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The 26th Connecticut

Gay & Lesbian

Film Festival

May 31- June 8

UPDATE: Folks have asked us to run some of our articles that have been posted in the past. We think that this written in 2013 would be a nice complimentary piece to our National Coming Out Day article. You know folks want to be the same as straights in the military and yes they are as punkpink said. equal killers.

by punkpink

Just a short essay with a few pictures to remind folks that we haven’t really come all that far. We can still be still barbarians even if we are gay and lesbian. Our pink bombs hurt just as much as straight bombs do, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Of course it is easy to sit at home and go ha ha over pictures of these gays in the military like those above, point to the gains gays and lesbian have made but never leave your arm chair from which you go rah, rah. Never think about what damage you are doing to the world. Yeah, baby your equal. Equal murderers. This is posted as just a reminder about what soldiers do for a living in case some of these ha, ha equal nuts think otherwise. Of course it is always the case and we know many will say, ” as long as someone else is doing it, it’s okay by me.”

Now you guys and gals know me. Love art, love culture, love love queers. But when I came upon the  announcement pamphlet for the 26th Connecticut gay and lesbian film festival and saw sporting military personnel I had to stop and take a gawk. You know my thinking on justice, right and wrong, love and hate, war and peace kicked in and I said ,so we have come to this. I could only say yes, we want it so bad, that acceptance from the straight world, so love  can come showering down from corporate capitalist donors. The love that now speaks it’s name, as swell as any murdering straight boy. Now let me tell anyone who wants to listen, your dear old pink loves a good smooch or a nice feel every once in awhile just like every boy and girl but some how these folks above giving me one or any of us one is a tad bit too much. Let’s leave those funny bunnies and let’s go around asking some folks just what they think of these military personnel and how much they love their antics. Those tender moments, a sigh of relief from their real jobs, that of killing and maiming people all around the world. Let us start with a picture from my time when I was out in the street along with many, many of my trans comrades, my gay brothers and  lesbian sisters, protesting the war in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at one horrible picture brought to us by those smiling, feeling jackasses through out the years.

Nick Ut Vietnam

Kim Phuc running down the road after her village in Vietnam was napalmed. (1)

In the picture, the girl will always be 9 years old and wailing “Too hot! Too hot!” as she runs down the road away from her burning Vietnamese village.

U.S soldiers and a Vietnamese interpreter subject a suspected NLF supporter to water torture. (2)

But now we have more time to feel and gag. President Obama is taking few prisoners, preferring assassinations by drones and special operations. Over 3,000 people have been slaughtered in drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. These include “signature strikes,” targeting groups of “military aged males,” in a region under surveillance. The torture, assassinations, and other barbaric practices meted out daily in the name of the “War on terror” have always been features of U.S. imperialism.

Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Why is it always children that get caught up in wars? Smiling jackass soldiers of any country deserve what they get. Once we listened to a song that asked , When will they ever learn? When will they learn that to go to war and fight when leaders direct from safe spaces is just wrong. Why do we go to war to protect their interests and the interests of their capitalist masters. Why do we love the master so much that one of us, yes one of us is responsible for the dead child held by the man in the photo above. Yes one of us is responsible for that little girl naked and burned. The little boy below has it right and guess what? Some folks here in americkkka would just like to kill him for telling the truth. A small child speaking truth to power. Yes a small child with more wisdom than all of his elders.

Dead children. Thousands of dead children. Tens of thousands of dead children, Hundreds of thousands of dead children. Mountains of dead children. Vast pestiferous slagheaps of dead children. This is what the world’s greatest democracy created, deliberately, coldly, as a matter of carefully considered national policy.(3)

Some may say, why pink do you harp on and on about children and the slaughter of children in war? Well let’s see. I am trying to tug at your human feelings? I am trying to convince you that war and the military is not all kiss me stupid? I am trying to say hey, if these were your kids would you like it if some soldier came and shot them, came and blew them up? All I am trying to say can you remember the time way before you straightened your genes and became one with the enemy what our role was in the societies we thrived in? We were the protectors, the shamans, the healers.  We divined the hidden making the invisible, visible. We made baskets and bowls, we tanned the hides and sewed together the shelters. We educated the children, gathered and hunted, tended, and grew. Now even though none of the jobs are ours today if we think hard enough we can find what it means, what it truly means to have a queer gene within your body and what is your purpose on the earth. You can ask and then you can give. What have we as a people brought to this earth, this society. Once so many many moons ago, once before we were begging to be just like them, we brought so much, we gave so much we had a soul and we used it as it should be. (4)

  A prisoner at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, home of the most significant scandal in the Bush administration’s “War on Terror,” which surfaced in April 2004 with the publication of photos showing the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners in US custody at the prison.

Nope being a soldier is not a big ha ha. Is not fun and games. Is not something to be proud of and the Gay and Lesbian film festival should be ashamed.  I suppose it is an easy way to sell yourself to your big sponsors. Just think old man bank of americkkka can get his rocks off by looking at the photo of the two lesbians feeling each other up. Or of course that restroom cruising headcheese at Pratt & Whitney can jerk off over the photo of the sailor giving a kiss and hugging on his Buddie. Yeap we are the same as you brother. As sleazy as sleazy can be.

Here is an interesting comment about gays in the military.

“There used to be an ad that showed this liberated looking woman smoking a Virginia Slims and it said “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” Now women do not define being “liberated” as having the right to smoke in public without being labeled a harlot. Well it used to be long ago that straights played gay to get out of going to Vietnam and other illegal wars founded on lies and contrived pretexts, but now it seems we find LGBT members who were tired of having to play straight so they could be liberated and have also the “equal opportunity” to become killers, thugs and willing/expendable tools of imperialism. This is like Jews defining “liberation” as having an equal opportunity to become a guard in a concentration camp.”

But wait have we got a job for all the little straight gays. How about join up with the force that is going to keep americkkkans all in line. You know about it don’t you? Obama’s plans for indefinite detention, spy drones, war on dissent. Congress and President Obama are modeling a line of attack against Amerikkkan citizens and other residents. On December 31 Obama signed into law a bill that allows preventive detention of “Terrorist suspects” on U.S. Soil. Under the National Defense Authorization Act the military has the power to hold indefinitely any person considered a “threat to national security” The law gives the military new authority to act against civilians inside the country. Federal agents continue to spy on and raid the homes of antiwar activists across the country. Detaining people on trumped up charges.

Last Up We Have A Question And Some Comments For All Of You??

Would you help torture this gay man?*

Would you gay boys and girls help to torture Bradley Manning? Bradley Edward Manning is a United States Army soldier who was arrested in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of having passed classified material to the website WikiLeaks. June  begins his trial for telling the truth. Listen here to this brave man’s words:

“If you had free reign over classified networks… and you saw incredible things, awful things… things that belonged in the public domain, and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC… what would you do?”

“God knows what happens now.  Hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms… I want people to see the truth… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

-Quotes from an online chat attributed to Bradley Manning

After enduring three years of detention at times under torturous conditions, on February 28, 2013 Army Private Bradley Manning confessed that he has provided Wikileaks a trove of military and diplomatic documents that exposed U.S. imperialist schemes and wartime atrocities. This action of speaking up when war crimes are committed could land Bradley Manning in jail for life.

Not a single person has been harmed by the release of this information.  Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has called the effect of WikiLeaks’ releases on U.S. foreign relations “fairly modest.” Yet the Obama administration has chosen to persecute the whistle-blower rather than prosecute the war criminals who were exposed. While the prosecution has declared it does not intend to seek the death penalty, they do seek to lock PFC Bradley Manning away for life, with the most ridiculous charge of ‘aiding the enemy,’ even though chat logs attributed to Bradley by the FBI clearly show intent only to inform the public and promote “discussion, debates, and reforms.”…from The Bradley Manning Support Network.

Bradley Manning a gay man spoke truth to power and is in jail. We are proud to embrace Bradley Manning and join with others in the LGBT/Queer communities around the globe that call out, Drop All Charges! Free Bradley Manning!. Manning’s only ‘crime’ was to pull the knowledge of the U.S. government’s criminal actions out of the closet. For that, Manning is a hero for the cause liberation from oppression, for queer people and for all people. That is the legacy of Pride

We count Bradley Manning in a long line of our queer revolutionary heroes. From the early dances of the Mattachine expressing opposition to the laws of the church and state in European society, to Robin Hood and his merry men. To trans man Louise Michelle at the Paris Commune to the October Revolution of 1917. On to Magnus Hirchfeld, Emma Goldman, Harry Hay, Comptons Cafeteria and to Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera at the Stonewall Inn and to many fights thereafter. Queer folks have a long history of standing up against any societies beating stick, breaking the stick and freeing themselves and many others in the process.

Yes we queers here, and we queers everywhere ask the LGBT mainstream to please join us in our fight to free Bradley Manning.

Just a note from your sponsor:

“Yeah, we need you gays to sign up and join us. Just think most likely the queers you are turning in probably don’t like you and probably bring shame to you and your community and most of them just aren’t good looking just like you are. They’re anarchists, socialists, progressives, some got beards, long hair. They’re thinkers beyond the box that you are sitting in. Some hate the capitalist system. Madness, they even believe in a revolution to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States of americkkka. Just think you can infiltrate their meetings and stool pigeon on them. We’ll pay you too. Maybe if you are real good you can fly a drone and blast away a little brown man as he tries to get across the desert to freedom. Oh yes, we got some good jobs for you. You know them. You want to make money, you want to go to college, you want to show you can do it all just as well as any straight boy. Shoot straight shoot, we don’t care if she looks just like your mother. SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT!!!! Just follow orders. We say shoot, you shoot. We say detain, you detain. We say repress, you repress. We say terrorize the neighborhood, you terrorize the neighborhood.,We say torture, you torture. We say police state you say okay.”

If you want to, you can get a little feel in the photo booth with another one of your clueless tribe all dressed up with only down to go. You can point and go ha ha over the silly photo of L & G military personnel on the film festivals pamphlet. Yes you can join the straights, love the straights, straighten your genes and then some but remember you have helped to kill the true soul of a community of folks on the planet earth.

* Since this piece was written Bradley Manning now goes by the name of Chelsea Manning, who we support 100% in her fight against the U.S. Military. There are numerous pieces on this blog in support of her.


(1) Here what Kim Phuc a napalm victim has to say:

“Napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine,” said Kim Phúc, a napalm bombing survivor known from a famous Vietnam War photograph. “Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees Celsius.” Be sure to click on Kim Phuc to read about what happened on that day.

(2)Notes: From Pro Libertate: Turbo Charged Idiocy About Torture, 1/2/2008:

Professor Darius Rejali of Reed College, author of the new book Torture and Democracy, points out that waterboarding was widely practiced by US occupation forces in the Philippines in the early 20th Century (something I’ve discussed before). “Returning soldiers brought water torture back to their civilian jobs as policemen in the 1910s, and it soon appeared in military prisons and police stations in large cities and small towns, especially in the American South. By the 1920s, one can find the full encyclopedia of modern water torture already written up in American newspaper accounts and trial transcripts.”

Waterboarding was one of the relatively refined, “clean” forms of torture that thrived in police departments nationwide between 1902 and 1931, observes Rejali. This subculture of official abuse was able to thrive precisely because people were sold on the spurious definition Farah is trying to peddle – that is, only practices that result in dismemberment, disfigurement, or death can be regarded as torture. Because the preferred methods left no marks, the public wasn’t aware of widespread police torture until the American Bar Association published an expose in 1931.

As Rejali points out, where torture is concerned “there’s no real boundary between `there’ and `here.’ It would be ignoring history to assume that what happens in an American-run prison in Iraq will stay in Iraq. Soldiers who learn torture techniques abroad get jobs as police when they return, and the new developments in torture you read about today could yet be employed in a neighborhood near you.”

When people can’t speak intelligently about cruelty, they aren’t likely to be able to protect themselves against it.

(3) From the Invisible Holocaust, Desert Peace.

(4) To read more about the homosexual role in past societies, before our fall due to the political Catholic Church and leading up to the final attack on us by the Protestant Reformation, see The Feast Of Fools, written by Harry Hay, 1953 and publish along with other essays in the book, Radically Gay, edited by Will Roscoe. From this we can see that we as a people were engaged in human liberation for all people, in redemptive, healing and transforming ways. Our job is to important to be tied up in the military or any state institution that wishes for us to be normal just like them.

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