedure, Bailey and a friend turned to GoFundMe.

To read a published essay, GoFundMe: Stop Profiting From Racially Motivated Donors published on this site go to HERE.


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