Palestine’s queer movement and us.

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Call to Action, for your reflection, Justice, Solidarity

In from Electronic Intifada.

Activists focused on sexuality realize that building alliances with other groups will take time.
and here:
To read an excellent paper written by Michael Schembri and presented at the conference Temperatures Rising: Australian Civil Society & Palestinian freedoms: Analyses, resistance, solidarity, and activism. This paper was presented at the University of Technology, Sidney in 2011 is a talk on pinkwashing, and traces queer resistance as a part of the larger movement to Free Palestine. See Pinkwashing Israel.
 “As Palestinian queers, our struggle is not only against social injustice and our rights as a queer minority in Palestinian society, but rather, our main struggle is one against Israel’s colonization, occupation and apartheid; a system that has oppressed us for the past 63 years. Violations of human rights and international law, suppression of basic rights and civil liberty, and discrimination are deeply rooted in Israel’s policies towards Palestinians, straight and gay alike.”

Queers Without Borders did an excellent Pride Event in June 2012
For information see HERE, 
For an excellent piece written by our comrade Saffo see: To read Saffo’s piece: Pinkwashing, Colonialism, Transphobia.
For some excellent coverage on resistance to Israeil apartheid see The Struggle TV HERE.



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