All the same now in so many ways its as boring as can be. Thoughts on National Coming Out Day and just a bit more.

Posted: October 7, 2014 in a story, Ha Ha

by punkpink

You know I am getting a little bit cranky with all this LGBTQ-ing going on. Everyone loves us now a days. Everyone wants a piece of our pie. Yeah, we know some people still hate our guts but its getting better and better every day that we continue to breath in the polluted air of americkkka and think that its just fine and dandy. Makes a old queer shudder to think of it all this loving going on.  Smother would be more like it. Everywhere I read its the same old news, on every site, up every alley. Can’t someone do something else? Can’t someone break out from under the thumb of the state. Why can’t folks move out from under the sound of wedding bells and bombs bursting in the air. Why can’t folks grow up and realize that they are not mommy and daddy? Time Magazine loves Laverne Cox but our trans sisters of color are beat up and murdered in the streets of americkkka. Why here in Hartford one of the Hodge Podge market days coming up has a theme of PRIDE. Yes the markets in Hartford love us as long as we don’t smell of lube, molest some kid, or move too far away from respectable. Man they are showing their love for us in so many ways now-a-days. We are up on the stage (as long as we act just like them), we are in their market places (as long as we are just like them and don’t push too many of our wares), we are in their churches (as long as we believe like them) we are their mayors, their state reps, we have TV shows, we run this and we run that, because we are just like them, and we heaven help us are becoming them.

Is it because for years they hated us and didn’t care if the next Joe knew it or not as he hated us too? Why are we now so popular? I guess they now know that our only difference is what we do in bed. Well buster I do it on the kitchen table. Yes, they love us, they love us, they love us as long as we don’t go to far. Most of us can move next store but even that can be iffy as it all depends on who is living next door. I just looked over a site that has the word Nation at its tail. A news source for the LGBTQ “community.” As if there really is a “community.” We have a long way to go before we get to that place. Most genes have been so straightened that even a good  douse of some type of crooked juice wouldn’t have much effect at all. Too far into what society expects of all of us if we are to survive here in good old americkkka. Blend right in and that is what you will be a part of the straight community.

National Coming Out Day is coming up and now we will be subjected to hearing all the time worn stories of when Adam and Sue came out. Do people still kick down the closet door? Gad, that would be a scene. Well yea old furbird why don’t you take the opportunity to tell your coming out story, come on go ahead, I don’t think you have told too many folks about that day back in 1967 when Uncle Scam showed up in your mail box. That putrid old creep who was bombing the hell out of South East Asia and no one at that time was suppose to know and wanted to build an army from the poor and working class. So there was my invitation to come on along and join up with the army of Good Old Uncle Scam. Come on out and kill kill kill for peace.

But first let us sing along with some of my boys from back in the day. THE FUGS and our song, Kill For Peace. Yes the enemy changes but the sentiments remain the same.Over and over we are told the same old lies and over and over some believe the lies. Just remember your pink or lavender bullets and bombs hurt just as bad.

To: Me
You are hereby ordered for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States, and to report at Local Board Number 6 on April 1, 1967 at 07:00 for forwarding to an Armed Forces Induction Station.

(Signed by local board member)


induction 2

4 men who were inducted into the army at the same time as Elvis Presley.

Well okay, okay, here I go standing in my underwear along with all the guys praying over and over, “Please don’t let me get a boner, please don’t let me get a boner, when I pull down my underwear.” But a boner would be nice as the man wouldn’t have to think twice about me being a homosexual as he felt my balls. Yes I told him, I am a real homosexual, not practicing but will if the occasion arises to learn something new, practice until I am perfect at it. 4F, and a big PHEW and I am out of here to go have sex with some hot man I find at the local YMCA, smoke some dope, make some art, get it on with men, men, men and build the new world outside of war. One of peace and justice for all. So I came out, my first telling was to the army brass at the New Haven Induction Center. I will never forget the day as Randy Newman was there too and we shared our poems. I remember my mother telling me when I told her and my father that, “this is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.” Fuck no it didn’t and now I am a long way from 18. HA, 60 years ago now that is history. Most of my comrades in the good fight weren’t even born yet.

So that is part of my story, of course I will have to add that everyone expected that little old crazy me would come home beaming that I was in the army now and off to fight the commies that never did a fucking thing to my homo ass and help Mom and Apple pie and raise the flag rah, rah, rah. No it isn’t fun to bomb and blow them all away and if any gay thinks it is then he or she (I hate it now that the straights have convinced us all that it is easier to use the term gay for all of us talk about giving up and letting them win a bundle.) then he or she is one with the enemy.

Yeah I know, I know, I should have a bit more respect for the holidays of the LGBT community but you know after so many years of eating, breathing and living that shit I am tired of it. As I said I don’t give one fuck about anybody’s coming out stories and you shouldn’t about mine. The fact is we are out and exposing ourselves to everyone and saying see us, you like us, you don’t like us, and then adding to those lines, We Don’t Give A Fuck! But no, everyone wants everyone out there to love them, everyone wants to fit, and everyone has lost their minds. It’s a real shame that the revolutionary edge that kept us for so long is now gone. This we are the same as you has really been taken to the extreme.

You know more important than all of those goodie stories, all of this drama of coming out, is the 40% of homeless youth who are LGBTQ. The kids who came out to their parents and were terrorized and thrown out of their homes. Those stories are important not the stories of some that will be celebrated on National Coming Out Day.  More important is asking what are we as LGBT people doing for them? I don’t hear of anything around this neck of the woods. Let all of those who are playing footsie with the state stand up and do something. You got your piggies in the door and should be leaders in this fight. We all know you got that ring on your finger and wedding bells ringing in your ears but what else do you have? We need shelters for our youth not pay as you live apartments like the recently opened one in NYC.  Homeless kids 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc. don’t have jobs. Most of them are probably so traumatized from the religious nuts they have as parents that they need help. they need help first, a decent place to live that is free and help and then help to get them up and going and on their feet.

Yes some of us still see clearly where lines must be drawn and the lines do not include straight americkkka. when one cuddles with them one gives up and they will take you over, and chew you up and when they have had enough spit you out. One thing let it be as plain as your nose on your face, we do not give one rats ass for Ellen, George, Chas, Elton, Chris, Wanda, Rosie, or any celebs who came out when it was safe to do so they are just a part of the bread and circuses that the ruling class gives out to keep folks all in line. They are just a part of, Oh look aren’t gays normal, by Mr. and Mrs. Jones be damned we can’t stand those fuckers nor anyone who they like even.

Its easy to be loved by the state and be a good girl and boy as long as you love playing footsies with the state and all that it represents. But step out of line and wham they will chew your ass up so fast and spit you out and only hell knows what else these devils will do to you.  We know that it is the rich white gay men and lesbians and the comfortable class who are running and continue to run the GAY Show. This we know as a fact. They sent the agenda and the agenda is what they want and what they say is good for everyone else. They are beholden to the democrat party and their corporate sponsors and all contribute to the many problems we face in the world today. You know we know that it’s the allies, the democrats and the corporate dogs who are really running the GAY Show that’s one reason its fucked up. That is one reason we left that scene and why we never can go back.

Why anyone loves the state is way beyond me. I hate it. I hate everything about it. I first started hating the state and its “Man” many years ago when as a young child my family and others who were poor were put down by the golf crowd, you know those lily white republican folks and those who were trying to climb up that ladder to  the sameness of the americkkkan dream. SUCCESS, fuck the poor if they can’t make it.  I saw them as the same as those who poked fun of the sissy’s and chased me and my friend punching us as we went running and tried to get away. I saw them the same as those in power who made war. They were the folks who put down the poor and taught their children that we were from the wrong side of the tracks. We had those types on one hand and the foolish rednecks who bowed to their every whim on the other. Even when I was young I knew then I didn’t fit as I just don’t fit now. But you know I like my fit just fine. I like my fit of opposition to the state its arms and all that it does. It doesn’t do whatever it does, for any of us working class or poor folks. Shit I am not even going to bother cramping my fingers and wrists to write about it all as if you don’t realize it by now you never will. Too many folks are long winded academick bull shitters who we believe are just pawns of the man and the ruling class. Let them write about the state as most of us that know know, and as the old saying goes, don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.

Yeah I am just a bit cranky. A few months ago many of you will remember there was a flap here in Hartford over the LGBT youth group True Colors sponsoring a work shop with the CIA. Oh baby we have come so far that now we too can be involved with covert operations overthrowing governments, and killing duly elected governments around the world. So much for a revolution for all of humankind, so much for a new day dawning, a new way, a new life. Yeah I am a bit cranky when even the president of the USA fawns all over us as he blows away our folks around the world, deports our people breaking up our families, thousands more of our undocumented friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, and neighbors will face the horrors of midnight ICE raids and mass deportations, nah the president doesn’t have our backs and he has moved so far from the change that people were promised that its just plain shameful. Don’t even get me started on the liberals who feel that they must support him because he is the first black president but would scream higher than the flood waters after a heavy winter snow melt if it were a republican doing the same. Isn’t it time to get real here? Yes we know that the “gay community” is swinging high over he loves us and so doesn’t his wife, why even the Supremes are saying, Its good to be gay. But is that enough? Is it enough that we got something and others got nothing? Come on let’s not be selfish, we never were.

See we prefer our revolutionary stories. They are much more exciting. To topple and transform then and to topple and transform now that was and is our goals. Tweaking, tucking, reforming and changing the system little by little is not going to make it. At the end of the day one still finds a dirty rotten system and one still  finds folks who are so far away from the tweak and tuck that all the others who have benefited from the reforms now won’t even look back and see who is still way in the back. Maybe some are a bit more secure in their own little lives but so many aren’t. So many are miserable. We took to heart the slogan an injury to one is an injury to all and mean it more than we can say. We understood the meaning that we are here, there and everywhere so all issues are our issues and believed it. We never cared or wanted our rights if others couldn’t have theirs. We’ve dropped out of movements when those in power left out some of our people in their quest for equality. Eating cake while some have no bread leads one to lose their head. You know we care about that little brown woman sitting in the sweat shop making pennies a week sewing rainbow flags for LGBT folks to wave. Yes we care about our queer sisters in Palestine being bombed by apartheid Israel and please don’t bring your pinkwashing (no relation to punkpink) here to these pages and we will shoot you down like an incoming rocket.

So happy holidays to anyone who wants to celebrate. Tell your stories over and over, the same old same old, get a hug from a PFLAG parent, make hay while the sun shines, and know that you had better be prepared as when push comes to shove the big boys and all their little straight followers will start to hate you all over again and we all should know by what that will mean.

  1. John Becee says:

    I think it is best that we just get what we want and then blend into the woodwork and enjoy ourselves. You sound like an old hippie.

  2. furbirdsqueerly says:

    Note from an old hippie, YES that’s me!

    It is so easy to blend in and give in rather than still give out. But giving in is not our idea of having any fun. Oh hey, as a young child I use to gnaw the woodwork and get in lots of trouble. Must have been trying to get all those who blended in out. We are happy most of the time being and thinking like we do. As Harry Hay once said, assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. Something that we will never do except when we let go a fart in a polite gathering.But then of course we can always blame one of the snooty nose folks standing next to us so no excuse would be necessary.

    Really John sorry for you, blend in if you like but remember they know who you are and as the article says when push comes to shove you will find out real fast where you stand. We sniff Wiemar in the air.