My Name Is Me– Join Us and Deactivate your facebook account.

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Call to Action, Fight Back, Solidarity


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Saffo Papantonopoulou

Justice Aaron McCartney's photo.
My Name Is Me

Saturday, September 27 at 12:00pm in PDT

Worldwide821 people are going

Saffo writes:

Many of you probably already know about the “my name is me” campaign, but if you don’t, facebook has been cracking down on people they suspect as not using their legal names on facebook. This especially targets queer and trans people, performers, activists, and people who, for various reasons, need to protect their identity or privacy from others. Maybe a week or two ago I invited many of my facebook friends to this facebook event protesting facebook’s crackdown. Two days later my account was deactivated. I managed to get it back, but it was very hard to figure out how to do. And that is only because I am lucky enough, as a trans woman, to have already had my legal name change. Many people I know, especially queer and trans people, would not be so lucky.

Especially considering the growing hegemony of facebook, and the extent to which being cut off from social media increasingly means being cut off from the world, and especially considering the important of social media for queer and trans activists and communities, it is especially horrifying what facebook is doing. Being FORCIBLY OUTED on the internet, for some people, could be potentially life threatening!

So, in this long-winded message, I am asking you to please consider taking part in this action. There is a call for people to deactivate their facebook profiles on saturday. The call seems to be asking people to stay deactivated for a week. Even if you can only bring yourself to deactivate for a couple days, it would be a much appreciated gesture of solidarity. When facebook asks you to name the reasons why you are deactivating, say something like “protest against facebook’s war on trans people” or something to that effect.

And please share and spread the word about this protest.

  1. Timm Harwick says:

    The links no longer work. Searched for “My Name Is Me” on FB w/no results. I was just on this page around 4PM EDT (USA) but haven’t been able to get on for the past couple of hours. VERY FRUSTRATING!

  2. Hi Timm
    There are a number of events going on all with a different approach. The event posted here with your comments has already deactivated their facebook account. They did it last night. There was some very good discussion material on that site. If you wish to join all you have to do is deactivate your facebook account for 1 week in protest. The target time is 1200 noon but we will also have to deactivate early as at 12 noon we will be at a rally and demo for Justice for Jane. I hope when you where over there you got to look over some of the discussion. The attacks on drag queens are some of the same attacks that have reared their ugly head over and over again through the years. All our best to you and we hope ;you check out more of our site.