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Posted: September 15, 2014 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Revolting

We have been following  the shooting of Alex Nieto since it happened. Ted Redmond over at 48 Hills has been doing an excellent job of keeping us all informed on the shooting of Alex Nieto as more information comes in. The last bits of information has been most disturbing. Check out the following links to learn more about this shooting in San Francisco.

“Alex Nieto had at least 14 gunshot wounds and possibly as many as 15, including two shots to the head and several to the back, the long-awaited autopsy report shows. The report says the damage was so extensive that it was hard to tell exactly how many bullets hit the young man; the 14 wounds could possibly have been caused by ten bullets.”


Links to Tim Redmond’s articles on the shooting of Alex Nieto:

1. How Chron Missed the point on the Nieto autopsy.

2. Breaking: Nieto had at least 14 gunshot wounds, autopsy report shows.

3. Listening to the death of Alejandro Nieto-and what tan audio recording of the shooting suggests.

4. Police take heat over Bernal shooting.

From Tim Redmond

“The SFPD account also states that the officers handcuffed Nieto after he was down on the ground and shot multiple times with 40-caliber rounds. Paramedics arrived 15 minutes later and tried to treat him, but Nieto was already dead.

Most of the bullets hit Nieto in the front of the body; both head wounds were to the face. But there were at least two gunshot wounds in his back, indicating that he had either turned away from the officers or was already on the ground when those struck him.”

Also check out the Justice for Alex Nieto site.

Rallier arrives to federal building holding banner with Refugio Nieto (Aug. 22, 2014) Photo: Ray Ysaguirre

Check out: Alex Rises! thank you & Rally Speeches at Federal Courthouse.

Breaking: Medical examiner rules death of Alex Nieto a homicide.

Furbirdsqueerly will continue to follow this case and report any updates that we get. We stand up and seek justice for Alex Nieto.


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