Wolfs at the door. Where is the power of the people!!! Reflections on the SOS Security March.

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Call to Action, Music Series, resistance, Solidarity

This essay was first published in January 2013 after attending a march in support of Security workers who were trying to form a union. The officers won and are now unionized along with other Security Officers who work for the state of Connecticut. At that time the union officials promised that they would be back and unionize all of the Security workers in the Hartford area. Here it is September 2014 and no one has organized anything. Things are not looking good for many people in the security business. Contracts that are pretty good are being lost all over the city to companies that want to pay squat and give nothing in return but misery. It’s way past time to organize.

There are wolfs at many a workers door we thought this over and over again as the SOS Security Officers march progressed yesterday in Hartford. We from furbirdsqueerly were proud to go out in the very cold weather to stand in support of Security Officers who are being disrespected on the job, denied proper compensation, and threatened with dismissal for talking about the union on the job. Right up our alley, being underdogs ourselves and having worked in the service industry for many years.

But of course our minds would not rest there. Why should the mind stop at one issue.  How could we stop at one disrespected group of workers and not think of the whole picture. I am reminded of a song from the civil rights movement called Keep Your Eye On The Prize. We here see this struggle not only for SOS Security Officers but for all Security Officers in all Security Companies. A struggle that should be taking place now. Not next year or the year after as one union official told us. This struggle is for simple things that most people employed by the corporations and non-profits take for granted. Simple things like health care, decent livable wages, vacations with pay, personal days, holiday pay, pensions and the right to stay on a job when a contract changes with no cuts in pay, no vacation time lost and no lost seniority. We in the contracted industries face this reality yearly when our contracts go out for bid.

All ready this year in the building where one of our blog folks works there have been 3 contract changes and 10 lost jobs, lost vacations, lower wages for workers who stayed on with the new company. That is in only one building. They haven’t even done the Security folks yet.  Yes it is happening now and we who are on the loosing end of the stick can not wait while union officials make back room deals with company bosses. For in our book unions making deals with company bosses is lower than being a stool pigeon for the boss. But then again Top Down Unions playing kiss kiss with Top Down Dogs  who are lappers for the ruling class are nothing more than corporations with all the right window dressing. They play footsies with those who fire us and make our lives more miserable than our lives already are. In some circles they can be named enemy.

And we loose while  the union officials go on introducing this big shot and that one, and the rank and file cheer as if Jesus himself had come down to save us all. So bad so annoying that Furbird Jr. had to yell out, AND THE PEOPLE ARE HERE TOO!!!

We keep our eye on the prize we know our work should not end with SOS Security and other Security companies but must continue to our fellow workers in mail rooms and copy centers, in cafeterias, parking garages,with bike messengers, with non-unionized janitors and our sisters and brothers who tend the plants in corporate buildings. We know and the powers that be can’t fool us when they cry poverty and tell us the time isn’t right to treat contracted workers with the respect they deserve. We know full well that there is money and there is money again.

Our work must extend to all workers who face similar situations through-out the service industry. In keeping our collective eyes on the prize we must work for the day when everyone’s needs are met, and we with whatever means are at our disposal create a new world from the ashes of the old. Don’t let anyone say to you next time, we will come back for you, and when we do you will be the first to know. As that in our book is more ruling class, privileged bullshit.


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