No More Illusions: Missouri cops talked peace, prepared for war.

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Call to Action, Fight Back, for your reflection

Many thanks to Norman Clement for forwarding this piece to our facebook page. Written by Eugene Puryear and Gloria La Riva and published in Liberation the newspaper for the Party for Socialism and Liberation it is excellent and should be read by everyone.

“The proposal of those partnering with the police may seem innocuous at first, simply a concern for protesters’ safety in the face of superior force. In reality, it is a dangerous ploy to divide the struggle, designating some as peaceful (read “legitimate”) and others as violent. The presentation of “good protester versus bad protester” simply helps the police crush more militant protest.”
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has just declared a State of Emergency. It includes the creation of a Unified Command of police forces and the activation of the National…

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