Justice for Jane Phone Blast, Tuesday October 14, 2014

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If from Justice for Jane


Please share this widely.
We have received information from a credible source saying that Jane has been groomed for sexual abuse during her stay at CJTS and sexually assaulted during her brief escape from the facility by a CJTS employee. This is IN ADDITION to her assailant from a prior institution also working there.
It cannot be any clearer that Jane will never be safe at CJTS. She needs to be freed from that lockup immediately and placed in the care of one of the many loving families who have offered to foster or adopt her, with access to the therapy and gender affirming treatment she needs and deserves. DCF has proven itself to be incapable of providing Jane with even the most basic safety. Jane is only one child of many who are suffering under DCF “care”.

We are asking you to call in to CT Governor Dannel Malloy’s office TOMORROW, Tuesday, Oct. 14, all day, and demand that Jane be freed and DCF Commissioner Joette Katz be fired.
Malloy’s phone number is: (860) 566-4840.
The Twitter account for his office is: @GovMalloyOffice.
Please join us in flooding the governor’s office with calls! And stay tuned for street actions!


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