Packed Crowds Greet Palestinian American professor Steven Salaita.

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In today from the Gay Liberation Network this very important article on the recent tour of Professor Steven Salaita in a tour organized by the Gay Liberation Network of Chicago.

Packed Crowds Greet


Professor Steven Salaita

in a tour co-organized by
the Gay Liberation Network

Packed crowd at the University of Chicago

A crowd filling the main floor and balcony at the University of Chicago’s International House October 7th gives a standing ovation.

GLN and Students for Justice in Palestine chapters at five area campuses organized the tour to protest the purging of Professor Salaita by the University of Illinois Board for his tweets protesting the Israeli slaughter of Gaza this past summer.

Basem Tamimi (second from right), a long-time non-violent Palestinian activist, came direct from the West Bank to address the crowd.
Salaita addresses another 300 people at Northwestern University (right), and Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada, a leading defender of Professor Steven Salaita, speaks at the University of Chicago (right).
Crowd at Northwestern greets Salaita.

Rasmea Odeh (center), a stalwart defender of Palestinian self-determination and herself a target of repression, attends the event at the University of Chicago.

Professor Iymen Chehade, who faced purging from Columbia College after he screened “5 Broken Cameras,” an Academy Award-nominated documentary film about Palestine, addresses the October 8th event at Columbia College.
Areej Hamdan of Students for Justice in Palestine at DePaul University facilitates the discussion on October 9th.

Salaita with Students for Justice in Palestine at DePaul.
Professor Salaita finished off the tour with an appearance on the Gay Liberation Network’s program on Chicago Access Network TV.  You can watch it here.

Professor Salaita’s tour included numerous media appearances.

The single best short video of the tour was made by LaborBeat, which can be watched here:

Steven Salaita and Ali Abunimah at University of Chicago

By Larry Duncan
Labor Beat
October 11, 2014

Professor who lost U of I offer plans speeches
Associated Press
October 1, 2014

The latest in the Steven Salaita saga
By Christine Des Garennes
The News-Gazette
October 1, 2014

Steven Salaita Speaks on His Firing by the U of I
By Chuck Mertz
This is Hell! Program
WNUR-FM 89.3 (Northwestern University Radio)
October 4, 2014
“I don’t think cultural or ethnic groups should want to be embodied by the practices or behaviors of a nation state, because the practices or behaviors of a nation state are inherently violent – especially one as militarized and engaged in conflict as often as Israel.”

Salaita to speak at Chicago-area campuses this week
By Jodi S. Cohen
Chicago Tribune
October 6, 2014

Q&A with Steven Salaita
By Lydia Ramsey, Managing Editor
Daily Northwestern
October 6, 2014
“When I was a student … I started noticing a lot of similarities in the types of colonial discourses that were being used in the settlement of North America by Europeans and then the settlement of Palestine by Zionists. There’s a lot of movement in recent years to take up the question of Palestine in the broader field of indigenous studies.”
–from the Daily Northwestern’s interview with Steven Salaita published today.

There’s Nothing Civil About Dead Children in an Ice Cream Freezer: Professor Steven Salaita – Academic Freedom and Related Matters
By Dale Lehman
October 6, 2014

Steven Salaita Speaks Out
Chicago Tonight Program
WTTW-TV Chicago Public Television
October 7, 2014

Uncommon Interview: Professor Steven Salaita
The professor whose tweets on the Israeli-Arab conflict led to his firing and sparked controversy sat down with the Maroon before a public talk at I-House.
By Emma Broder
Chicago Maroon
October 7, 2014
“I think that the kind of tightening of the range of speech of the professoriate is a general problem…. [T]he Israel-Palestine conflict is a particularly fertile area of this type of repression. First, because it’s so controversial, second because Israel supporters in the U.S. are so active in silencing Palestinian voices.”

Professor who lost U. of I. job offer lashes out at administrators
By Jodi S. Cohen
Chicago Tribune
October 7, 2014
“It is impossible to support Israeli policy without also implicitly supporting the deaths of those children. The two things go together. I don’t feel like you can separate them. It is those policies of the state that led to the deaths of those children, the murder of those children.”

Ousted professor launches tour to talk on academic freedom
The Morning Shift Program
WBEZ-FM Chicago Public Radio
October 7, 2014

US professor loses his job over anti-Israel tweets
By Navid Zarrinnal
Press TV
October 9, 2014

Salaita on Fox TV’s “Good Day Chicago” program.

Interview: Professor Steven Salaita speaks out against academic censorship and Israel
By Brenden Moore
The DePaulia
October 9, 2014

Fired Professor Steven Salaita’s Speech at Columbia College Chicago on Israel, Civility & Academic Freedom
By Kevin Gosztola
October 9, 2014

Steve Salaita tours Chicago in the name of academic freedom
By Gaia Zol
Palestine in America
October 10, 2014

Israel, Palestine and the War on Academic Freedom
The Gay Liberation Network on CAN TV
Chicago Access Network TV
October 10, 2014

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